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I started being a brony by the age of 18 (not now...)

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I love Ndemic's Plague Inc. :twilightblush:

I fucking love plague inc.

But this story could be better...
Oh well, still gonna read it.

Ok I have written a plague inc story before.

Ii deleted it since I lost half of the chapter due to a error in my computer.

I do enjoy plague inc and everything about it.(very hard with bio weapon with brutal difficulties)

It's good some errors with the writing style and grammar but it's readable and I enjoy it fav 4 me

Wait some one already died from the disease and the research is already begun?

With only 39 infected?

Dude the virus lost


It's a necroa virus 'pre-installed' with Cytopathic Reanimation. So... yeah, instant zombies. The dead is the one whom will be reanimated.

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