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Applebloom was looking forward to making her first potion when a day of reagent gathering turned into a timberwolf ambush. With the help of an enigmatic shard given by Zecora, she awakens a two hundred year old whatever-it-is creature dubbed John Doe

Despite being form locked in a bizzare form and now living in a time period not his own, John struggles to adjust to life in the present day while trying to restore his true form. At the same time, Applebloom's alchemy training and affinity for non-ponies may be the key to her destiny.

Finally added the changeling tag.


Chapter 1: 8542Madness

Chapter 2&3: sunnypack

First Published
6th Nov 2013
Last Modified
11th Mar 2015
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In case you didn't know your link shows up white so nobody can read it.

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Fixed. You should see the link now.

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This chapter is a pretty good continuation, if not for the few errors that I took note of it would be perfect and entrancing. I really do like how much description you put into everything and that makes me think that you've actually put time and love into this story. Although, the part where Apple Bloom knows that it was the pack that killed her parents pulled me out of the world just a bit. Because from what I understand, canonically at least, she was too young to have any memory of the event and I doubt anyone decided to take a picture while their parents were being eaten. Either way, I'm probably just trying to be nit-picky and you should ignore me.

I need more naow. In all reality there were a few parts that brought me out of this once again, such as this little piece.

To her unrelief, Zecora lay unconscious and the vulpine statue was nowhere to be seen, save for some rubble.

Applebloom shook her head and trotted closer to the creature. It resembled a bipedal hedgehog clad in foreign clothes and most of his head resembed hedgehog spikes that extended all the way to its legs.

Not trying to be a grammar Nazi but I don't think unrelief is an actual word, try using worry or some other synonym. And this part kind of confused me, I don't remember another creature being pointed out before and I would really appreciate if you could show it to me.

>>4672793 What's with the green text?


I used to share this with a friend and he would type in red and I would type in green to keep people from becoming confused. He's no longer on the internet as much as he once was so now it's just me on here, so I guess this is kind of to keep his memory alive for my old followers? Either that or habit I can't break.

>>4674250 Keeping an old memory alive? That's understandable.


Yeah, you can find a couple places where he was on some of my old stories (including the Halo crossover which was the last thing he worked on) and in the comment sections of a lot of the favourites on my profile, not to mention the My Little Pony: Off the Record series by KingOfHearts in which we actually commented on every single chapter, even the offshoots of it.


Uhh, did you happen to miss the entire thread behind that because I explained why I type in green.

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hay author how did you get your pony drawn like that?

>>5303229 I used MS Paint and drew my OC using someone else's art style.

what art style is that called?

>>5304555 I call it BBBFF style because it originates from the song's reprise.

:) well i guess u and me after were dead we will meet up in Equestria as HUMANS

see ya there!