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In a world where the immortal ruler of All Ponykind is a kind-hearted old lady, Twilight Sparkle has to hide her amorality to climb to the top. Can she manage the asymmetry of information to send costly signals that demonstrate her fitness as a friend to assemble enough allies? Can her abstract, robotic outlook on life make her better at interaction with others, or will her cynicism poison all of her relationships?

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Stupid feed not showing the new story. I got here be sheer coincidence. Anyway, at first I wasn't quite sure Twilight was actually describing cynicism, but the part after they talked down Nightmare Moon fits the bill perfectly.

Switching this story to complete. I had originally thought about doing an entire reinterpretation of the first two episodes, and then maybe moving on to later ones / other stories, but it just didn't seem good enough, and I would rather have a thousand word comedy story than a ten thousand word comedy story, if the latter doesn't have ten times the jokes.

Rarity is fun to write, though, and I might someday write the Steven Magnet Incident, but as I'm envisioning it it'll be more an essay on signalling than a story, which suggests I probably ought not to write it.

But cleversuggestion, this is marvelous.

Not as tasty as http://www.fimfiction.net/story/54117/whom-the-princesses-would-destroy , but close :D

- a person who lives in a rationalist house

3770025 Thanks for the kind words! :D

This is simply brilliant! :yay:
Now I wonder where additional reading on theme could be found.

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