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Whiskey Drops

I'm popping back upand trying to get back into story makin'!


A mute pegasi moves to Ponyville to get away from his some what royal family, he doesn't care for it since his parents don't accept him for who he is, he meets Rainbow Dash who takes him in and he wishes to repay the favor by helping her and try to get her special somepony. Maybe years of writing romance novels might pay off, will the love blossom or will it fail?

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 36 )

Picture in Zoi's Pony creator : Check
Capital letter mistake in the title : Check
Next to no explanation in the description : check
OC story without any difference in the main plot : chack
Romance OC x Mane6 : chack
Romance with Rainbow Dash : check

At least there in not the 8 chapters of 200 word. I shall put it in my read later.

3486033 I got mix feeling about the comment....mostly confusion for some reason. My stuff isn`t perfected...but it is fun! Too read it is up to ya. :3

Wow, a few mistakes, but I always read through them. But some nonetheless, I got stuck on one.

But as always, great story! I like this, it's different. Now I want to write one similar to this, but can't because you are writing this. I'm glued, please continue.

How can pepole diss like this?? O.o

3496264 I dun know....diss is an easy trait?

3496621yha it's wierd why u have so many diss likes on ure fics D:


OH Dislikes!

I thought you were saying like diss.

reason why I don't know maybe cause my stories feature an OC with some of the mane six.

Like my recent one Mr. and Ms. Apple
and maybe cause my stories are a bit more light hearted than most of the romance or...just not as well done as the popular writers here.

BUT AVAST! my stories are for fun :3

3497062 love the romance storys :D

3497062 u gonna keep doing this fandic??
(Love appledash xD)

3497122........yup gimme some time three stories and I keep switching up what I do..Appledash fan too. ^~^


your picture makes me think of two things.....one....Rainbow Dash exploded...or she rainbow'd o-o

3497816 haha it's meant 2 look like scootaloo painted her shelf in paint 2 look like Rainbow dash :) :scootangel::rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by love me deleted Nov 17th, 2013

3498342 silly Scoots ya gotta eat skittles to be like her

3498502 hahaha tru but scootaloo are my fav pony how aboute u??

3498562 the one and only

you can tell since she is in most of my stories......mostly ones with Click.

If you havent read them start for A New Pegasus In Ponyville
Theres a bit of Appledash in there a bit o-o

Hm....I'm liking it. I'm also wondering if while Silent Quill will find his special somepony as well. This will be a good story. An interesting one too.

So true, my friend. I suspect we'll have fun finding out. I hope you have fun with it. :pinkiehappy:

3498683 yha I have been redeng it

3501234 how do u get so much time too writhe all these fics??:raritystarry:


Well, for starters...I kind of live in the middle of no where =/

so a good deal of time x3

Nicely done with the revisions! :pinkiehappy: *shoots confetti cannon* I think that's a lot better. Not to mention, you can have Silent Quill also find out something too through this. By prolonging a plot like this you allow more side steps and multiple lessons for the characters to learn. I mean I can already think of a lot of places you can take this. :scootangel: Good work and good luck :raritywink:

Let me know if you need any help okay?

awsome can't wait 2 the next one:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

3593237I got something planned fer it

I love the name Silent Quill, keep up the good work!

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