• Published 13th Oct 2011
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Love Triangles and Other Funny Shapes - TheGentlemanCreeper

As the new kid in school, you find yourself overwhelmed with more than just schoolwork...

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Chapter 5

It was a perfect score. You and your crew couldn’t believe their eyes when you made your way into the heart of the ship. Gold, silver, and other riches beyond belief. You sit on the throne that feels like it was made just for you and look to your crew. “We did it boys! We’re kings among kings! Weigh anchor and set sail! Set a course for port! Time for some shore leave!”

The crew gave a cheer and proceeded to their posts. All but one mare. “C’mere, Ms. Bloom. Pop a squat!” You say as you slap your thigh. The yellow mare walks towards you, wearing a seductive grin.

“You know captain, I didn’t think this pirate life would be for me…” She said as she sat down on your lap. “But you make a convincing argument.” All you could do was smile as she snuggled up to your chest and wrapped her forelegs around you. She felt so warm… so soft...so good. You put a hoof under her chin, just as you did when you first met her. But there wasn’t resentment in her eyes this time. Those eyes were filled with a love that melted your heart. You both began to move closer to each other, your faces inches from each other. In one fluid motion, you lock lips, sending a surge of electricity through your whole body. You feel her tongue trying to push its way into your mouth and you gladly welcome it. She breaks the kiss and smiles as she licks her lips.

“Say it.”

You know what she wants to hear and you roll your eyes. “How many times do I have to say it before you believe me, mare?” You ask as you wrap your hooves around her, bringing her closer. Giggling she traces a hoof around on your chest. “How many stars are in the sky?”

Shaking your head, you break down and say it. “I love you.”

She smiles at the words and kisses you again. “Say it again.”

Tackling her to the ground, you embrace her and roll around in your ill gotten booty. “I love you.” You say.
You say it again and then the whole boat starts to shake.

* * * * * * * *

Or to be more precise, your entire bed. “Mom!” You yell as you throw off the covers. “What are you-“

Blinking a few times, your brain tries to process the sight before you. “Apple Bloom…” You say, just above a whisper.

“Good morning!” She says as she hops down from your bed. “Sleep well?”

Looking outside, you realize the time. “OH NO I’M GOING TO BE LATE AGAIN!” You yell as you try to take off down the stairs, only to run into your closed bedroom door.

This is getting old… You think to yourself as you get up in a daze.

“What are you freaking out about this time?” Apple Bloom asks. “It’s Saturday!”

It takes a while for the word to click with you before you let out a sigh of relief. “Oh thank Celestia. I thought… Nevermind. Apple Bloom, do you mind telling me what you’re doing in my house?” you ask.

“Well, Sweetie Belle is acting as a model for her sister and Scootaloo took off, yelling something about hanging out with Rainbow Dash. So I thought I’d come here and hang out with you.” She explains.

“Oh, I see. What about my mom? What did she say?” You ask.

“She lemme in an hour ago. She said she had to go shopping and told me where your room was.” You look at Apple Bloom puzzled.

“What did you do for an hour? Watch me sleep?” you ask, jokingly. Apple Bloom blushes and looks away. It looks like you hit the nail on the head.

“Uhh, so. What’s all this stuff?” She asked, pointing to your desk, obviously trying to change the subject.

You had left the book on ocean currents out and one of the maps on your corkboard was littered with tacks. “Just some work I was doing last night. Nothing really that interesting,” You say, looking over the points “I’m trying to figure out where something would go if you dropped it in the ocean. But it’s boring. Why don’t we head out and do something?” You ask, trying to find some excuse to get Apple Bloom out of your room.

“Well, what do you have in mind?” She asked as you walked down the stairs. You opened your mouth, only to be stopped by your own rumbling stomach.

Apple Bloom giggled “Hungry? Why don’t ya come to Sweet Apple Acres? Granny Smith had some apple pies in the oven ‘fore I left. They’re probably done by now!” Smiling, you follow Apple Bloom out the door.

“That would be great!” Your mom had brought home some apples from Sweet Apple Acres a few days ago and the thought of using apples that delicious in a pie made your mouth water.

“Great! Follow me!” Apple Bloom said before galloping off.

When you two finally make it to Sweet Apple Acres, you’re out of breath and even hungrier than before. If Apple Bloom is tired, she’s hiding it well. “Hi Big Macintosh!” Apple Bloom says as you pass a large red stallion. He gives you a nod and continues on his way.

“Hiya Applejack!” Apple Bloom says to an orange mare carrying a bushel of apples. She sets it down and looks both of you over. “Heya Apple Bloom. Who’s this wit ya?” She asks.

“This is ma new friend I was tellin’ you about. I offered to feed him some a Granny Smith’s pies. I hope ya don’t mind.” She explains. Applejack looks you over and smiles. “Why shucks, go on an’ help yerself!”

“Thanks a lot! I can’t wait!” You say excitedly. Making your way into the Sweet Apple Acres homestead, the smell of baked apples hits you, instantly making your mouth water. Apple Bloom leads you into the kitchen where you find an elderly mare in a rocking chair. She squints in your direction. “Eh, wass that? Who’s there?” She asks.

“It’s me, Granny Smith. I brought my friend with me.” Apple Bloom says cheerfully. “Get real close. She can’t see that well anymore,” she whispers “she’s blind as a bat.”

“This bat’s eyes may be going, but her ears are as sharp as ever!” Granny Smith exclaims.

You move up slowly to her and stop when you’re at least a half a foot away from her. She looks you over a second before her eyes go wide and her mouth goes agape.

“V..Vang? Is that you?” She asks.

“Uhh, no, I’m sorry. Who’s Vang?” You ask.

Granny Smith just stares at you. “Yer the spittin’ image of ‘em. Could he…Boy! Where you from?” She asks sharply as she looks you over.

“I’m…I’m from Clydesdale, why?”

Granny Smith remains quiet for a long time. Apple Bloom moves next to you. “Granny Smith, are you okay?” She asks.

A smile goes across Granny Smith’s face. “That ol’ seadog.” She says under her breath with a chuckle. “Come on. Sit down and grab some pie. That’s what you’re after, isn’t it?” She asks. You and Apple Bloom grab a plate from the counter and Granny Smith uses a spatula to cut you and her a large piece of pie. Taking a bite, you start to fill the hole in your gut, but something is still nagging you.

“Uh, Mrs. Smith? Who’s Vang?” you ask.

Granny Smith sighs and looks out the window, her stare going on for miles. She doesn’t say anything for what feels like the longest time.

“He was my first love,” she finally says “Clydesdale wanted to do business with the Apple Family way back when. I was to go and settle the trade agreement. I just turned old enough to start doing some serious business for the Apple Family.” She says before getting lost in her memories. You and Apple Bloom remain quiet, waiting to hear what she says next.

“The deal was struck pretty quickly and it benefited both parties, so everyone was happy. I didn’t have to go back for a week, so I started exploring Clydesdale. It was such a beautiful place.” She says with a sigh “I spent most of my time down by the docks, watching the boats come and go. That’s when I met him. A stallion, just a bit older than me, never took his eyes off of me as the boat came ashore. He was just the first mate of this little fishing boat back then and was on shore leave. Next to your grandfather, he was the most beautiful stallion I ever laid eyes on.” She says as she nods to Apple Bloom. “The one thing I’ll never forget about that stallion was his eyes: Sharp, that seemed to go right through you.” She said before drifting off. She snaps back when you clear your throat and continues the story. “He confessed to me out on the open water in his captain’s boat. He promised to tear the heavens down and give it to me if I just said I loved him,” she sighed heavily “But things were different back then for the Apple Family. I wanted to say I did, but I was already arranged to be married. I broke his heart...” Granny Smith said sullenly. “I left Clydesdale that day and didn’t come back for years. When I finally did, I found out Vang had met a mare that loved him and even had a colt.” She smiled fondly. Looking at you, she points at the compass around your neck. “I got him that on our first date. So tell me now, how are those two seadogs?” She asked.

It finally clicked in your head. You grabbed the compass and looked it over. There. You knew that words was familiar. The word ‘Vang’, carved right into it.

“My grandpa retired from the fishing business,” you explain. “He mostly spends his days watching the boats come and go. He said he would have kept doing what he loved if it wasn’t for his other love.”

“And what was that?” Apple Bloom asked.

“My grandma.”

Granny Smith nodded. “Sounds like Vang... But what about his colt? Your father?”

The smile slips off of your face and you look at the ground.

“My dad… My dad went out to sea and never came back…” You bring yourself to say. The words feel like broken glass in your mouth and leave a lump in your throat. Both Apple Bloom and Granny Smith gasp.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.” you hear Apple Bloom say, trying to console you. You do your best to hold back the tears.

“I’m sorry for opening old wounds,” Granny Smith says “Vang told me that he would raise his son right so he could have his own family. Looking at you, I’m say he did good.” That did it. The dams burst and you begin to cry openly. The only other time you have cried like this was when you first learned your father wasn’t coming home. As you began to think that the pain would never go away, you feel a pair of hooves wrap around you. Opening your eyes, you see Apple Bloom holding onto you, shedding her own tears.

“Please don’t cry. I’m here for you.” You put your own hoofs around her and just sit there, embracing each other. The tears stop. “T-Thanks…” You say sheepishly. “I guess the pain never goes away…” You say with a sniffle.

Apple Bloom looks up to you with her big, orange eyes. Without a word, she places a kiss on your cheek. You blush heavily and smile. “Thanks… I-I needed that.”

“Anytime…” Apple Bloom says.

Granny Smith chuckles. “Oh to be young and in love.” Apple Bloom blushes heavily and gets up.

“It’s nothin’ like that! It’s just-just that he needed it! If I lost anyone like that, I’d want a shoulder to cry on!” She says defensively, but her red face gives it all away.

Wiping the tears from your face you smile at Apple Bloom. “And I’m grateful.” You turn to Granny Smith. “Thank you again for everything, but I think it’s time I got home.”

Apple Bloom gets up and follows you. “Let me walk with you.”

The walk home was a little longer than you remember but you’re happy when you finally make it. All you want to do is lie down and get some rest. Looking at Apple Bloom, you smile. Thanks to her, you learned more about your father and that you have a friend you can always count on.

“Well, thanks again Apple Bloom. For everything. I don’t even know how I could repay you for all you’ve done,” you say.

She looks at you sheepishly and then at the ground. “Close your eyes.” She finally says.

“Uhh, why?” You ask. “You want to know how to repay me? Then close your eyes.” She’s blushing very heavily. Closing your eyes, you wait there for a few seconds. You feel her breath on you first. Then you feel something warm and wet touch your lips for just a few seconds. Opening your eyes, you see Apple Bloom’s face was less than an inch away from yours... “Did you-” Was all you could make out before she turned around and galloped home. You stood there for a few minutes in a daze.

Did she just kiss me?