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Could be for understanding - Fat1thatyoulove

The one year anniversary of the MAybe series. Follow our main character thought his newest trails as he tries to better understand the consequences of his influences on Equestria; and how it affects the ones he loves.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Could be for you

The weather around Ponyville has now come under winters full hold, truthfully you would think a world where temperatures could be altered there would at least be a little bit of a warning. However, thanks to the cold snow filled world you and Twilight don't really have to spend a lot of time outside of the house, which is a good thing seeing as how telling Violet's predominantly stallion friends she was sick wasn't really the best decision. It's already nerve racking trying to keep the young mare in the house since she was able to clone all of the spell ingredients she needed, and having Sparky stop by just about every other day doesn't really make your ever vigilant watch any easier.

Note to self, living in a library in a time when there's almost nothing else to do but read books is definitely not the kinda place you want to have a young mare in heat.

"...Ok Aerolight say mommy."

The encouraging baby voice slowly brings your mind from it's thoughts as you sigh one last comment to yourself, at least heat only last about two and a half weeks.

Twilight's voice doesn't bring the desired response from the little colt sitting in his high chair as he just wiggles his front hooves towards the mare with a loud baby like squall, "Awhh.."

His high pitched happy nonsense brings a smile to your face as you speak up, "Do you really think he will say something?"

Your comment brings Twilight's head back from the colt as she taps her hoof to her mouth, but her quick mind brings her know it all tone out within the moment as she rolls her hoof to you, "A foal learns their first words at one month, and Aerolight is a month and two days old...So yes I do think he can say something, soon."

You nod to the comment as you turn your gaze to the colt, "Alright Aerolight...Say Da-da."

The dark cream coated colt turns his eyes to you with a baby like O face as he just stares to you.

"Don't confuse him." Twilight scoots her chair a little closer towards the high chair as her horn sparks up, which brings the cyan blue rattle up into her hold.

You blink to the comment and action as you speak up with a slight chuckle, "You're cheating."

"Oh, don't be silly." Twilight cocks her head to you as she stealthily continues to slowly rattle the foal toy that has Aerolight’s attention locked in.

You squint to her smile for a moment but you eventually turn your eyes to the colt as you speak up in your own baby like voice, "Come on Aerolight, you don't want to say mommy...You want to say da-da or da right?"

The light rattling sound halts for a second as Twilight rolls her eyes and places her hoof to her chest as she tilts her head up, "Saying a proper name as a first word is very important because it can directly affect the way he learns growing up."

Your eyes widen and your voice goes silent as you just stare to her confident posture, "Ok..." The serious face you have only holds for a moment as a new found smile comes to your face as you turn towards the colt, "Alright Aerolight, say daddy."

Your comment flicks the lavender mare's ear but she doesn't say anything as you both hold your gaze to the colt's quivering lips. The exciting possibility of the little colt saying a word especially if it's to you takes your attention as you watch the colt.

However no words come out as the little colt ends up opening his mouth wide with a loudish yawn that leaves the colt's foal button eyes half shut in a sleepy daze.

Twilight stands from her seat as the rattle floats over towards the table, but from the quick motion the rattle ends up swaying towards the edge of the table. You stop it before it can fall as the mare's voice comes up, "Looks like somepony is ready for their late morning nap."

You move the cyan colored rattle back to the table as you turn your gaze to the silently on looking light purple mare that has been sitting beside you. A faint chuckle comes up as you notice the mare's up right ears and intense stare, "What do you want to play with the rattle?"

It's at this point you realize Violet's stare has been directed to the little colt and not the toy, but she still plays along with your dumb comment as she shakes her head with a smile. However her hooves don't stop as they roll out a question.

You blink to the comment as you repeat it, "You want to try a spell on us?" Your words turn Twilight's head as she scoops the colt into her hold, "What spell is that sweetie?"

Violet gets an excited smile as she shifts her gaze between you and Twilight with a quick two taps of her right hoof to her mouth.

"A secret?"

The light purple mare nods her head as she rolls her right hoof to her chest and then to you. Her motions bring a quick response from you as you notice the passion in the mare's light blue eyes, "Of course we'll love what you do...But what kind of spell is it?"

Before Violet can answer the question Twilight's voice comes up as she starts her trot towards the stairs, "Well if it's something we should sit down for lets do it in our room...I would rather sit on the bed not a chair."

Violet nods her head as she quickly stands up and trots after the mare, to her motions you bring your own hooves up as you trail behind the two mares up the stairs.

The quick paced trot and Twilight's own head start has made short work of the stairs as you three start to turn into your room to lay Aerolight down for his nap.

"Here you go...Lets get you your nap..." Twilight's trot starts to slow as she brings herself towards the crib as she begins to lower the colt in her hold too the foal's bed. No whimper or cry comes from the colt as another yawn comes from him, and to your surprise he doesn't fight being laid back down as Twilight brings the covers over the dark cream colored foal.

You move yourself to the bed as you fold your front hooves over your lap and wait for Violet to explain her spell.

Your own thoughts seem to be shared with Twilight as the lavender mare brings her voice to a slight whisper as she trots over next to where you sit, "So what's this spell sweetie? It's not too loud is it?"

Violet wiggles her hoof to the comment as she shakes her head. The mare's confidence holds you and Twilight's confusion to what the young mare has in store for the both of you.

However you don't really get a straight answer from the light purple mare as she starts her hooves up.

"Close our eyes?" Twilight and you both blink to the request but you both straighten your posture as your eyes close.

To you and Twilight's absent stare Violet takes on a more comfortable stance as she takes in a calm breath and starts her horn up while her own eyes closed she starts to focus on the sleep spell she has planned. The spell that she's practiced countless times before with Sparky runs through it's course as the light blueish magic begins to form a light aura around yours and Twilight's heads.

Not knowing what's really going on brings a slight child like giddiness to you, but the warm feeling that you feel and the low soothing magical chime has brought your confusion to a new apex.

However the clam light warmth over you and the low chime is cut short with a loudish pop of magic.

The sound brings you and Twilight's eyes open as you swing your gazes towards the still sleeping colt and then to the mare in front of where you sit now rubbing her head.

Twilight holds her hoof out as she speaks up, "What kind of a spell were you trying to do? I could help you through it."

Violet quickly takes her hoof from her head as she shakes it no and brings her hooves up.

I can do this...You blink to the comment as you think it over for a moment. Although your voice doesn't come up as Twilight's rings out in it's slight whisper, "I'm not saying you can't do it...But maybe you would just like a little help?"

With a faint nod Violet starts her hooves up again as she explains the spell.

"A dream spell?" Twilight's eyes widen for a moment as she cocks her head, "How did you learn a dream spell?"

Violet hooves out her answer, which only takes a second for the now heavily intrigued mare, "Luna taught you it?" Twilight taps her hoof to her mouth as she starts to think to herself.

The now paused mare brings your voice out as you hold your voice down to your approaching comment, "Violet...I don't think you'll be able to do that spell on me. Luna always said human minds were a little harder to get into ."

The light purple mare blinks to your words for a moment but she shakes her head as she straightens her posture.

"Well..." Twilight's hoof comes from her mouth as she continues to squint her eyes in thought, "Yes it's true the spell might be hard...But Violet might be able to use her own unique magic to break through.." A new found smile comes to the lavender mare's face as she continues with a slightly louder tone, "OH, I know, we could do a simple memory spell which would help Violet's dream get through your own body's magical field."

You blink to the smiling mare beside you as you realize trying to understand with what Luna had said before has lead you to a conversation where you now are left unarmed...You keep your mouth shut as you just nod your head.

To the simple nod Twilight turns back to light purple mare in front of her as she sits up a little more proper, "Alright Violet, go through your spell and i'll do a memory spell-..." She swings her hoof between you two as she continues, "Just remember something simple like yesterday or something..."

You shrug to the comment as you nod, "Alright, cold and snowing."

Twilight rolls her eyes to the comment as she sparks her horn up, "That's fine..." As her horn takes on a purple glow she closes her eyes.

Violet copies the action as she sparks her own light blue magic up, to the two mare's closed eyes you slowly close your own as you think to yourself, alright...just remember tomorrow... A faint smile runs across your face as you hold the thought, well this should not be too hard, I've done the same thing pretty much for the last-..

End of chapter 1

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