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This story is a sequel to Friendship is Manly

Several months after the return and defeat of Discord, the Elements of Broship, plus their draconequus and minotaur bros, are called upon to help out at the Canterlot Wedding.

However, not everything is as it seems. With a looming invasion and a doomed defense thanks to an incompetent military leadership, will the Elements of Broship be able to save the day?

Rewrite and revival coming soon.

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Words cannot describe how much I've been waiting for this!!!:pinkiehappy:


The bros return in another brotastic installment!

Question, how much is it to preorder the next chapter?:trollestia:

so much yes.

adding to read later because of lack of chapters or completeness.

I forgot how funny these were!

Oh yeah, this is gonna be good.

4219170 YES I AGREE ITS FINALLY HERE :rainbowkiss::yay::moustache:

This can only end in the best ways possible.

now continuing the adventures of the bros and dealing with the princesses un-natty Bullshit

Comment posted by vortex123 deleted Apr 12th, 2014

The bros are back!

Yes, all of my yes :moustache:

The avatars of natty rise again. This will be legendary!:rainbowdetermined2:

This should be great! :pinkiehappy:

well the Bros do raise a good point


4220978 They've been enlightened by their own nattyness.

:twilightangry2: You made my brain fall apart, THANK YOU!

Chryssy is fucked.


MnM #28 · Apr 12th, 2014 · · ·

4221240 Gangbang spin-off? Gangbang spin-off.

I was excited to see this pop up, but uh, it's very short! :twilightoops:

I smell a natty Chrysalis in our future.

And it will be wonderful.

This is great. The joke should have run dry by this point, and yet still I chuckle.

Though I still want to punch these bros in the ding-ding, arrogant douches. But I think Shining Armor should have that right first, seeing as how these brotards "stole" his baby sister and are probably going to make very disparaging remarks to his wife...

You destroyed my favorite character. (Escaping
Oh,my eyes...

Remind me again of what happened to Big Mac and Bulk Biceps. I mean, you already disposed of Spike, but what about those two?

Dear lawd how could I have forgotten this masterpiece

You twisted son of a clusterf:yay:k, you. How sweet, another chapter.

Help me i cant stop laughing! THERE's CIDER EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!
~ Eric

I forgot about these guys. Wait... :rainbowhuh:

4220999 well it's true. why is a wedding more important than defending at a time of crisis?

Comment posted by NocturneD85 deleted Apr 12th, 2014



4222187 Bulk Biceps ain't natty. Shrunken wings, clear roid rage, there is no way that guy isn't on steroids.

Big Mac isn't the most social pony, as seen in the show and the comics. I doubt he'd hang out with the Bro Six.


4221962 As I promised like five months ago, shit's gonna happen.

This series is so natty, I can't handle it well at all.

WAIT, ARE YOU FOR REAL BRO? YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH COM AT ME BRO! YOU MAD BRO? (this was my chance to make every bro pun i could think of) :facehoof:::ajbemused:

Brahdudebro, they're so fuckin natty I can't even comprehend this story, bro.


4229102 Need to lift more, bro. Need those natty gains.

And then human-changeling sex happened.


Not as funny as the last one. I guess the other one was just so unexpected that it hit me in a way I couldn't have forseen.

Although... this IS only chapter one...

Good things come to those who wait, eh?

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