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A rare lunar phenomenon revives an ancient evil long forgotten, and the Elements of Harmony find themselves stalked by an evil more powerful than any they have faced. As painful secrets of her past come to light, Celestia is forced to face her own demons if Equestria is to survive.

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I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong with my stories.

Amazing story so far really looking forward to the next chapter.

also on your comment "I just wish I knew what I was doing wrong with my stories." i realy dont see enything wrong with your stories i find it realy odd that you havent had meany good responses to your writing but still at least you haven't had eny hate comments written about your story so it means nobody thinks its bad.

keep up the good writing.

nice story dude but im warning you that if fluttershy or scootaloo gets harmed i will END YOU!!
keep up the good wwork


The lack of comments seems to say that simply no one thinks it good enough to waste time tying about. It's not easy having the least popular story on five diferent sites, including this one. I'd welcome hate comments if it meant people were actually reading my story.


but people are reading your story you have 425 views and 4 favorites if you write a few more chapters it might pick up. its a good story and personally i think you shouldn't give up on it.


Yes, my story got as many views in 6 months as every single other story on this site gets on its first day. Definetely something for me to be proud of.


Having that meany views is something to be proud of and if u continue writing your story those few hundred people will tell the friends about your amazing story and then you will have more fans but if you just give up your letting a good story go to waste.

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