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An Iowa class battleship

Battleships may have once ruled the seas. But it is the legacy of those that still stand today to remind us of the days that their battles were won by the men that served on these ships.


What was to be an normal day in Ponyville turned into a hellish nightmare as undead beings attack the town, turning innocent Ponies into flesh eating monsters. With little choice, Twilight, and a little help from Discord we're forced to cleanse the town of the infected... But apart from the infected still surrounding them, they ended up accidentally summoning an AC-130!

A short story dedicated to Zombie Gunship

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 53 )

First story I've read based on a iPod game.
And it was great. :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:
It would have been nice if it was a little bit longer.
But it's your story, you decide what happens. :twilightsmile:

Just that one chapter huh? Fair enough. Wouldn't want this story to overstay it's welcome, or, even worse, damn itself to fall into the same cess pool as all those other similar fics.



Ah that beautiful flying battleship.

4181811 I beg to differ, the Avro-Lancaster is a truly beautiful machine
and the sound:rainbowdetermined2:
the AC-130 just looks like a flying sausage:trollestia:

4181946 Pfft, screw the Lancaster - the B17 is where it's at! (sorry, my Grandfather was a gunner on the B17-F series hehe)

Truth be told, I wouldn't mind seeing more of this :)

So, you are an Iowa class battleship? I wish I could serve on one.....

Pfft, I can't take it anymore, I'm going back to the mess hall.

Also, pretty good story. A few errors here and there, as well as a massive technical info dump, but otherwise interesting. Would like to see this story continued, and the characters built upon.

4181959 us brits have to defend our honour :twilightsmile:
we make the best looking and sounding bombers, not only the Lancaster but also these monsters:
globalaviationresource.com/reports/2012/airshows-avro-vulcan-xh558-update-with-dr-robert-pleming/images/3.jpg (the red jets are the red arrows, the British equivalent of the blue angels)
fun fact time: whenever the Rolls-Royce jet engines in Vulcan bombers are pushed past 92% power, they start screaming like a dinosaur (roar)

4182530 Hehe, true enough. Funny you mention "us brits" though - I'm half British myself (fathers side... though he's an alcoholic asshole that made mine, my mothers, and my little brothers lives a living hell until they finally got divorced) but meh lol, he taught me how not to raise my children :)

4182531 I hate alcoholics:twilightangry2:, though I don't mind the odd glass (or 3:twilightblush:) of cider every now and again (proper west country cider or Swedish pear cider) or Irish cream, in moderation obviously
where are you from exactly?

Creative but the least you could've done was send them home.

Make another chapter this.

I was off put when I saw hands instead of hooves, then realized it's anthro :P
Loved it very much: Creative, interesting. Bothered by the lack of detail for Equestria. Where are the ponyvillians, did they all die or are the zombies from the everfree like they were summoned from souls of the damned? This was amazing and I thoroughly believe it could do with some more chapters. You have my full support :pinkiehappy:
Also, .... wait... I forgot what I was saying...honestly, my memory is shit. Then again, it is 11pm... :pinkiesick:

Aww, noone used its magical calling name?

Puff the Magic Dragon?

Also, Lancs came with Grand Slams, or those upgraded with Griffon engines did, and one of those beasts could drop the whole of Ponyville into a holw in the ground, or blow Canterlot, inside its super shield, clean off the face of the mountain. From the back.

And as fo the Avro Vulcan and th 4000 mile range Blue Streak IRBM, and that XH607 did a bombing run into the face of Rapier antiaircraft defences on the longest run in history...

Oh, and dont foget the Norden Bomb sight. 95 % within 20 yards of the target, with a totally dumb bomb with a 50 yard destructive radius which is more destructive on a near miss.

I wish Peter Jackson remade Dambuster properly. All Three parts.

Operation Tiger? 617 were on their way to drop Earthquake Bombs, on Japan. I think we wouldve found out jjust how sensitive volcanoes are to cavitation events.

And yes, there is an MLP equivalent to the Dambusters raid possible. :moustache:

are you sure it is just an one shot?, the ending is way too open for a second chapter

Yeah way to(o?) open ended mang

Baptism by fire
Feel the wrath of Satan's relentless flames
Ungodly desires
When god is lost and on his planet hellfire reigns

War master makes his call
As death descending out of clear blue sky
A hailstorm of bombs fall
In the blazing pandemonium your holy powers will die
Death from above - The hellfire will soon be unleashed
Death rips the sky - Domination gives praise to the beast

Baptism by fire

Fatal omens in the sky
Our soldiers burn away your holy lies
Retaliation of the fallen from up high
In the firestorm you choke on your feeble cries

Baptism by fire
A divine punishment for those who go to war
Against those who defied the line
And scaled the christian fate forevermore

Death from above - Explosions is tearing your soul
Death rips the sky - The bombing is reaching its goal

Baptism by fire

Hear the bombs falling
The devil is calling
The godly creation
In obliteration
On your final hour
Experience the power
Of retaliation
Death and domination

I dominate
Your destined fate
All life will soon be gone
Still the flames linger on
See death's shadow in my eyes
High priest of his sacrifice
Through the inferno that burns in the night
Baptism by fire show you our might

Death from above - Death or glory there is no way back
Death rips the sky - Attack, attack, attack!

Baptism by fire

The first couple of paragraphs were needless fact dumping. We don't need to know how many feet long the airplane is.

Also, you could have added a lot more detail. And it sure doesn't feel complete.

Having said that, I always upvote AC-130 + ponies


Seriously, that made no sense.


It is by Pinkie Pie.

It doesnt Have to make sense. :pinkiecrazy:

4182726 Born and raised in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, in the US of A :) Odd cause I'm one part Redneck, one part Technogeek, and one part athlejock... just an all around strange kinda person I guess lol

4202166 I was born in London and lived in different parts of London for the first 11 years of my life (suburbs about 10-20 minutes away from the city center).
now I live up north in a county (you have states, we have county's, I know you have county's as well but here they are the equivalent of states) called north Lincolnshire in a town with the worlds only steelworks that makes 'earth-quake proof' steel (called 'biosteel' or something) so the air quality is worse than most citys
you think your weird? I listen to:
heavy metal
rock 'n' roll
the Beatles
Pink Floyd
I also absolutely love any thing to do with railway (railroads) and steam engines, and I love things like steam punk and I spent most of my life watching channels like animal planet and Discovery (yes we get those channels here, the commercials (we call them adverts) are every 15 minutes (as opposed to every 5 minutes in the usa when I visited texas), or in the case of the BBC: NEVER :trollestia:)

4202528 Very cool! If you're ever up to chat, lemme know - I use primarily Google Hangouts, but I've also got Trillian with MSN somewhere around here XD

4202565 I don't really use things like google hangouts and MSN but I don't have a problem with things like P.M. on this site

I'm confused are the equestrians human or pony?


That was awesome!!!
Please tell me you'll be making a second chapter

4627922 I don't think so, sorry
It clearly reads "Complete"
So no more chapters

When are the next chapters coming?

It was originally meant to be a one off... But I might work on it as soon as I finish Equestria's Warships

I just finished reading ANGEL OF DEATH, about a C-130, going through the Bermuda triangle, winding up in equestrian, for the changling invasion, kicking ass, and returning back through the triangle. I also read a story about a pair of APACHEs attending the wedding also, but then they flew away, end of story. it looks like finally, one of these intruders, is going to land, and introduce themselves.

I read both those stories too.
The Equestrian's will definitely be meeting their new friends once I spare the time to write the next chapter

the gunship continued it's reign of terror on the undead

Some of the most awesome words ever written.

but one thing was certain... The apocalypse has already begun

Note the difference. Humans fight back, ponies don't.

Twilight! Are you suggesting we should kill them!?

... You are literally too stupid to live. They aren't alive, hussy!

You know what we need? More chapters. After re-reading this, I declare it's too short! Bow before your king and keep writing! While kneeling, yes!
Though on the topic of the other stories, perhaps you're running too many at once? There haven't been any updates in a long time.

6353602 Yeah, reality caught up to me and I had to take some time off to get it all sorted. The first re-written chapter for Landfall is nearly done, I'm definitely coming back to this when I have the time.

Good sir could you be so kind as to give a link to that story about the apaches at the wedding?

*sigh* Trip down memory lane. So this gonna be marked completed? I can't help but to be intrigued even after all these years.

Is this dead, is it on adoption...if so I have a few ideas for the next few chapters. I could PM you the ideas...

Mmm, this sounds very good so far, looking forward to reading more from you.:rainbowkiss:

please make a second chapter this story is awesome

Please make more chapters this story is really good so far love the idea.

If you look at when the chapter was uploaded and now, I think that will be your answer

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