• Published 13th Oct 2011
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Love Triangles and Other Funny Shapes - TheGentlemanCreeper

As the new kid in school, you find yourself overwhelmed with more than just schoolwork...

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Chapter 10

This portion of the story will be told in narrative form, not 2nd person for the purpose of exposition.
Sweetie Belle walked out of the hospital room in a daze. Her heart was aflutter with new and strange emotions she’s never felt before, all for the colt that was in that room. She found herself in Ponyville Square, washing the dirt off of herself in the same barrel that they used so many times to clean after their misadventures. Sweetie Belle chuckled, thinking back to how he was running around; doing everything he could to stop the tree from falling. She blushed heavily as her mind wandered back to him and the kiss. She smiled, happy that she not only got to kiss him, but he kissed back. She tried to remember when she exactly fell in love with him, but couldn’t settle on a single point when it happened and chocked it up to ‘love at first sight’.

The school day passed and Sweetie Belle missed it without much regret. She was still confused about these new feelings she had and decided to ask the one person she knew could help.

“Well…I, uh…What was the question again?” Rarity sputtered out before almost sewing her hoof to the dress.

“I said, what does it mean when you love someone?” Sweetie Belle asked again.
Rarity put down the dress and cleared her throat, hoping to buy enough time to come up with something. She never expected be having the love talk today.

“Well, when you love someone, they make you feel… Special.” Rarity said more confidently as the words came easier.

“Like you are the only one who matters in the world and will do whatever they can to make you feel happy. And when two ponies feel love for each other, there’s no greater feeling in all of Equestria.” Rarity says with emotion. She stared at Sweetie Belle.

“Why? Have you found that special pony in your life?” Rarity asked with a tease. Sweetie Belle blushed heavily and gave a nod. Rarity gasped and smiled. “Oh Sweetie Belle, I am ever so happy for you! Who’s the lucky colt?”

Sweetie Belle’s entire face goes red as she begins to tell the whole story. By the end of it, Rarity is tearing up and wiping away her tears with a handkerchief. “That’s so sweet… Well Sweetie Belle, I see only one possible course of action!” Rarity says defiantly. Sweetie Belle cocked her head, not seeing where Rarity was going with this.

“You’re going to declare your love to him!”

Sweetie Belle began to panic “Wh-What if he says he doesn’t love me back? Or he says he hates me or-“ Rarity put a hoof over Sweetie Belle’s mouth.

“Sweetie Belle, if you are to ever get anywhere in life, you have to put those doubts behind you. Now go out there and bear your heart to him.” Rarity said as she pointing towards the door. Sweetie Belle took a deep breath and put on a look of determination. “Alright.” and with that, she galloped off to find him.


You, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo left the hospital that afternoon, relieved when Nurse Redheart told you and your mother that you were ready to be discharged. Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were waiting for you in the waiting room.

“We thought we’d stop by and see how you were doing.” Scootaloo had explained. As you made your way out of hospital and into Ponyville square, you see Sweetie Belle running towards you.

“Well there ya are! Ms. Cheerilee was wondering where you were, but we didn’t tell her-” was all Apple Bloom could say before Sweetie Belle collides with you and kisses you deeply. “I love you!” she exclaims.

This display leaves Apple Bloom and Scootaloo stunned.

“Now hold on there! You can’t love him!” Apple Bloom yells as she stomps her hoof. Sweetie Belle looks to her friend, confused. “And why can’t I?” she asks.

Apple Bloom blushes but stands her ground. “Because I love him!” she declares.

Scootaloo scoffs. “That’s nice and all, but I’m the one who loves him, not you two.”

The three fillies glare each other, their gazes full of hate. Without a word, they pounce on each other and roll in the street, mane tugging, name calling, and biting.

“STOP IT!” you yell. They stop fighting and look at you.

“Well then, why don’t we let him decide?” Sweetie Belle says as she gets up, looking to you.

Apple Bloom nods. “Yeah, but we already know he’s going to choose me.”

“Says you, sister. I’m obviously the best choice here.” Scootaloo says as she leans in closer to you.

“I…I…Uh…” was all you could stammer out. “Umm…. I mean….”

“WELL?” Scootaloo asks angrily.

Apple Bloom looks at you with the same stare she gave you when she asked you to join the Cutie Mark Crusaders “Who’s it gonna to be?”

Sweetie Belle bats her eyelashes and says your name “Please…” she says softly.

Without a word, you gallop off as fast as you can, leaving the three fillies standing there, confused and disappointed. “After him!” Apple Bloom yells. You round corners and do your best to lose them. Ducking inside Sugar Cube Corner, you look at the window and hope that they didn’t see you.

“You lost him!” Scootaloo yelled at Apple Bloom.

“Well you’re the one who said he came this way!” Apple Bloom exclaims.

Sweetie Belle throws her hoofs into the air and groans. “I can’t take this anymore! You two ruined everything! You’re the worst friends ever!”

Scootaloo gasps and narrows her eyes. “Well if that’s the way you feel, then I guess I’m not your friend anymore!”

“The same goes for me! I never want to see either of you again!” Apple Bloom yells. “The Cutie Mark Crusaders are done!”

The three fillies run off in opposite directions, leaving you in the kitchen of Sugar Cube Corner. In an instant, you collapse to the floor and begin crying. You felt horrible that you couldn’t say anything to them, but how could you? No matter what you do, someone is going to be hurt. You continue to cry until you feel a hoof go through your mane. Looking up, you see the pink pony with the cotton candy mane looking down at you. “There, there. Tell Aunty Pinkie Pie what’s wrong.” You snivel as you get to your feet and are guided to a chair by Pinkie. She brings over a plate of cupcakes and two glasses of milk. Taking a cupcake, you take a bite, but don’t feel much like eating right now.

“So why were you crying?” Pinkie Pie asks, her voice sounding so soothing. You wipe away your tears and look at her. Sighing, you put your head onto the table. “It’s really complicated…” you mumble.


Looking up at Pinkie Pie, you find yourself telling her the entire story.

“I mean, I love all of them. They all mean something to me. If I tell one of them that I love them, then the other two will be hurt forever… What should I do?” you ask.

Pinkie Pie smiles at you fondly and pats your head. “You are WAY too young to be involved in a love triangle this complicated… Wait. Would it be a love triangle?” she asks herself. “Triangles only have three points. There are four people involved, so wouldn’t be like a love square? But then again, there’s a lot of hate going around…Hate rhombus is a better term for your predicament.”

You look at Pinkie, completely confused. She sees your puzzlement and shakes her head. “Right, sorry. I got distracted there for a second. Anyway, there’s nothing written anywhere in Equestria that says you can love one and only one pony.” she says as she pops a cupcake into her mouth.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“It means just that, silly!”

You can’t believe how easy she’s trying to make it sound. “But… But what do I do? How do I do it?” you ask.

Pinkir Pie puts a hoof around your shoulder and brings close. “Okay, this is what you’re going to do…” she says before whispering her plan into your ear. You smile as you begin to understand what Pinkie Pie is getting at. You bound for the door, but turn to her before leaving. “Thank you so much Pinkie.”

She smiles. “No problem. Now we’re even-stevens.” she says. You cock an eyebrow at her. “Even for what?” you ask.

“For when you four blew up that batch of gum.” She says nonchalantly. Your ears go back and you grimace.

“Uhh, sorry about tha-Hey. How is it that we’re even now?” you ask. Pinkie Pie smiles at you fondly.

“What can I say? I’m a sucker for romance. Knock ‘em dead Casanova!”

And with Pinkie Pie’s words of encouragement, you set off, hoping to make things right.

The afternoon came and went and the sun was setting. You were now waiting at the lake for them to show up. You could only hope that Pinkie’s friend, the mail pony with the strange eyes, delivered the letters on time. As the sun began to set, you saw them. Apple Bloom approached from the east, Scootaloo from the north, and Sweetie Belle the west. They all converged on you and then looked at each other.

“What are THEY doing here?!?” they all say simultaneously. Sure enough, they got your letters. Personally addressed to each pony, telling them to meet you by the lake at sundown.

“Girls.” you said, trying to get their attention. They were arguing again, as they did back in the square.

“Girls!” you say louder this time. Their response was to yell louder at each other.

“GIRLS!” you scream. This finally gets their attention.

“WHAT?” they yell simultaneously. Now that all eyes were on you, you felt nervous and wanted to run again. But you couldn’t, not without fixing this. You clear your throat and take a deep breath.

“I’ve made my decision.” you finally say. The three fillies tense up.

“Who is it?” Apple Bloom asks.

“Ah ah ah! I’m not telling until you promise me something. All of you.” you demand. They wait for you to say something and take this as a sign of their understanding.

“No matter who I choose, you will respect my choice and accept it. That’s all I want.” you say.

“…Fine. I’m cool that.” Scootaloo says.

Sweetie Belle nods. “I can respect your wishes.”

Apple Bloom just smiles. “Go ahead.”

“Apple Bloom., you were there when I needed somepony to lean on and a shoulder to cry on. You’re always trying to make everypony happy and that’s just what you did for me.” Apple Bloom blushes heavily and traces a hoof in the grass.

“Oh, it ain’t nothing. I’m just happy you pic-“

“I’m not finished yet.” you say, interrupting her.

“Scootaloo, you’re so headstrong and always moving forward so much that it rubs off on me. If you weren’t here, I probably wouldn’t have found the courage to say these words.” Scootaloo rubs the back of her head.

“Oh come on now, I just-“

“Still not done yet.” you say, interrupting again.

“Sweetie Belle, you’re always looking out for me and the others and tell us what’s best, even if we don’t listen. You went above and beyond the call of friendship and saved my life. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.”

You finished your speech and looked at the three fillies, who were still confused.

“If it isn’t Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, or me, then who is it?” Sweetie Belle asks. You feel tears of joy as you reach out and grab all three of them into a big hug.

“You haven’t figured it out yet have you, you silly fillies? It’s all of you! I love all of you! There’s no way I could break any of your hearts, even if Celestia herself told me to! You’re all so wonderful and unique and make me feel like the luckiest colt in the world!”

Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle are stunned.

“I…I never thought of it that way.” Scootaloo says, choking back tears.

Apple Bloom hugs back and smiles. “I’m okay with this, as long as you all are.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry for being so mean! Will you two ever forgive me?” Sweetie Belle pleads as she holds her friends tight.

“We were the mean ones! Let’s never fight again!” Scootaloo says, joining in.

“The Cutie Mark Crusaders are back together!” Apple Bloom pronounces.

“With a boyfriend.” Sweetie Belle says, prompting all of you to laugh aloud.

And that’s all you did until sunrise. Hold each other and laugh until the sun came up on another beautiful day in the land of Equestria.

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Excellent story. Heart warming and all that. My only question is, will you be making an epilogue, or a continuation of this? It would be interesting to see where this is going, especially if you go with a "Later on in life" aspect of it.Now however, comes the part that I give actual review. For one, I was a bit upset that the introductory part of the story was so limited, I understand you were going for a "This is you" story, but I at first had problems getting attached to the characters mindset. A bit more exposition would have been nice, I always enjoy a robust character development, unlike most folk. Otherwise, bravo, bravissimo indeed, I would definitely continue to read your works, if all of them maintained this quality.


Yes, there is a continuation of this in the works. You'll actually get an idea when I get Swing posted. And yes, as said, my style has changed so much since Love Triangles and Other Funny Shapes. I've thought about re-doing it and really fleshing it out more, but I'd like to keep it as it is. Something to remind me of how far I've come. I'm sure you'll see the difference once I post Healing Dash, which will be up tonight, hopefully. Otherwise, thank you for enjoying the story. I'm sure if you'll love the next ones.

#3 · Oct 13th, 2011 · · ·

This has to be one of the best if not the best CMC Ship Fics I have read.

Heh, thanks. It's always nice to hear stuff like that. ^.^

Three steps ahead of you. I've got four other stories I'm going to submit. Each one is pretty long, consisting of five parts, not counting prologues or epilogues.I /should/ have Healing Dash up tonight, but I'm also working on Purple Haze. I definitely need to get the next chapter for that up soon. I have a list of the stories on my blog that I'm going to post. Look for them pretty soon. ^.^


What a good story.
I enjoyed it.

I don't really read first-pony perspective story's, but this one seemed fun so I said "what the hay." and gave it a shot.
I got to say kid romance is very funny entertaining romance.


you. cmc. romance. how? amazing. *is stunned* i guess i can only use the words of fluttershy :yay: ~YOU ROCK, WOHOO~

#8 · Oct 15th, 2011 · · ·

This is like a non-erotic version of one of my favourite dreams!

#9 · Oct 15th, 2011 · · ·

....bob....that's creepy.....

Comment posted by Lord Arcturus deleted Nov 5th, 2017

I love all of your work, even tho its your first this is good , its just so cute and well fuzzy heh

so far Freudian Slip is my favorite, love the merge with Coffebeans story there,makes it more interesting (good thing i read that one or i would have pulled a derpy trying to understand it )

Where's the 4-way! I demand a 4-way!

Lol, my sick mind.

I have a sequel planned, but it's going to come much later. I have a novel I want to write and eventually publish (Non-pony related), but I have too much sunk into the SFG and I can't just abandon them and the stories in my head with sharing with them. So I'm pretty much going to write all the stories I have planned, write the sequel to Love Triangles and Other Funny Shapes, then go on a hiatus to work on my novel.

I'm sure you'll like what I have ready to post next and what comes after that. :3

It did have some pretty scary/sad parts. I know I made /someone/ tear up when they read it.


Dude wtf? This is by far the most kickass CMC story I have ever read.
You nailed all the crusader's personalites on the dot you must continue your works
and if you need a proofreader im you guy

An amazing heartwarming story to say the least. Romance but not the rarity backroom kind. The kind that gives you a smile. Not only that but it's also a great story about friendship and adventure. Keep up the good work!

Really sorry about that.

*Sigh* And guess what? LITERALLY ONE WORD. I hate copy-paste errors.

I need /some/ sleep for tomorrow, so I'm going to take a nap. Be back in a bit and glad you're enjoying the story. And I promise, there's hardly any errors in the fics after this one. I hope. ^.^;

Okie Doki Loki... Now that the story is over, here are Trevor's thoughts...

Pretty good, surprisingly. Trevor doesn't care for second-pony fics, but this wasn't TOO bad. The mane problem: having too emotional of a background story for him. You would have been better off, in Trevor's opinion, sticking with a third-pony narritive, but to each his own. Still, one has read that there is a sequel either already made/in the works, or will be soon? Anyhoof, time to go looking through your gallery, now that one has finished the fic recommended to one! XD

~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria.

That was a great story and I'm sad that I'm done reading it because I just want to read more of this story and see how it all works out. I have to say TheGentlemanCreeper you did a very, VERY good job with this story.


why is it over!!! I want more, I want more mishaps and trys for there cutie marks..... this was so sweet and fun, I smiled the whole time while I red this! it was so so so GOOD!!

:pinkiehappy: I love my Aunty Pinkie Pie!!:pinkiehappy:

Fantastic story!! be proud of this! I and printing this out and having it made into a little book for the shelf !

Thank you for taking the time to give us such a good read.


dammit why is is over already :fluttercry:

Three Mare-Friends?!? You sir, truly are a pirate!

I would just like to tell everyone that as soon as i read the bit about the clown i googled it. though i didnt read it until it became light out (cause im a scaredy filly like that :pinkiesad2:) i still googled it. its actually true. Its "supposedly" and urban legend but, its happened to people. anyway love the story it was cute i rather liked the emotional background it gave character to the poor colt. he seems so cute i just wanna squish his cheecks! :rainbowkiss:

i've never known that i'm such a casanova! well i got things to make up to ;D

I am so looking forward to the sequel to this. Great read, loved it through and through.
I'm a sucker for Sweetie Belle myself, and I think you did a fantastic job on her. Bravo.

I never thought a CMC fic would turn out good. Quite frankly, I enjoyed every minute of this shit.
Although from what it seems they're on a 'friends with benefits' basis I can only see bad and weird coming from later on in life. Although, as long as they're kept in the filly stage, for some odd reason it seems fine.

After watching the episode with Pipsqueak I now imagine the OC pony as Pip.

And somewhere up in the clouds, a tear falls from a spectral pony's face.
"Son, I am proud."

...Erhm, anyway. This was pretty amazing, although that might be because I wasn't really expecting anything when I stepped here. I was a bit hesitant too, so now I'm in a Pleased-Shocked state. Not much to say other than "I really enjoyed this" and "Wow", really.

I don't always date young fillies. But when I do, I date three at a time. :moustache:
Actually, I can remember a time in elementary when I had several girls doting on me at the same time. It didn't end well.
I'm now tempted to draw a young version of my OC.

Reading this yet again. I love this story!

I love this story so much! :heart: In all honesty, if I ended up having to pick one of the fillies, I wouldn't have any idea who to pick either. :applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie: Ah well.

Are you actually going to make a continuation of this? Or did you already make it and I just didn't see it? Or is that cancelled or something? I'M CONFUSED! :raritydespair:

Still love the story. Liked and favourited. :yay:

Let me guess: your "weave" started with this little love polygon, so it's going to end with this love polygon-- the final story, after you finish the one detailing Fluttershy's romancing, will be an "X years later" fic detailing the Crusaders+coltfriend in their teenage/young-adult years, which will serve as a kind of giant epilogue for all of your other stories as well.

Am I close? :pinkiehappy:

and thats how polygamy was created

seriously dude. amazing story. :heart::heart:
unfortunately, at the end down at the bottom

“The Cutie Mark Crusaders are back together!” Apple Bloom pronounces.
“With a boyfriend.” Sweetie Belle says, prompting all of you to laugh aloud.

that boyfriend part should be coltfriend. after all they are ponies. still, favourited!!!:rainbowkiss::twilightsheepish::heart:

XD Oh GOSH! How did I miss that?! POLYGAMY! IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! XD *dies roflmao* :rainbowlaugh:

Wat. Wat. I... I... Wat. Well, I'm actually strangely ok with this. Polygamy is apparently the answer to my problems. Let the awkward prepubescent polygamous relationship begin!

“You haven’t figured it out yet have you, you silly fillies? It’s all of you!"

And then they all fucked.


Seriously though, this was a good fic. The only recurring error I saw was that you often wrote "yes" as just "ya". I can't see that there is a sequel yet. Do you still plan on making one?


That "Yes" and "Ya" thing was done on purpose... I need to fix it so it says "Yeah", but what I was going for was a sort of childish feel to the dialogue because, well, you know. And yes, a sequel is still being planned.

He got three mares. What a pimp :pinkiegasp:

Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, we need a ten-years later sequel so we can make with the sexing.

... What?


Very cute story.

So, is there still a sequel to this in the works?

Wow, all three Crusaders! What a pimp. :pinkiegasp:

this was a wonderful story and it is worthy of my highest level of praise: the slow clap :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Aye, I read this story when I was just a wee anon.
I found it to be cute.
But oddly (and this is with any 2nd person story) I don't like to imagine the main character is me.
I like to imagine that it's someone else.
And I'm just someone who watches the stuff they do.

1 colt, 3 fillies,lucky colt.

Back again for another go. and what a shocker.

Its still good :scootangel:

1505572 lol i don't even know anymore xD

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