• Published 12th Mar 2012
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The Reigns of History - 8chill

We live in the present, look to the future, and history is not but a thing of the past. Or is it?

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Ch07 Explosions

WHAAAAAT!?!? What do you mean he escaped!?!?

The day had finally come for the world to bare witness to the return of a creature once lost in time. They would sedate the creature and prepare him for transport; a good start for the day by any stretch of the imagination. Or at least that was the plan, until a problem occurred that would complicate matters.

Professor Oat had just arrived on campus when one of the staff members quickly located him. He wasn’t able to even get his morning coffee or tulip roll before being dragged down the halls. When he asked what the rush was for, she almost took a tumble before increasing her already frantic pace. This made his concern shoot through the roof. What in Equestria happened? She was acting like it was the end of the world.

Something was definitely amiss because the moment they reached a heavily populated hallway everypony froze. Whatever caused this reaction must have had something to do with him. The once lively atmosphere was brought to a standstill the second he arrived; and sure enough, ponies were acting strangely the moment they laid eyes on him. This was made evident as some passed out while others trembled in fear. His mere presence was causing all of this?

Now he had fans and ponies that couldn’t contain themselves from meeting a pony of his stature before. But never had they had this strong of a reaction. It was as if he was the spawn of Discord himself by the way they were reacting. This wasn’t a time for theatrics it was a time of celebration. Just what the buck was going on?

They finally arrived at his office only to witness something that confused him even more. Guards were patrolling his office denying access to all unauthorized visitors. This was already strange enough as it is but then he noticed a few of his aides walking out from inside his office looking crestfallen, devastated even. When one decided to finally look up, he visibly blanked, face reminiscent of that of a ghost. He then quickly retreated to an adjacent room. Noticing his actions, this caused the others to look up as well repeat similar facial conditions and scurry away as well.

Confounded with this odd behavior, he turned to his escort to ask if she knew the situation, only to see her nowhere to be found. The telltale sounds of hooves thundering down the hall were his only indication of what occurred.

This was absurd. What the devil were these ponies doing? There was work to be done, files needed to be sorted, equipment prepped for transport and of course the creature properly taken care of.

“I’ve had enough of this sporadic behavior. Somepony is going to explain to me just what in Celestia’s name is going on!” he said with fury in his voice. This was completely ridiculous he wasn’t going to allow another pony to escape his questioning, on that he swore. With that thought in mind, he proceeded to walk towards his office intent on getting answers. The guards seeing his approach calmly stepped in front of his door blocking entry into the study.

“Just what do you think you are doing?” he asked with an incredulous voice.

“Nopony is allowed entry beyond this point besides the authorized ponies,” he stated in a gruff voice that gave no room for further discussion.

“What do you mean? This is MY office and who are you to deny me access?” He asked.

“I’ll say it again, slower, so you can understand,” he started. “You and anypony else are not allowed to enter,” he finished blandly.

Professor Oat was stunned. These guards had the audacity to deny Him access of all ponies. Surely they jest. This must be a misunderstanding of sorts; nopony in their right mind would deny him.

“My fine fellows,” he began slowly. “If I, Professor Grand Oat, the leading scientist in this entire facility nay this region of Equestia am not permitted to enter MY own office, them whom may I ask is?” he asked clearly steamed at the disrespect shown by these incompetent stallions.

This time it was the other guard who spoke, “The one who issued the orders has the final word in who can gain access. He alone has the authority to grant you your request otherwise we will maintain his instructions as dictated.”

“Then pray tell who exactly should I be speaking to? I want this matter over with as quickly as possible.”

“The one who issued the orders was a stallion going by the name of ‘Big Red’ whom took control of the situation and then notified us of his wishes.”

Big Red? Was that an alias for his name; the coward. I guess that means I’m dealing with a red stallion. But there wasn’t anypony like that in the school’s staff, at least nopony with the power to issue a directive like that. Who could possibly be foolish enough to gain temporary command? They would have to, at the bare minimum, receive special permission to have any hope of accomplishing this. Even then it was farfetched to conceivable maintain the role as any appropriate authority would soon replace him. But that issue could be solved later, who was the mysterious leader? The only red pony I know of is…


The call of a beast could be heard from outside the room signaling the coming terror.

Heatwave really didn’t want to be himself at that moment.

Earlier this morning he had a pony come and bang frantically on his dorm room door. Scared out of his sheets, he got out of bed and went to open his door. Immediately the pony behind the door grabbed and yanked him out of his room. Somepony was speaking but he couldn’t understand any of it. He was still a bit disorientated from his colt-handling. After a moment to clear his head, he tried to calm down the pony.

“Wait a minute, slow down and tell me what’s wrong,“ he commanded to the obviously upset pony.

“Heatwave, its just..awful!” she exclaimed. “One of our new recruits has been found in the creature’s cage.” she cried tears streaming down her face.

What was a nurse doing in the creature’s cage? There was frankly no reason to do anything like that. Vera knows exactly just how dangerous the creature could be. Why would she send a new recruit to deal with it?

Heatwave was confused.

He didn’t want to hurt himself in his confusion so he decided to get more information on the matter.

“Where’s Vera shouldn’t she be the one you notify about this?” He asked.

“That’s just it. Vera’s been on sick leave the last few days and nopony else could figure out their assignments.”

“That doesn’t make any sense. Vera is far too organized to not have made a schedule or some type of plan for situations like these.”

“Yes, but our duties changed with the upcoming preparations for the exhibition.” She explained. “She was supposed to reassign us but got too sick to come in the last few days.”

“Okay, I can understand that but it still doesn’t explain what a newbie was doing anywhere near the creature,” Heatwave stated. It just didn’t add up. Botched plans aside, what could possibly have occurred to not have a more experienced nurse take over? It’s common sense to have a chain of command. The professor lectured him thoroughly on the subject.

“Vera was teaching her about proper sedation with patients and was using the creature as an example.” Seeing the look of alarm on Heatwave’s face she quickly added, “But she was always there supervising the injections to make sure she did everything right.”

Heatwave calmed down and nodded his head. Vera was always one for a ‘hooves on approach’ to learning. That much was certain.

“Is she okay?” he asked concerned for the young mare.

“Yes, she was just knocked out thankfully and didn’t receive any other injuries.”

“Thank Luna for that! Glad she’s okay,” he said releasing a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “Well if that’s the case everything should be fine. There wasn’t really any reason to notify me since it didn’t involve anything with the creature,” he said. “Unless you couldn’t wait until morning to come talk to yours truly,” he added with a smirk on his face.

“Um…about the creature…” she said nervously.

“What? You had to drop him to save her? Don’t worry I’ll handle the old fossil. He won’t be a bother to you.”

“It’s not that. It’s just….how should I say this?” She was conflicted with herself, thinking of the best way to break the news to him.

“Go on, you can tell me. There is nothing you can tell me that will shake me. So go ahead and let me have it. I can take, I’m a stallion.”

“The creature’s gone.”


“The creature has escaped and is running free somewhere!” She all but yelled in his face.

For a minute, Heatwave did nothing. He just sat there on his haunches staring off into space contemplating what he just heard. The nurse just told him that ancient creature of mystery had escaped and was running wild. On top of that the trip was scheduled for tomorrow. The professor would be here to oversee the operations, too. With all that in mind, Heatwave only had one response to the new information.


Sigh. Guess I have no choice but to face my impending doom.

“Let him in,” he commanded from inside the Professor’s study. Sooner than he had hoped, the professor barged in and quickly spotted me.

“Heatwave, I demand an explanation," he started with his voice low before gradually increasing his volume. “I’ve been dragged around campus, have been avoided by all ponies, and then denied access to My study so tell me what is going on here, NOW!!” he bellowed.

Oh great. The professor has already resorted to using his angry voice. This was going to be far more difficult to explain than previously conceived.I will have to try and calm him down a bit before I break the news to him, else I’m toast.

“Ok Professor, it goes something like this. You see the creature somehow found a way to-“

He was about to explain the situation before the door slammed open. There in the doorway stood Trippy Lights making his unwelcomed appearance to the scene.

“Hey Heatwave!” he called to his friend, head hanging down; trying to catch his breath from the long sprint. “Is it true the creature escaped? Dude, Teach is going to blow his top when he finds out,” he laughed. Not hearing a response from his bud, Trippy finally looked up only to see the professor standing right there next to him.

Heatwave facehoofed. This was the last thing he needed to have happen.

“Trippy, have I ever told you that you have terrible timing?" Heatwave asked through his hoof.

“Escaped?” the professor said slowly, almost testing out the word. “What do you mean escaped?”

“Look behind you Professor, the creature is no longer in his cage. He escaped sometime last night, where he is now I don’t know,” Heatwave explained cautiously.

The professor did as told and observed the cage. Sure enough, the creature was no longer there; gone without a trace. The professor slowly turned back around with an unreadable expression on his face.

The silence was suffocating as nothing was said in the room.

The professor then started growling angrily which was a sign of things to come.

“Trippy, evacuate the premises we can’t stay here any longer!” Heatwave yelled desperately. He quickly got to his hooves and made a beeline towards the door. Along the way he grabbed Trippy’s tail and pulled him out the door with him.

“He’s gonna blow!” Trippy exclaimed.

For a moment, there was silence.

And then he exploded.

After his meltdown, the professor was able to calm himself enough to be approachable by his students.

“Okay, please tell me how this happened exactly,” he forced the words out as calmly as possible.

“Professor, it seems that one of the nurses wasn’t giving the correct dosages to the creature. That said its no wonder that it didn’t escape sooner.” Heatwave replied.

“So it was one of the nurses, eh?” he asked a glint in his eye. “Where is she?”

“She’s in the infirmary. Why do you ask?”

“Professor, where are you going?"

“To the infirmary of course, where else am I going to find information?”

“What are you going to do?” Heatwave asked cautiously.

“I was going to ask her a few questions, nothing more.”

“You’re going to interrogate her?!” Heatwave asked incredibly. “She’s the victim in this! She’s had a rough time as it is and now you’re going to do something like this?!”

”I need answers and she was the only one there at the scene of the incident.”

“Professor, if you would just calm down I can tell you exactly what happened,” Heatwave said hoping his teacher would listen to reason.

“You were there as well?” he asked.

“No, I wasn’t, but I have her report statement right here and it lists everything that occurred last night.”

“Well don’t just stand there lad, speak.”

“I already told you about the dosage issue, so you don’t need a repeat of that.” Heatwave said turning the page with his hoof before finding what he was looking for. “It says right here that she had to enter the creature’s cage to administer the drug correctly or fear possibly harming the creature,” he stated. “It also says that the creature had laid a trap for her and injected her with the sedative, knocking her out cold, before exiting the cage,” he added. “She was then found tied up in his cage so he had to have had the thought process to meticulously cover up his tracks by tying up the nurse; insuring his successful escape,” he finished.

Placing the report back down, Heatwave turned to his stunned teacher. “Professor, I know this may sound ridiculous but the facts are the facts. This creature is far more intelligent than we gave him credit for.”

“Professor, you’re not saying anything.”


“Would this be a bad time to say ‘I told you so’?” Heatwave asked innocently.

If looks could kill somepony would be six feet under. Teeth gritted the professor was struggling to hold himself in check but was failing miserably.

Seeing this, Heatwave reacted quickly. He didn’t know it yet but it was one of the best made decisions of his life. He fled for cover hoping to survive the inevitable conclusion to the situation and not a moment too soon either. For just as Heatwave made a dash for safety, the professor let loose all his anger.


And then he exploded…….


Let it be known that one of Equestria’s greatest mysteries was solved this day. The mystery in actuality was really a myth; a myth on the possibility of combustion and its inherent properties. A question was then spawned from this interesting phenomenon. This single question has stumped many a pony and one dragon of its validity. Even scholar’s had no answer to this intriguing problem. But worry not young ones, for today marks a time for celebration as the answer was made apparent for all to enjoy. Finally after years of speculation, the truth is revealed. Rejoice as the question that was posed so long ago has been answered. The age old myth was no longer a mystery as it was proven that you can indeed explode...


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