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She was just laying there, helpless. Her beaten physical state could be compared only to her ravaged mind and soul. A slow awakening and an equally paced investigation of her surroundings hold no consolation. She is trapped in an unfamiliar location, with no guarantee of ever getting out.

If you like the story, I'm sure it couldn't hurt to spare a thumb, could it? I'll give you my buds if you do.

Thanks in advance, Valve Fanatic.

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An Equestria TF2 crossover, huh? Seems fairly promising so far.

TF2 crossover? Not bad. Keep this up, I want to see where are you willing to go with it. :twilightsmile:

A teamfortress two cross over?


A well written TF2 crossover. I see lots of them that aren't very good. Please continue the way you're going, it's good.

This looks pretty good, well written as well.


302214 I can't tell if you like it or not...

303069 i thought it was awesome its just my ability to link stuff :facehoof:

Rainbow Dash is remarkably calm about being in a strange environment, with strange people, some of which have shown hostility to her, none of her friends in sight and having to kill people. As are the mercs at finding a bright blue winged horse which can talk. Seems more than a tad out of character. Especially with the Heavy confrontation; Rainbow's flight or flight instinct is always fight, it probably wouldn't occur to her to run from the Heavy. Other than these points they seem to be okay character-wise generally. I do hope that we see more of the M6.

337873 I'm glad you brought this up. I did feel as though at least one of them (Sniper) should disapprove of Dashie. As for the incident with Heavy, I made Dash run away because she knew that Heavy had the upper hand, seeing that he was about to shoot her. Unlike with Pyro, where it didn't immediately try to kill her. As for the team, Soldier explains that in small detail. They don't know why there's a winged horse there, but they want the winged horse because it's such a badass. Thank's for actually going in-depth with this. Not many do. :pinkiehappy:

339655 That's an awesome picture.

Their eyes scare me, though.

inb4 they find it filled with pictures of the Blue Spy getting it on with the Red Scout's Mom.

That's not the story of how it all began but besides that, pretty good thus far.

342217 Yeah. It's about two brothers, Blutarch and Redmond, who each raised mercenary armies to kill each other and take control of the other half of the Badlands. You can go to the TF2 wiki, and dig around a bit, you'll find the backstory.

342825 Now I feel dumb for not having looked it up before. Thanks, though!

Couldn't find this when I searched for TF2 or Team Fortress...

Keep writing! I want to know how it ends!:twilightangry2:

It was in a Team Fortress 2 group in this site.

Needs moar Painis Cupcake:pinkiecrazy:
faved and thumbed up! Great work!

This seems very interesting, but I have a couple tips.

It would be wise to replace the actual number 5, etc. with the word five, etc. That's just a bit that I learned a while before I started writing.

Second, the story's layout would seem much more attractive if you were to write lines that are thought instead of spoken in italics.

Just my two cents, but I'll certainly keep tabs on this. KBO, my friend.

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