• Published 12th Nov 2013
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Spike Get's an Ipod - Xx-Sniper_Masters-xX

Spike has his own Ipod and has absoloutely no idea how to use it at first. Then he gets the hang of it and begins his adventure with the Ipod! This includes games, songs, and Twilight's depression about not having an IPHONE. This will be fun.

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A New Device

Spike walked around Ponyville as what any curious dragon would do if there was anything new. Thankfully he found something that was new and it was at the electronics store.

"Hey uh... I see that the sign out there says that the first one in this store get's a free 'special' electronic thing." Spike leaned on the counter and looked around. Nothing special.

"Well you're not going to see it on these shelves because it's right here!" The employee that was working in the store then pulled out a small, flat, rectangle with some strings. [Headphones if you don't know]

"What's that?" Spike pointed at the thing.

"Well it's the special thing." The employee then put the thing on the counter.

"No, I mean what is it called?" Spike asked pointing to it again.

"It's called an Ipod." The employee replied. He then passed the Ipod to Spike.

"What do you do with it?" Spike looked around it. On the bottom was a slot for putting something in, on the front was a button with a square in the middle, and when he pressed it the screen lit up with life and it said, 'Swipe to unlock'.

"Well look, If you swipe it the screen shows lots of apps. You press it like this and the app opens up. You can do anything with it like listen to music, play games, or write a memo just in case if you forget something. Oh also these strings here are headphones. You use them if you want to listen to something." The employee then gave Spike the Ipod. Spike looked at the object for a while then smiled. Then he realized.

"But... What's the catch?" Spike asked.

"Nothing. Now I got a store to handle." The employee then took Spike to the door so he could leave. Spike thanked him and left for Twilight's library.

"Oh man, I can just imagine what I can do with this!" Spike started to talk to himself as he walked back. Some ponies watched him walk back thinking he's gone crazy.

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