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Could be for understanding - Fat1thatyoulove

The one year anniversary of the MAybe series. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

(A Little under five years ago).

Warm sheets make your body want to forget the new day's challenges. But you know this thought won’t last long as your alarm's constant and unrelenting chime continues to pound off of the walls and back to you. With nothing less than an annoying ear raping sound to your early morning mind.

Eventually it's call, that beckons you to rise breaks you as you fling your arm to hit the snooze button, silently promising yourself that in a few minutes you will get up and start the day...And to maybe set the alarm a little early tomorrow.

Lying in bed you start planning for what today has in store for you, and after about twenty minutes of frivolous mind planning you finally build enough energy to climb out of your bed, all the while making sure to give a loud moan as cold air hits your once cozy body.

After a slight zombie shuffle to your clothes in the closet you throw a pair of jeans and a plain gray shirt over your shoulder. Not bothering to make your bed as you start to stumble down the hall towards the bathroom with a yawn.

It only takes you a few minutes to rush through your mundane routine as you exit the bathroom fully dressed and fresh breathed to the kitchen, all the while saying to yourself, I don’t have to go to class...that’s the beauty of being in college.

Searching your cabinet you find some maybe week old cereal which you combine with what's left of the day old bottle of milk you've horded away in your fridge.

You stare at your concoction for a moment as you start to move towards a drawer to retrieve a spoon.

With the fake silver spoon in hand you set the bowl on the simple kitchen counter of the kitchen as you start to eat it. After your breakfast you grab your backpack that's still sitting up against the wall where you flung it yesterday, one quick motion later your still sleepy eyed gaze sets towards the door as you leave the apartment for school.

- - -

(Meanwhile in Equestria)

Twilight calls out from the bottom of the library as she starts to tap her hoof to the hard wood floor impatiently, “Spike!...Spike! I need Starswirl the Bearded’s book on teleporting not Starswirl the Bearded's book on telekinesis!”

The mare's demand rings through the house as the purple and green scaled little dragon appears on the stairs. Spike struggles down the stairs of the library as he carries the book that seems to be about two times the size of him. As the last slightly more spaced out step comes under him, his claw misjudges it's aim as he ends up falling with the book and hits the ground with a large thump.

“Spike...This is a priceless antique you need to be more careful with this.” Twilight's purple magic wraps itself around the book as it levitates from Spike's grasp and places it on the wooden podium that stands in front to Twilight's side.

Spike rubs his head with a sigh as he stands and replies, “Sorry Twilight, but next time we take books from Canterlot's archives could we only take one?"

The comment brings a quick and know it all response from the mare as her magic continues to flip the pages of the book, "Don't say take Spike..." Her hoof wiggles to her friend as she continues, "It makes it sound like we're not allowed in the Canterlot archives."

Spike rolls his eyes to the comment as he speaks up, "Why do we need all these books anyways?"

The lavender mare turns her head back to the books as her voice holds to the question, “The Princess has tasked me in helping to keep the peace in all of Equestria. I need to find a spell that can be used to teleport us anywhere in Equestria, in case the Elements of Harmony are ever needed.”

“Ya I know that I was there when she told you, but don't you think Celestia and Luna can take care of it on their own?” Spike's voice starts to fade as he looks over the book still being manipulated by the purple glow.

Twilight turns her head a little suprised to the comment as she speaks up, “It’s not just the Princesses job to keep the peace, it’s every ponies responsibility and I for one will not let them down; all I need to do is master a spell that can teleport us.”

Spike rolls his eyes to the words as he crosses his arms, “Alright...Twilight but promise me that you won't rush these spells, no pony has tried these spells in like centuries.”

“Oh Spike you don’t really think I would rush a spell do you?” A faint giggle comes from her as her voice comes to an end.

“Um for the Princess… yes I think you would.”

Twilight gives another casual laugh as she rubs Spikes head with her hoof , “Don’t worry I know my limits and I know how to use magic. Now lets find a spell!" Twilight studies the book for a few moments as she flips through it's pages.

"Oh come on Twilight there probably isn't even a spell in this..."

"Found one!" Twilight reads the spell a loud as the smile to her face starts to grow, "See this will be easy."

Twilight's horn begins to glow and a purple aura begins to slowly creep down her coat as she straightens her pose, "See Spike...I think i'll just pop over to Rarity's as a test."

Spike give an annoyed sigh as he moves to look over the book, “Umm Twilight did you even read the spell? I don’t think this is something to start on.”

The comment goes unnoticed to the lavender mare as the magic forms around her with a bright almost uncontrolled glow. Before Spike can speak up again the mare's figure has vanished from sight in a purpley explosion of swirling magic..

“Twilight? Twilight?!” Spike's quick shouts fall on the empty library as he quickly turns himself around.

End of chapter 2

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