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Could be for understanding - Fat1thatyoulove

The one year anniversary of the MAybe series. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

(Hours later)

After a long and tedious day of tests, projects and pop quizzes that have almost no relevance to your major and that you were unable to study for, the small apartment that you called home looks like heaven.

Today ended up being a shorter day than you expected, seeing as how your last class was canceled; and as you near your oasis from the world you begin to fiddle with your keys in your pocket anxiously wanting to open the door and forget today's most likely failed surprises.

However as you near the door a strong and strange feeling freezes you, the feeling that bubbles up from the back of your mind and the bottoms of your stomach all scream to you that something is wrong.

You shake your head for a second just trying to break the feeling, but you slowly move to the side of the door as you peer inside through the adjacent window. It's then that you notice your living room from what you can see, has been ransacked and you can faintly hear what sounds like a muffled voice from behind the door.

You back away from the door as you start to feel your heart and mind race with adrenalin and questions as you try to feel for your phone in your pocket. You know it's pointless since you left your phone in your backpack, which now you only relize that you've mindlessly left in your biology class.

In the split second the first thought of fear comes to mind as you remember the recent crime spike in your area; the next thought is how to arm yourself... You quickly look around unable to find anything but a doormat and some leaves that have fallen off a nearby tree, you're no Macgyver so the leaves and doormat won't be a grenade.

After a few minutes of searching you convince yourself that the time spent playing Mortal Combat and watching Chuck Norris movies has made you prepared for a moment like this. With a foolish sense of inevitability, mixed with your own adrenalin and drive to always take action you build enough courage to turn the key charge into your house, ready to face any threat.

However your Chuck Norris thoughts and your adrenaline filled body comes to a complete stop when your eyes meet a short lavender colored...pony? Better yet lavender colored unicorn standing in your living room?! Your mind swims with no way to grasp what you’re looking at as you mindlessly blink to it with your arms still raised.

But the split second confusion doesn't last long as the pony lets out a high pitched yelp and a burst of what looks like a purple air is rushed to you.

The rush of...air, sends you falling over to the ground, knocking your head into the hard unforgiving floor. Your eyes darken as the world around you becomes smeared in color.

- - -
(Back to the future)

The shock of the realistic kock to your head sends your body jerking out of Violet's magical hold as you shiver a little with a sick to your stomach feel to the emotions and scene that are both real...and alien to you.
Twilight's voice comes up as your panting voice races beside her, "Are you alright?" Her words turn Violet's glowing horn dormant as she cocks her head to you.

You blink to the mare beside you for a moment with a blanked mind as to who she is, but the strange feeling only last a moment as he shake your head and speak up, "Y-ya...ya i'm fine." Slowly you regain your breathing.

To the now quieter room Twilight shifts her eyes back to the colt still asleep in the crib, however despite what she looks at her voice comes up in an excited glee as she snaps back to the light purple mare in front of her, "Violet, your dream spell and my memory spell was able to break through further than my spell ever did!"

You ignore her words for a moment as you turn your eyes to your hoof that you've brought up to your face.

However your studying of your body runs short as Twilight's excited and happy smile turns to you, "We never got my spell to take you back that far...D-do you know when that was?"

The realistic feelings you just stirred yourself from keep you from talking as you just shake your head.

Your answer no does not shake the mare as she moves her hoof to your raised hoof, "That was when we first met..."

You stare to the mare's soft purple eyes for a moment as you swallow hard and crack a slight smile that the warmth of her hoof has brought, "I-it was huh?"

She nods her head as the smile holds, "...How could I forget it?" A faint giggle comes up from her as she continues, "It's not every day that somepony is teleported like that!"

The new smile holds to you as you nod, "Ya..."

Twilight turns back to the young mare in front of you two as she speaks up, "It's only been about five minutes...Lets see if we can go back to that memory-.." Her voice halts as she sets her back up a little more proper, "I-it would definitely help your spell."

Violet gets a wide smile to the comment as she nods her head and sparks her horn back up.

The sound of hers and Twilight's magic fades your smile but you don't speak up as you just look over Twilight's excited smile.

Reluctantly you close your eyes as you just wait for the spell to come over you.

- - -
(A little under five years ago).

The ringing in your ears has slowly brought you to open your eyes as you groan a little. It's been a few hours since you came home and the room has taken on a darker sun setting color, except for the kitchen lights that you didn't turn off this morning.

The lavender pony now stands over, and to your slowly opening eyes a voice comes up, “Sorry sorry sorry” The purple pony's frantic voice holds your attention as she continues on, “I-I didn't mean to do that, it’s just seeing a tall figure run into the room startled me…A-are you ok?”

The feminine voice coming from the pony's mouth leaves you baffled as you just look up dumbfounded at the fact of a talking horse! You continue to just stare as she trails on.

“You hit your head pretty hard are you ok? Can you even speak?”

The comment springs your arm into action as you move your hand to the back of your head, the moment you do you start to feel warm and your hearing starts to fade in and out, there's not a doubt that you can feel a bruise starting to already form where your head hit the floor.

“My name is Twilight sparkle, i'm from Ponyville, and you are?” The pony slowly moves it's head from your staring gaze as it's feminine voice rings out.

You find it funny how this talking...thing, is so interested in who you are, instead of the fact you just fell and hit the hard floor. But you manage to sit up straight and you kind of mumble your name.

The pony moves to where you now face as the big eyed animal stares to you with a very puzzled look, “That’s a strange name…Tell me what part of Equestria is this?

You stare at the pony not knowing what to make of the word Equestria. After a few silent moments you again mumble out, "W-what's E-questreah?"

"What do you mean what's Equestria?" The feminine voice takes on a slightly rushed almost sarcastic tone as the pony tilts her head up.

Again you repeat your sentence as you look over the thing in front of you, "I don't know...what your talking about.."

“I …A-are you sure you don’t know what I’m talking about?” The pony's wide purple eyes comes back to yours as they study you.

You nod your head to the stare, which sends waves of pain through your head, note to self FFFUUUCCCKKK!

The nod sends the pony into a quick trotting pace in front of where you stand as she starts to pace back and forth in what you guess would be an attempt at thinking out loud, “H-how could a spell do that? No no, don't be silly Twilight...Why would a spell do that! A-a spell can only do what the user wants...Ya it can't do anything different...ya ya...”

You start to sense the building of what seems like sadness in her voice as she continues to talk, however this time the pony stops in front of you as she pins her eyes towards the ground, “Um I-I know you don’t know who I am...But I promise you that Princess Celestia will repay you for helping me.. I am, too tired to try my spell again…could I stay here…j-just for the night?” The pony's head turns back to yours as her uneasy voice continues, "I promise you Princess Celestia will be greatly appreciative."

The tone of her voice and your own pained unclear mind sends you to nod your head, not really knowing what you just agreed to. Truthfully you just want the pony to stop talking so you can have a quiet moment to think about how crazy you are for thinking you're seeing a talking horse in your house.

"T-thank you...Where do I sleep?"

The comment goes unanswered from you as you slowly stand up with your eyes focused on the hallway towards your room. No more words come up from behind you as you start to stumble towards the hall, but despite the silence you don't look back.

You hold your head to the pulsing bump on your head as you think to yourself, It’s just a hallucination there is no purple pony in your house. You stagger to your bed and collapse into it, quickly falling into an unsafe and pain driven sleep.

End of chapter 3

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