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I am a female who calms to be a brony, I have been writing for 8 years and rping for 5. Please come on in and see what is behind my Avatar.


King Sol and Queen Radiant: loving parents to the princesses in the more mordant of times. Being a civilization of love, they end up taking in an injured unicorn from a dark, wild forest; a forest that engulfs the underside of the mountains housing their secret city. Not only does he come with injuries, but stones as well. Stones with odd markings in some sort of lost language. Up until now, Sol and Radiant always thought they were the only civilization…. But the curvy-horned horse seemed to have proved them wrong.

Yet questions arise: Where is he from? Who is he? And why does he have such a different coloration?


I would like to thank Cerulean Voice who could be considered my Co-Writer and friend, BucketHelm for being my editor and grammar checker, and my many readers for helping me to continue on. This story btw is in consent editing when it comes to the mistakes.
Image can be found [url=http://assasinmonkey.deviantart.com/art/Equine-Artifact-429314848here; I did not make it.

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This is good but it could be better with a few more chapters


I know, working on Chapter 2 atm. But it might be a while because of school and exams. Might have it posted after school. ^3^ Thanks for the comment. :pinkiehappy:

Interesting. I think you may want to edit to make your sentences more readable. You may be going for a grand feel, but your grammar should make sense no matter how old-fashioned your inspiration:twilightsmile:

I'd like to read more of this, it seems like the start of a really interesting story.

Thank you for your feed back - I will go through and re-read and edit the grammar. Honestly I will not lie I am the worst at Grammar ^^;;


Thank you so much - I am in the process of the next chapter but school has gotten the hold me. It'll be out ASAP. I promise :pinkiehappy:

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