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The DM

Dungeon Master (DM) - the organizer and participant in charge of creating the details and challenges of a given adventure, while maintaining a realistic continuity of events.


Princess Celestia has been alive for 1499 years. For centuries, she has kept her birthday a secret from the masses of Equestria. Only a select few know the actual day. As such, Celestia hasn't had a birthday party in well over eight hundred years, and she's quite alright with that.

However, the return of three prominent figures in her's and Luna's life, might just be able to break that streak.

Rated Teen: Strong Language
Co-written with the fantastic Way2Dawn.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 74 )

Yay~ My word is law now! I'm not just an acolyte anymore!:scootangel:

I like Magic the Gathering and I can instantly recognize it from the cover picture.
Looks pretty interesting too, enjoy a fave and a like.

Could you use their actual names like Karn instead of making up names?

I wanted to do something other than the usual Planeswalker cards. These are closer to player Planeswalkers, rather than the cards.

3453828 yet a robot golem can only absorb a spark not be born with one, so unless another aritfacter knows about planeswalkers and had skills equal to urza, I don't see how another one can exist?

The presence of the three Myr will be examined in the very near future.

I never really got into Magic the Gathering, but I think I'll like this story. And with that, I'll keep my thoughts on those three Myr to myself.

Despite having no knowledge of the lore behind magic, this seems interesting so far.
I do have a question. Why are the majority of the books bound in leather? Seems like the equivalent of having a library full of books bound with human skin. Unless Twilight is a regular student of the dark arts, she should probably have some kind of reaction to being surrounded by the Necroponicon and other dark tomes of magics most foul.

Hmmm... good point. I'll have to clarify that.

YAY!!! Another mtg/mlp crossover.

be honest, is the Ziggler from Izzet?

Yes, he is using an Izzet based spellbook.

3458906 I imagine Niv-Mizzet might come up when he sees Spike

I can neither confirm, nor deny, an appearance now, or in the future, by Niv-Mizzet.

3458914 not saying he'll be visiting Equestria, just that he might end up a subject of conversation

Unofficially, it will be funny when it happens.

Officially, I can't really go into any details.

3458923 Spike-"You've met another dragon? what was he like?"
Zigg-"A narcissistic super-genius."
Spike-"I'm not sure how to respond to that."

3458923 wait is he crazy? because i'm pretty sure everyone in Izzet is out of their minds

The flavor text on the reprinted Niv-Mizzet should be a clear indication.

"He has no patience for minds that do not inspire him or explode by trying."

So yes, both Niv-Mizzet and Ziggle are borderline crazy. But the fun kind of crazy.

3460450 keep Discord the FUCK away from Niv-Mizzet

Yeah... that would be bad for all parties. Good thing Discord is terrified of the Planeswalkers.

Oh yeah. He would probably get along with the Rakdos fairly well.

3460494 Discord is chaotic, not omnicidal

Yeah, but I can't imagine him getting along with any of the guilds, other than Izzet.

3460502 he'd probably get along with anything red

Rakdos maybe, Izzet probably, Gruul possibly, Boros not likely.

3460511 at the very least he'd like them, remember red is fueled by fiery, chaotic, emotion

Boros are way to organized to fall under the "chaotic" title. But yeah, Azorius would HATE discord with a passion.

3460522 true, Boros is organized but they have a noticable disdain for Azorius' ponderous bureaucracy. Discord might cut them some slack for that

3460528 no doubt. Azorius put the law above all else.


One thing of note: Color is more your alignment, rather than anything else. And as he had described them more as "Players," than "Walkers," i'd say their colors are more based around the decks they play. For example, our Ziggle friend probably would best be described as your local R/U aggro-control player, where as Donovan plays more like I do: pure colorless. Plus, we've yet to see a W/G walker yet, so I feel it's safe to say that our DM here will try to make these much more individuals, and more interesting.

Also, Liked and Faved, ready for more!

I Really am debating learning the art of Haiku just to post them in each chapter of this.....

Not sure how to feel about myrs right now, just got slaughtered by an Infinite mana myr combo deck.
Any other day I'd say they were cute.

Yeah, been there before. A friend of mine pulled off an infinite mana/damage combo. It was terrifying.

3466296 This one was fire ball and Mill stone.

I love using myrs, they're so fun to use.

Let's here it for thallids everybody! :trollestia:

I have a thallid/Selesnia synergy deck, and I usually end up with 20-30 saprolings.
Then I turn them all into 2/3's with Pendlehaven elder.

My fungus deck has gotten ~200 saprolings in a single turn with Mycoloth and a single paradox haze. Shit gets scary late game.

I unfortunately have not played mtg in a while, but I do remember having lots of fun with saprolings and Rith, the Awakener.

I know I could probably get more saprolings with a straight fungus deck, but the Selesnia aspect lets me use the saprolings as mana, and scion of the wild has strength and toughness equal to the number of creatures I control

So saprolings are just zerglings made of fungus?

It's a staple of the fungus strategy.

3547850 And here i thought that the fungus strategy was infect the enemy units via spores,and then use their own soldiers against them Zombie style (basically reenact the last of us)

You want a Zombie deck then. Fungus is all about growing and becoming stupidly large.

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