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Could be for understanding - Fat1thatyoulove

The one year anniversary of the MAybe series. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6

It’s been about three weeks since Twilight first arrived into your life; and over the weeks you have grown to understand a little more of the life she has been forced to leave.

She still tries her spell every week and each time her teleporting last longer and longer. The reason Twilight thinks is because of how you have grown to tolerate having a pony living with you.

You have no idea what she talks about when she starts to tell you stories about her life and her friends, but you would never let her know that. The stories she tells brings a smile to her face, which for some reason always brings a strange joy to you. However the real reason you've started to sit yourself down and listen to her stories is because of what's been happening at night, the usually bright eyed and questioning pony has started to lightly cry in her sleep.

You're still unsure if it's intentional or if it's just when she's sleeping, but the sad and heavily emotional tone of it has always stopped you from approaching her when you hear it.

Being a good listener is not the only thing that's changed though, you now, no longer hate going to school and getting dumb projects or writing assignments. Every time you have a take home assignment Twilight always ends up doing it, not because you ask her but because she always ends up taking it from you.

Truthfully you're not going to complain though. One thing you have learned about Twilight is that she enjoys trying and learning different things.You’re astonished as to how a pony with no prior knowledge of the world she currently resides in is able to learn so fast. And Since she started helping with your studies you have been making better grades too. You just wish she didn't make so many flash cards.

Your daydreaming is cut short by the sound of Twilight’s hooves getting closer.

“You’re up early?”

She’s right you have been getting up earlier lately, in truth it’s kind of hard to sleep hearing hooves hitting the wood floor in the morning. You push the thought aside as you give a little chuckle.

Twilight mindlessly turns her head around the house as she speaks back up, “What do you have planned today, anything important?”

You shake your head as you answer, "Nope."

“So nothing you need help with...no test or writing assignment? I've been studying this really interesting stallion called Da Vinci, he reminds me of Star Swirl the Bearded, tell me is there any way I could meet this Da Vinci?”

A faint laugh comes up from the comment as you think over her words; however your laugh just cocks her head as she waits for a response.

You look down to her as you nod your head, "I'll explain that when I get home."

Twilight blinks to the comment as she brings her hoof up towards the clock on the wall, "But it's so early?"

You still find it weird how she can use her hooves as arms, but like talking to a lavender colored talking pony you've gotten use to strange things. "I have a few early classes, also a few late night classes so i'll be home later tonight..." You pause as you shift a little, "You're going to be alright...Right?"

She smiles at the question, “Ha i'll be fine, I have only gotten up to the Renaissance era of your human history, I still have a long ways to go.”

You are starting to regret showing her how to use the computer, mainly because now she asks you questions about things you really don’t know the answer to. However you just smile to her comment as you grab your bag and head towards the door. You stop before you open the door as you turn back to the lavender mare now watching you, "Oh and Twilight, stop checking my emails."

A simple nod comes from the mare as you slowly open the door and take a step out. Before you take your first steps out into the world you lock the door, you've explained to Twilight as to why she shouldn't go outside. Sure she may not understand it, but she trust you, however you still lock the door. Not for her, but just in case a friend stops by, at least this way they can't just walk in.

You take deep breath for a moment as you turn towards the sidewalk adjacent to the mostly quiet street in front of you.

(Later in the day)

It’s about 8:30pm, the house is mostly dark except for the glow of the laptop that sits next to the lavender mare that has found a comfortable spot on the couch. A few sheets of paper lay around the near by table and on the floor, most of the stuff Twilight writes down is meaningless and serves almost no purpose, but a few things are of something she found interesting.

The quiet house however, doesn't hold for long though as the light sound of the handle on the door jiggling. Twilight's ear flicks to the sound for a moment as she pokes her head above the couch's back. She expected you home late tonight, but the sound of the handle still comes as a surprise.

She calls out playfully expecting a response from you, “Did you forget your keys!?”

The jiggling at the door stops for a moment as a shadowy figure appears in the window adjacent to the door. The light from the outside lights though does not reveal the figure as Twilight just squints to it.

The jiggle of the door becomes a little more fierce and the sound of wood breaking starts to run from the doorway as Twilight again calls out, “Hello?”

Without another moment the door flings open and the shadowy figure walks in. It's still hard to tell who it is because the hall light is off but even Twilight can tell the taller figure isn't you.

She freezes in fear as the light to the hall flicks on, in the doorway stands a taller slightly larger man wearing dark blue jeans and a heavy black hoodie and a large sack like bag in his right hand. The now more illuminated house brings Twilight into view as the man's dark brown eyes latch to her.

For a moment there's no motion, no words and almost no breathing. But Twilight's voice starts up as she sparks her horn up and calls out, "Who are you?!"

The sound of her voice is not too intimidating also her stance that she's taken up on the cushioned couch has left her wobbly, and the child like purple light that streams from the mare's horn has little effect on the burley mans hard face, the fact of a talking pony brings the man's voice up though as he just stares to the colorful animal, "Ello...What we got here?"

The man’s strange and heavy Australian accent holds as he drops the sack and takes a few steps forward, "Are you a talk'n...A talk'n animal?"

Twilight's horn holds, but her spell doesn't come out as the man shakes his head with a laugh, "I must have been drink'n the good stuff..." He continues to shake his head as he gets closer, "Come here beauty I think I just struck gold..."

The man snatches his large hand for Twilight, but she jerks her head back and he's only able to grab at her mane.

A high pitched squeal runs from her as the man's hand tightens and he tries to pull her over the couch by nothing but her mane, "Stop squirm‘n!"

Twilight manages to break free after a few moments of struggling, but no spell comes from the confused and fear filled mare as she just darts away as fast as she can, the man follows close behind her though as she runs towards the dead end hall...

(Meanwhile outside)

As you continue your walk you have no idea of the events unfolding in your house.

You casually spin your key ring around your finger as you just blow your breath out, however you turn your head from the dark sky as the small apartment comes into view.

However it's at this point you notice the light pouring out from the ajar door.

The sight of the door sends your legs into motion as you scream your voice towards the house, "Twilight?!"

Your legs quickly bring you to almost sliding into the door as you abruptly halt your emotion driven run to the sight of a dark figure climbing out of an open window at the end of the room.

Your first thought is to chase after the figure, but your quick gaze of the room yields no sight of the lavender mare anywhere in the room. You break into a panicked search calling her name as you run more into the center of the room.

No answer comes in the form of words though as you hear a slight crying sound coming from your room. As you near the door you notice a faint purple like aura to it, but you place your hand to the handle and open it without a problem. Your eyes latch to the lavender mare sitting on the floor of the bed; her two toned purple mane is ruffled and you can see spots of red on her head from what looks like pulled out mane. Her eyes are big and reddened as they turn to look up at you.

The sight of Twilight's usually light purple eyes now filled with tears and the visible blood brings a quick response from you as you rush to her and gently just caress her back. Your hand to her coat sends her muscles to tighten but you ignore it as you speak up, "Are you alright?" Obviously she’s not, it’s just a human response you can’t break free of.

Her reply is stressed and heavy through her sobbing as she shakes her head, “T-that man just walked in… a-and I didn't know what to do…”

"I'm sorry...I, I should have been home earlier." You hold your voice to a low as you continue to just rub her back.

However your attempts at calming her down doesn't work as her voice comes up with a new building emotion to her voice, "H-How can somepony like that live in this world! H-how can anypony live in this world!”

You don’t know how to answer her so you just mindlessly run your fingers through her coat as you shake your head.

“W-with people like that here no wonder I can’t get the magic I need to go home…” Her body trembles as her cry gets a little louder, “I’m-*sob*I'm never going to go home… I’m never going to leave this world! I'm *sob* never going to see anypony again..."

Her red puffy eyes plea to yours and bring a strange deep sorrow to your mind as you swallow hard and speak up, "I promise, I will never let anything like this ever happen again...Now please stop crying."

“I…*sob* don’t think I can..”

You bring her a little closer to you as you hold your eyes to hers without even blinking as you speak up, "I'm sorry, I should have been here. But I promise, I won't let anything bad happen again."

Her watery eyes move to their own accord as she quivers her lips, “How…how can you promise that?”

Without a response and with a strange impulse you can't explain you bring your lips close to hers as you plant a short kiss to her. You don't know why you did it, maybe you just want her to stop crying or maybe it’s because you've started to somehow grow fond of her over the last few weeks.

You break the kiss as you just stare to each other, however her eyes start to glow white and her horn sparks up as it starts shooting little sparks of whitish purple magic from it. You turn your head from her as a bright white what looks like bubble of magic starts to form behind you in the hall.

The bubble starts to grow bigger and settles at an what looks like an arch looking portal thing.

Twilight's eyes come back to normal as her horn starts to lose it's glow, however she doesn't notice the glowing in the hall as she just stares to you. However your gaze doesn't return to her and she eventually turns her head towards the glowing light.

“That’s my house…”

You can see what looks to be a library in the thick purple film of the bubble.

Her cry has turned into a light sniffle and her head perks up as she blinks to the light, “I-I think this is the way back home…”

However she doesn't jump to her hooves like you thought she would as she turns her head to you.

You sense her stare as you turn back to her and quickly speak up, "If this is the way back home you need to go..." You can’t believe what you just said after what you did, but you want for her to be happy overpowers your new found feelings.

Her big purple and still puffy eyes hold to you for a moment as she speaks up, "J-just leave?”

As her words ring through the room the portal begins to shift a little.

She stammers with her words “Maybe I could…”

You stop her words as you speak over her, "You have to go...What if this is your only chance?" You take your hand from her back as you move away from her with a smile.

Twilight hesitates for a moment but she stands up and starts to trot towards the portal, however she stops as she just stares into it.

You swallow hard as you speak up, "Don't waste it..."

Your words turn her head as she quivers her lips for the moment wanting to say something, but she doesn't as her eyes flutter again.

She turns back to the bright light as she takes her first step into the purple film, as her figure starts go further into the portal it begins to fade in and out. Her eyes come back to yours for the moment as she looks back to you from the other side until the portal completely closes.

You sit there in silence for a few minutes unsure of what to do…

- - -

The warm feel of Violet and Twilight's magic slowly fades from your mind as you open your eyes to the room, and as you blink your eyes a slight teary eyed wetness comes to them along with a lump to your throat. Unlike before the feelings that have transferred over to you are of a deep sadness and the feeling of being lost.

"T-that spell was so vivid..."

Twilight's low and slow voice turns your head, however as you turn your head to hers your eyes meet. The soft and warm purple eyes washes your thoughts away and you can't help but lean over to her as you give her a little kiss.

The kiss only last a moment but you catch her and the young on looking mare off guard as a faint giggle comes up from her.

The giggle brings your own slight chuckle as you extend her hoof to her back and begin to rub.

Your motions to her coat brings a response from her as she speaks up still in the light tone, "Did you enjoy it?"

You think over her comment for a moment but decided not to answer it as you speak up, "What happened next?"

Violet pokes her ears up a little more as Twilight takes on a loving smile, "You saved me for the second time."

A faint chuckle comes up from you as you continue to just lightly rub your hoof to her back. But the time for talk comes to an end as the sound of Aerolight’s baby like squalls comes up to the room.

You and Twilight both turn your eyes to the anxious colt now standing up in his crib, Twilight moves from her spot on the bed as she speaks up, "You're not sleepy anymore are you hmmm?"

No response comes from the colt as the light purple dragon leaning to the doorway speaks up, "Naw, you guys were only in that spell for like three minutes, you probably just woke him."

You blink to the comment as you turn back to the light purple mare in front of you, Violet gives a light yawn as you speak up, "You tired?"

Violet cocks her eyes to you as she gives you a no duh glare.

However your words bring Twilight's voice back to the conversation as she speaks up to the light purple mare, "Tired? Don't you want to show us your spell? I'm sure that much experience with human magic and thought would make it easy."

Violet shakes her head as she just waves the comment off.

"Alright...We can do it later if you want. Just get some rest for a little." Twilight turns her head back to the colt as she takes him into her hold and starts to trot towards the door. Violet follows after her as she holds her mind to just getting to her own room.

The sound of their hooves runs to the room for a moment but you ignore it as you turn your head back to your hoof for a moment. You look over the fur for a moment as you think to yourself, hands are overrated...

A faint smile comes to your face as you stand from the bed.

"Hey, what spell did you guys even do?" Spike cocks his head to you as he takes a step into the room.

You think it over for a moment as you shell out the best word for it, "Dream spell memory thingy about when Twilight and me first meet."

"OH..." His eyes get a little wide as he points his claw to you, "I remember that, I was so worried about Twilight."

You squint to the comment as you speak up, "How come you never told Celestia?"

"Never told Celestia??" He shake his head to you as he crosses his arms, "I sent her a letter right after I went to see if Twilight actually teleported to Rarity's."

Your ear flicks to the comment as you speak up, "What did she say?"

"Hmm..." Spike taps his claw to his mouth for the moment as he speaks up in an unsure tone, "She told me that Twilight teleported to Canterlot."

"What?" You cock your head to the comment as you quickly rush out your voice, "Why?"
"Heck, I don't know...Why do you think I was so worried, I thought we were going to leave Ponyville or that Twilight was getting a different assistant!"

You stare to the light purple dragon for a moment as you think over what he said, "What happened to the book Twilight used?"

Spike shrugs as he turns out of the room, "I don't, haven't seen it since."

"Spike, where did you put the bottles I had set out?"

The sound of Twilight's voice through the house turns the little dragon as he starts out the door, "I didn't move them?"

As the tap tap of Spike's claws moves down the hall you give a slight sigh as you push the thoughts about your past out of your mind, mainly just because of the feelings it brings up. Every day is a maybe and every tomorrow is a might be...You hold the thought to yourself for a moment as you trot out of your room, I should write that down.

End of chapter 6

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who needs sleep :twilightsmile:

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CONSUME EVERY LIVING PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111

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Lol the end??? HA! I just wanted everyone to relive were Guy and Twi cam from. It's one year for me, so I wanted to give the characters something special while at the same-time showing everyone that has read how far they have really come. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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That was actually a genius idea to let the beginning of it all be relived. ^^

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