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"And Quoth The Historians:" Strength of the Inferno, Mind of the Heavens, Speed of the Tempest. Thus, a miracle was born.


Diablo crossover.
Act one: After Arcana uses an incomplete portal she gets transported to a world full of potential. But what she brings with her could be too much for this place to handle.
After all, what could one do against such great evils.

I have since abandoned this story, to meet my current criteria this story would need to be re-written from the ground up. I do not recommend reading this. One day I may end of coming back to this, I still see potential in it. But do not trust to hope.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 4 )

3506260 right ok thanks i'll work on it.
can you give me some examples though so i know where i'm going wrong?

why do some ponies always know what a human is? and something always happened that bad to ponies...:applecry:

3544624 Well Twilight did ask what Arcana was, as too Fluttershy well...
If some bad didn't happen then there wouldn't be a story would there?
It gets worse

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