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A veteran fanfic writer for Hellsing and other fandoms, most of my other work in on Fanfiction.net. I am also theformer Mod and head writer for the tumblr comic Ask Butchershy and Pinkamena.


After six months training in her royal duties in Canterlot, the newly crowned princess Twilight Sparkle is ready to return to Ponyville. But when a experimental teleportation spell causes an unknown pony to appear in Ponyville things get out of hoof. Now Twilight must find a way to send her uninvited guest back where she belongs, before Equestria becomes her newest playground.

((Cover art by Veronica29PL on DeviantART, used with permission.))

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This is interesting and I got to agree with Jinx. That was a bit harsh, it was just fireworks.:unsuresweetie: I hope Spike and Jinx hang out more. I can see those two being good friends.:pinkiehappy::moustache:

I reaaaaaally like this story :)

just give her fishbones already im sure she will figure out how to use it ;P

Got spelling errors throughout it, might find someone else to read over it before you publish to catch those. Other than that, fairly interesting, even if I don't think Jinx would have fainted.

tanks for letting me know I went back and fixed some of the ones i saw stand out. i'll check again tomarrow when i'm not dead tired.
oh don't worry. it's coming

Jinx + spike BFF :pinkiehappy:

thank you, i hope future chapters will continue to please you!

By the power of Demacia!!! I SHALL NOW DECLARE THIS STORY!!! EPIC!! And just because I'm a player of the League of Legends so... INSTA FAV!! :rainbowdetermined2::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

Dammit why does my Oc just so unluckily happen to also be called Jinx? Whyyyyyyyyyyy-

The dead body of Sampsoon has been found in his bed, with his cell phone in his hand, looking at pastel horses of some sort. This phenomenon is known as "Bronyism" and it affects a staggering...

3765131 Don't wory it's coming. Just have to finish a one-shot first. in the meantime have this:


things will eventually get this crazy

Well, that is interesting. I wonder what Jinx will do now?

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