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I am a fan of crossovers, so I'm mainly going to write about theses two things combined. Most of my stories probably won't connect with one another but if they do I'll say that they are.


In Kamen rider ooo x Kamen rider Fourze movie war megamax, instead of getting turned into medals and switches, the legendary seven kamen riders are transported to Equestria. Now not only do they have to find a way back home but they must also defeat the forces of Foundation X that is also there in this world.

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First, you need to work on your spelling and capitalization.

Second, you seem to have gotten the movie's title mixed up. The team-up between OOO and Fourze was called Movie War Megamax, not Ultimatum. That was the one with Fourze and Wizard. Just saying.

I have to agree sadly, but this chapter is the beginning of something awesome!!!:rainbowdetermined2: Please continue and hope to help if you need any. :pinkiehappy:

3440875 Why don't you work on any of the crossovers that you still have on your Fanfiction.net account? I was enjoying some of those stories, specifically Harry Potter and the Legacy of the Kamen Riders, Legend of the Mystic Gosei Tamer, and Warrior of the Blood Red Moon, but you just abandoned them. You didn't even say anything in the descriptions about them being dead and up for adoption, which makes me wonder if you simply might have forgotten about them.

It's kind of a hard thing to explain, but you could say that I had lost interesting writing on fanfiction.net mainly because i wanted feedback on what people actually thought of my stories and what they believed I could do to make them better. In addition, because of my mild aspersions I needed people to help me keep focused on my stories and give me other ideas that I could use or modify. I would love to go back to those stories one day; I just need to get my interest back up.

Actually that is is why I love FIMfiction; unlike Fanfiction.net, I can actually interact with the reviewers and other authors pretty quickly without having to go back and forth to my email account when I want to focus on reading, reviewing, and writing. And I can actually see if someone who has read my story actually like it without them reviewing through the little approval system this site has going.

Rider Punch!
Rider Kick!
Kamen Rider is awesome.

Wonder if this fic will continue?

And is there anything in store for Spike too?

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