• Published 3rd Nov 2013
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Your Last Night Alone Octavia - MusicalMelody

This story is about Octavia's fight with depression and how she thinks physical abuse and alcohol can help her...until Vinyl comes and rescues her. This is my first story, and it's incomplete, please tell me what you think and correct my

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Octavia's Explaination

Warm sunlight shone through the curtains and landed on Octavia's face. She opened her eyes and was a little surprised at what she saw. Vinyl still had her against her chest, the unicorns head was resting on her own. Octavia smiled and wrapped her arms her sleeping partner. "Good morning Vinyl." Octavia giggled and nuzzled against the pony's chest.

"Well Good Morning, somepony is happy." Vinyl's voice was soft.

Octavia sat up and got out of bed. "How about I go and make us some breakfast?" A radiant smile came across Octavia's face as she saw the unicorn's ears perk up at the sound of food.

"That sounds amazing Octy, do you need any help?" Vinyl stretched and sat up. Her cobalt blue and cyan mane was messy and sticking up everywhere.

"I can manage it. I'll come and get you when It's ready, just rest." Octavia went and kissed the unicorns head and walked to the kitchen. She grabbed a frying pan and a baking tray from the cabinet and set it on the stove. She went and grabbed apples, eggs, and cinnamon rolls from the refrigerator. She scrambled the eggs and added apple pieces while the cinnamon rolls baked in the oven. The warm scent of the baking cinnamon filled the kitchen as Octavia finished the eggs and apples. Once they were served on the plates at the table, Octavia went and got the cinnamon rolls from the oven and placed two on each plate. She drizzled the icing over them as they cooled, and grabbed glasses from the cabinet. She filled them with orange juice and smiled at her hard work. "Time to go and wake sleeping beauty." She chuckled as she returned to the bedroom.

"Hey Vinyl, breakfast is ready!" She walked into the bedroom to see the white unicorn asleep again. She walked to her side of the bed and kissed her forehead. "Hey, your breakfast is going to get cold." Vinyl stirred and smiled.

"Alright, c'mon let's go eat." The unicorn stood and walked with Octavia to the kitchen. "Wow, you made this yourself?" Vinyl stared in amazement at the food before her.

"Y-yeah. My mom taught me how to cook when I was a filly. I hope you like it." Octavia's cheeks were flushed a light red. They sat across from each other at the table. Vinyl took a bite of the food in front of her.

"Octy this is amazing!" Vinyl stuffed her face and finished her food quickly, then she gulped down her orange juice. Octavia chuckled lightly as she looked at Vinyl. "Wh-what? Do I have something on my face?" Octavia nodded and handed Vinyl a napkin. She quickly wiped her face and looked away. They finished breakfast without saying another word.

"I'll get the dishes Octy." Vinyl used her magic to lift the dishes and place them in the sink.

"So now that breakfast is over, I think we need to talk." Octavia's face grew serious as they walked to the living room. The blood stains were still on the carpet from last night. As they passed over them, Octavia shuddered. "I've been in a very dark place for about a year now. Vinyl, I wish I could tell you what started it but I honestly cannot remember. Some days are worse than others. It's like I'm fighting myself and I am losing. When I lie down at night after drinking my vodka, I see you, and I run to you but no matter how fast I run, you're always ahead of me. I can't catch up to you. I scream your name but you just turn around and ignore me. It hurts. That's when I start screaming. Some nights, I wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and crying. I have to drink a few more shots until I'm drunk enough to pass out. There is something really wrong with me, I can't escape whatever has this hold on me." Octavia lowered her head onto her hoofs in defeat.

"Octavia, you aren't alone in that darkness anymore. I don't know why you're dreaming of such a hell but that's not going to happen. You mean the world to me honey. I've been shy about telling you because I can't handle rejection. I don't want you to sit there and try to fight this by yourself anymore. I'm right beside you. From now until forever, if you ever think you are falling into that darkness again, I want you to come and tell me. I'm not going to let you drown in this. You're stronger than what you think you are. You don't need vodka anymore, you don't need to cut your wrists anymore. If you feel like you want to cut yourself then you're going to take my arm, look me in the eyes and cut as many times as you would yourself." Octavia's eyes were wide as she heard Vinyl's words.

"I couldn't hurt you like that!" Tears formed in Octavia's eyes. She stared at Vinyl, her body shaking as she finally understood everything that Vinyl was trying to tell her. She stared at Vinyl, her eyes were wide with shock.

"Do you understand Octy? Every time you cut yourself, you're cutting me. I don't want you to be in pain anymore. Please, let me help you. I want you to smile every single day. I don't want to see you're beautiful purple eyes cry anymore tears. Let me help you. Please?" Vinyl wrapped her arms around Octavia, pulling her close against her chest. Octavia laid her head on her shoulder and wrapped her arms around Vinyl.

"Thank you, for everything that you have done for me. I'm gonna get better, I promise. I wrote a song that I wanted to play for you but when I performed it on stage, you weren't there. Where were you?" Octavia's voice was on the verge of breaking. Vinyl took a deep breath and pulled back from Octavia to be able to look the earth pony in the face.

"I wasn't there because I didn't think I would be able to take hearing your beautiful voice and cello." Vinyl's face turned red as she looked into Octavia's shining purple eyes.

"My music isn't that good, I just play from the heart. You inspired that song. You have been my inspiration for a lot of my music. I know that you may think I am weird in saying this but it is true." Octavia's cheeks flushed as she told Vinyl the truth she had been holding in too long. They stood there holding each other for a while, soaking in each other's presence. "May I play for you?" Octavia looked up to her, her eyes pleading.

"I would be honored." Vinyl smiled and sat on the couch as Octavia grabbed her cello, bow, and sheet music. After making sure that everything was set and ready for her to play, she took a deep breath and began. As she drew her bow skillfully and gracefully, she began to sing. Her voice was beautiful, soft, and full of emotion. Vinyl closed her eyes and let Octavia's words flow through her heart and touch her soul. A symphony of notes danced from her cello, engulfing the room in a sweet melody. As her song came to a close, tears feel from Vinyl's eyes.

"Vinyl?" Octavia put her bow on the music stand and walked to the silent unicorn. "D-did you like it?" She reached a hoof towards her.

"Octavia, I am at a loss for words. I have never heard something so beautiful and heart warming before. Thank you for sharing this with me." She hugged Octavia close to her, burying her head in the earth pony's shoulder.

"Oh, my. I didn't think I did that good." Her cheeks flushed. She wrapped her arms around Vinyl and they stood there, embracing each other until Vinyl spoke.

"Can we go and lie down? It's already almost time for Princess Luna to raise the moon." She smiled softly.

"Of course, today has been a rough day. Thank you for everything Vinyl, I mean it." Octavia grabbed Vinyl's hoof and led her to the bedroom. Octavia turned off the light and curled into the bed beside Vinyl, cuddling up to the mare who had stolen her heart.

Author's Note:

Guys, I'm sorry about this sucky chapter. I need a proof reader. If you wanna help, you can either message me or e-mail me, thank you for your help. Correct my grammar and pony language if needed. I'm trying to balance a story and preparations for college and the military. Thank you.

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Beautiful. This all makes me want to cry, but in a good way. Yeah there were some grammer errors that I noticed, but overall well done. Keep it up.

Sorry, I would love to help but I'm probably just as busy as you are. Anyway, I loved it! Favorite line was when Vinyl said "If you feel like you want to cut yourself then you're going to take my arm, look me in the eyes and cut as many times as you would yourself." KEEP 'EM COMIN'!!! :pinkiehappy:

3441689 Thank you so much!!(: :heart: I'll slow it down in the next few chapters. And I'm afraid that I don't know what 'metonymy' is :fluttershysad:

Most people are familiar with the concept but nobody knows the term :rainbowwild: It is a literary device that refers to someone or something by an object or characteristic closely associated with them i.e. say "the crown" when referring to a king/royalty; or like 'Octavia watched silently, achingly, as that soft mess of luminescent blue hair walked out the door', obviously referring to Vinyl.

its a very good story, just perfect

i personaly think that even though you have spelling errors, as long as the message is there its a good romance. i felt that the message was very clear and i realy liked the sad nature, its a harsh reality, but it happens to some of us. i was very touched by it, and that takes quite a lot:heart:

Wonderful work, you are doing well in putting the emotion into the words of your story.

i shall proof read, if you would have me
(that sounds like a proposal)
quiet lyra, anyhowdle, i realy enjoy the story, how you take the characters of vinyl and octavia into a deep, philosophical pony, and a broken warrior, losing more than winning against a foe in the darkness of her heart... maybe my parents were right and i should persue philosophy... any ways, i would be overjoyed to be your proof reader

Oh dear, thank you :twilightblush: I really need to write chapter 3...

You don't need a proof reader, you write masterpieces every time! You are doing great, don't treat yourself like you're not, I've been there. As a matter of fact, I was there over the weekend, but I realized what is true and was able to be Derpy again... Derp:derpytongue2:

Sorry for asking so much but are you gonna make a animation about octavia's lullaby?

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