• Published 2nd Dec 2013
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A Happy Hearths Warming - Star Sentinel

Luna and Celestia celebrate Hearts Warming with their mom and dad.

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Chapter 1

It's a beautiful morning. The sun was shining and the beautiful city of Canterlot was waking up to a light blanket of snow covering the sidewalks and roads. In Canterlot Castle a little filly and her sister were just waking up.

"Luna!! Where's my mane brush?!" One of the sisters yelled as she threw the door to her sister's room open.

Luna looked up at Celestia. "I promise I didn't touch it this time Tia." She said as she tried to suppress a snicker.

Celestia turned and stomped out of the room. "Luna if you messed with my brush I swear." She murmurers as she leaves the room.

Luna waited until Celestia was gone before she fell on her back laughing. "Oh this is going to be fun, but maybe I should stop. It is Hearths Warming." She thinks about it for a little bit before hopping of her bed and walking over to her desk. Opening a drawer, she takes the brush in her magic and walked out of her room.

Luna pushes Celestia's door open a little to look inside. Celestia was laying on her bed. "Tia?" Luna said as she stepped into the room. Celestia looked up at Luna.


"I'm sorry I took your brush earlier. So I'm here to give it back." Luna said, levitating the brush over to Celestia. Celestia looked at the brush then to her sister.

"Luna, it's alright. As long as you give it back, I forgive you. Now come here." Celestia said as she used her magic to put the brush on her desk. Then she scooted over on her bed to make room for Luna.

"Really? You're not mad at me?

"Of course not Lulu." With that Luna jumped at Celestia and gave her a hug. Celestia hugged her back. "How about we get something to eat. It is Hearths Warming." Celestia said after a minute or two of hugging Luna.

Luna nodded her head and hopped off the bed. "That sounds good." And with that, they both walked out of the room and down to the dining room to get some breakfast.


When they got to the dining room they were greeted with a rather groggy King Terra, who had a cup of tea in his magic. He looked up to see Luna and Celestia and smiled. "Good morning girls." He said as he took a sip of tea.

"Morning dad." Celestia said as she trotted over to him. Luna was on her back as she walked over to their dad.


"Yes daddy?"

"Why are you on your sister's back?"

"No reason daddy." Luna said innocently as she hopped off Celestia's back and sat down on a chair.

"Yeah no reason." Celestia said as she sat down in the chair next to Luna

After a few minutes of eating Luna broke the silence. "Daddy, When is Mummy going to wake up?" She said as she took a bite of her toast.

"I don't know, but let's hope she wakes up before we eat some cookies." King Terra said as he levitated a plate of cookies to his two daughters.

"Cookie!!" Luna yelled as she used her magic to grab ten cookies and shoved them in her mouth.

"Luna! Save some for you mother and Tia." King Terra said as he used his magic to take the cookies out of her mouth. "On second thought, don't shove the cookies in your mouth."

Luna pouted as her dad took the cookies out of her mouth. She grabbed one cookie and shoved it in her mouth.

"Luna. Dad said to not shove the cookie in your mouth." Celestia said as she grabbed a cookie from the plate and took a bite.

"Bwut thw cwookie au yuammy?" Luna said with he mouth full.

"Luna don't talk with your mouth full."

Luna swallowed. "Sorry daddy." She said hanging her head slightly.

"It's okay. Now what did you say?" King Terra said as he took a cookie in his magic also.

"I said, 'But the cookies are yummy.' And they are." Luna said smiling as she grabbed another cookie and ate it.

Terra and Celestia laughed at Luna's silliness. That was when the door opened to reveal a sleepy Queen Aeterna, who yawned as she walked over to her two daughters and her husband. "Morning sweetheart, girls." She said as she kissed both her daughters on the forehead, making sure not to poke herself with their horns, and her husband on the cheek.

"Morning honey." Terra said as he kissed his wife back on the cheek.

Aeterna paused as she sniffed the air. "Are those cookies I smell?" She asked.

"Yes mommy." Luna said as she grabbed cookie in her magic and passed to her mom.

"Ooh. Thank you Little Moon." Aeterna said as she took the cookie in her magic and shoved it in her mouth.

Terra and Celestia looked at her. "What?" Aeterna asked as she swallowed the cookie. "Ooh. These cookies are good." She said with a smile.

"Honey. I was just telling Luna that she shouldn't shove the cookies in her mouth and you're not really showing her not to do that." Terra said, pleading a little for his wife to not shove the cookies in her mouth.

"But there yummy." Aeterna said as she took another cookie and shoved it in her mouth.

Celestia began laughing. "Mom, I think you're teaching Luna that's it's okay to shove cookies in her mouth." She said as she took a bite from her cookie.

"But cookies are yummy!" Luna said as she looked at her sister.

Terra and Aeterna laughed at the two sisters. "Can you two not argue about something for one minute?" Terra said playfully.

"Yes." They both said as they looked at their dad.

"Well looks like they can agree on something without fighting." Aeterna whispered to her husband as she shoved another cookie in her mouth.

"Alright, Lets go take this plate of cookies and go play a little in the snow." Terra said as he took the plate in his magic and walked out of the room.

"Cookie!" Luna yelled as she hopped off the chair and ran after her dad.

"Luna. Wait for us." Aeterna said as she and Celestia trotted after Luna and King Terra.


After they all got their coats and hats on, they all went out into the garden to play in the snow, with the plate of cookies. Luna and Aeterna had made a snowpony and a snow fort, while Celestia and Terra made their own snow fort opposite from Fort Moon.

"Alright Tia. We will conquer Fort Moon and beat your sister and mother. Ready?" Terra asked as he floated a snowball in his magic.

"Ready." Celestia said as she floated two snowballs in her magic.

"1...2...3...Now!" Terra said as he popped his head up only to be hit in the face with a snowball.

"Ahhahaha. Nice try sweetheart." Aeterna said as she threw another snowball at Fort Light. "Little Moon help me throw snowballs at Fort Light."

"Right." Luna popped her head up as she threw a snowball at Celestia.

"Ahh." Celestia yelled as she was hit in the face with a snowball. "You're gonna pay for that Luna." She said as she threw a snowball at Luna. "Dad help!"

"Right." Terra said as he cleared the snow from his face and threw a snowball at Aeterna.

Luna and Aeterna ducked under the snowballs. "Nice try Tia!" Luna said as she threw three snowballs and Celestia.

"Ahh." Celestia yelled as she ducked under the snowballs.

"Mom. Are you getting ready for the secret weapon?" Luna whispered to her mom as she hid behind the wall of snow.

"Ready. Just keep them distracted." Aeterna smiled as she lit up her horn.

Luna popped her head up and threw five snowballs at Fort Light. "Haha. Take that Tia."

Celestia cleared the snow on her face and looked at her dad. "Fire the catapults!" She shouted.

Terra nodded and threw a giant snowball at Fort Moon. Luna yelped as the giant snowball flew over her head.

"Are you ready mom?" She whispered.

"Ready." They both popped their heads up. "Dear, I have a surprise for you and Tia."

"And what would that be?" Terra asked as he stopped throwing snowballs.

"Why don't you and Tia look up?" Luna said with a grin.

Terra and Celestia looked at each other then looked up. Above their heads was a pile of snow being levitated in a magic grasp. "Uh oh." Celestia managed to get out before the snow fell on both of them.

Back at Fort Moon, Aeterna and Luna were laughing as they rolled in the snow. "That was fun mommy. Now where is the plate of cookies?" Luna said as she got up.

"I believe it's buried under the snow with your sister and father." Aeterna said as she sat up.

"Noo!!!!!" Luna yelled as she ran over to Fort Light and started clearing the snow. A minute or two of digging, Luna uncovered to heads of Celestia and Terra. "Where are the cookies?" She asked them as they used their magic to clear the snow.

"I have no idea what you are talking about Luna. And that was not funny. I have snow in places there shouldn't be snow." Terra said as he used his magic to get to snow off his coat and wings.

"Same here. Oh. Here's the plate of cookies." Celestia said as she levitated a plate out of the snow. "But it's all covered in snow."

"NO!!!!! Why!!!" Luna yelled as she cried over the plate of cookies.


It was getting late, so the family decided to go inside and sit down by the fire. After lighting the fireplace, and getting Luna another plate of cookies, they all sat down.

"This was a fun Hearths Warming." Luna said as she snuggled under her mother's wing.

"It was. It started out with Luna stealing my mane brush then giving it back." Celestia said as she snuggled against her dad.

"Wait. Luna did what?" Terra said as he looked at Luna. "Luna what did I tell you about taking your sister's stuff?"

"I gave it back. Also she forgives me." Luna pouted, hanging her head a little.

"Now, now Little Moon. Don't be sad. If Tia says she forgives you, then she forgives you. Now let's read a story then, get some much needed sleep." Aeterna said as she floated a book over so she can read it. Luna read the title and smiled.

"A Hearths Warming Carol." Aeterna read the title out loud.

A few hours or so later, Aeterna was done reading a couple Hearths Warming stories. Luna had fallen asleep under her wing and Celestia was yawning. "I think we should all get some sleep." She said getting up and lifting Luna up in her magic.

"Alright mom." Celestia said as she yawned. Before she left though, she grabbed a cookie and ate it. By now the plate of cookies were nearly gone.

"I'm going to take Luna to her room. Night sweetheart." Aeterna said as she kissed her husband before leaving the room. This left King Terra alone near the fire place. He smiled.

"This was a great Hearths Warming. Luna and Celestia have finally agreed on something and we all had fun in the snow. I can't wait till next year." King Terra said to himself before taking the plate of cookies and walking to his and Aeterna's bedroom.

The End

Author's Note:

This is actually the first story I posted. So...Feedback.

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Comments ( 30 )

That was a first?
It's good enough that it looks like you've been doing stories, for a long time!

3567032 Well...That might be because I RP. So I have to have good grammar and stuff like that. Also spell check is the best.

So there's a chance that if i'm terrible at roleplay, Im gonna be a not so great writer.

3567089 Well I don't know. Just try your best.

I can't if I keep forgetting the storyline.
I should've written it in paper first!:derpytongue2:

3567118 That's what my friends do. They write the story on paper then when they get home they type it up. I didn't really do that for this story. I just came up with it as I went.

Well you are very lucky not being forgetful.

3567150 Well I don't know about you but I prefer making up at the top of my head. Then you have so many possible situations and you can pick the one you like most. I'm sure you can do well if you try your hardest.

Also can't tell if your mad or joking.

I accidentally put an exclamation mark.

3567178 Ah. Right. Well good luck writing your story.

And yes. It does rhyme.
~Flies away~

Celestia was gone before he fell on her back laughing.


When they go to got the dining room they were greeted with a rather groggy King Terra(,) who had a cup of tea in his magic grasp.

as she took a bit of her toast.

is she eating that?? or is she taking A BIT away from a whole.
I see it happened 2 times. Celly does it too.

I was just say to telling Luna that

"NO!!!!! Why!!!"

:trollestia: that's how the cookie crumbles.

It was getting late(,) to so the family decided to go inside

she for gives you,

that extra space

A few hours of so later and Aeterna was done reading.

Your Transition here is lacking oomph.
Now a example.

A few hours of heartwarming storys, warm milk with marshmallows, and that fresh batch of sweet 'stuff your face' cookies.

Add a description of that transition. not bore us with ' Hours later'

--Commas missing every where--
-- You should sub some of the Lunas and Cellys with a Descriptive word or Phase now and then. If you have to many standard names it gradates on the nerves.--

It was a good little fic all in all. The Opener didn't hook tho.
everypony despises weather openings. When they don't hold a main point in the story.

You had a choppy interaction now and then, but it's not that bad to take away from the story.

I lov Luna


Keep up the good work.

those cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:raritycry::raritydespair:

you totally need lots of commas in your story for the pausing or it won't make sense.

"Can you two not argue about something for one minute." Terra said playfully.

I believe you need to change the . to a ? since it is a question.

But everything else is fine, I guess...
~ the quiet angel(known as flutter away) owo
ps: can i have cookies?

3568741 Thank you. (::)

3567635 Have an internet cookie (::)

So i enjoyed the story, but you do know it Hearths Warming not Hearts Warming right? That was bugging me but good story!

3569035 :twilightoops: It is? Oh Shoot! I need to fix that thanks. :twilightblush:

3570391 no problem keep up the good work!

That was adorable. :twilightsmile:

I enjoyed it! However, I think you overused phrases regarding shoving cookies in one's mouth - there's about ten of them. While it shows exactly what you meant, with some of our heroes becoming quite voracious over those cookies, you could have probably come with some other equivalents, like Luna devoured a pile of cookies, tiny cookies were disappearing in Luna's mouth one by one, or "(some dialogue)," Luna said incomprehensibly, her mouth stuffed with round treats. Just a tip that will help you make your writing more vivid and interesting.

Still, I think you did a good job, considering that it's your first fic, because despite some spelling and grammar errors I really felt the spirit of Hearth's Warming, with casual snowball fight, story time, and of course... cookies!

Very sweet and fun and an excellent first fic. I hope we'll see more from you.

3692887 Oh you will. I'm working on a story for my OC and his pet wolf cub.


3999502 Chocolate chip. The only kind.

That was adorable! It made me smile, that's worth a cookie.

It was simply divine:pinkiehappy:

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