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Trey is simply your average person. Average. Relatively speaking, of course. Ever since losing someone very important in his life, he's struggled to understand anything other than the mean personas he sees. Maybe he just needs a good role model to show him the way.

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Welp, guys, my first new story in a long time. Feel free to tell me what you think!

Sam is literally everything wrong with this world....

Been a while since I've read one of your fics, and I see your grammar hasn't diminished in the slightest, mister Flutternerd. :ajsmug: I love Sarah's innocence, it's so damn adorable! That being said, her innocence also hit my heart when the subject came to death...

I think my only piece of criticism would have to be that I think some of the conversations could use a little more descriptive context, but eh, maybe that's just me. Didn't stop me from enjoying this read, though.

So yeah, you've earned my like! This story really needs more views! I think it's a pretty interesting take on the human/pony interaction in a fan fiction, and I hope to see more of this story in the future. :twilightsmile:


“One of these days, you’ll be eating more than one kind of sausage.”

That's terrible. And yet, I still laughed, so I guess that makes me no better. :unsuresweetie:


I agree although I'd like MOAR! I-if that's okay with you that is.... :yay:

3484309 THank you for the comment. I was wondering when this would see comments >.> I'm not sure how I feel about people liking without commenting. Feels weird, brah.

She tossed me a kitten, and I promptly pulled its tail, making the TV turn on in an old fashioned way.

I obliged, making the cat meow every time I wanted to change a channel.

A pussy of many talents, I see. I may be getting a kitten (or two) in a little while, so I'll try and look into one that's at least half as talented as that one. :ajsmug:

Anyway, other than a few instances where a word should've been capitalized, great chapter! (the Spongebob genocide attacked my sides) Looking forward seeing "you" get a job. :raritywink:

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