• Published 3rd Nov 2013
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Midnight Melody - Caffeine Junkie

Octavia’s life is bound to change when suddenly strange events occur around her. Chosen by Pandora’s box she soon finds herself dealing with something she had never expected…

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-(3)- The scratched Melody

Did you ever have to realise that your grip on reality had loosened and you started to live in a world of fairy tales? No? Be happy! I realised far too late what was happening to me.

All my free time I spent at Victor’s mansion. Was I that fascinated by him? Was it still curiosity or was it something more? If you think it might have been love…you are wrong. This colt would never love someone other than his daughter or his wife, Pandora. I could also never love him as an equal. He may have taken the place of a brother, a guide or even a father for me but certainly not the place of a lover.

He told me about stories you couldn’t imagine. About a faceless pony that strolled through the woods looking for something. Stories about vampires: Yes according to him they truly existed in ancient times. He even told me that he was featured in some books as THE pony who killed the vampireking. I giggled when he said they got his first name wrong on purpose. His was apparently not sounding traditional enough and so they called him Abraham.

I told him that I would fetch him one of those vampire books with him as the main actor but he refused my offer. He simply replied that he already knew three different versions of the story and none of them mentioned why the vampire came to be. They were always portrayed as vicious monsters and their true intentions were never explained. According to Victor the first vampire wished to resurrect the one she loved. She had to give up on her own life to accomplish her goal but her lover came back as a cursed being. He was neither alive nor dead and...he was all alone. Grief consumed the poor colt and after realising he couldn't bring back his wife he went mad. He tried to destroy the box that was responsible for this tragedy but Victor had to put a stop to him and his minions.

All this brings us back to the strange box. I noticed Victor slowly started to relaxed near me and stopped always watching the box from the corners of his eyes. I guess I could even have made a wish without him noticing it back then but why would I do that…I was happy with my life …or so I thought.

Another funny fact about the box was that if I had tried to destroy the box he would have to try and end me. According to him he has a link with the box which acts like a sixth sense that forces him to stop every danger to immediatly or pre-emptive. He had no choice about that, not back then with the vampires and not now. It really scared me to find out that this colt is the toy of well…a thing that seems like a toy? I’m not sure how to explain it…for me it is just really really weird.

He also told me that he used to sing back in the day. When I asked how he sounds I told him that I expected something heavenly they way it is described in a fairy tale. He chuckled and replied that it was more of a song from the depths of hell. At first I didn’t get that he was making a joke about his name…I must have looked really scared taking him all serious and stuff.

Well, enough about me and Victor. Do you want to know what happened to the mare called Octavia outside her life in her little dreamworld? Well, reality took its toll. My thoughts did always wander, I missed up a lot in my performances and my ensemble…well they kicked me out. Me! Just imagine that!

It was the first time in my life I had to deal with being completely worthless. Whatever happened to me before wasn’t that bad because I could at least rely on my natural talent for music. Now even that wouldn’t help me.

Naturally things look grim from time to time I told myself and at some point everything would turn for the better I thought. I was wrong...again. Two days after I lost my job I received a letter from my mother. It was the worst possible message I could have received. I was invited to a burial…the burial of my grandmother.

I was devastated when I read the note. She died two weeks ago and nopony told me. It was so obvious. Mother never cared about Grandmother, they hated each other. She never felt the need to tell me about her death but to keep the appaerance of a happy family we all had to come mourning and look our part. Oh how I hate that part about my mother.

Grandmother was a mare like no other. She was hard working, had a direct personality and never cared about what others thought about her. No wonder mother, who was just the opposite, could never get along with her. How great…now the only family member of mine who I really loved was gone.

Then a shocking thought crossed my mind. Grandmother used to pay my rent. She always used to help me stand on my own hooves. My parents would never pay for my living expenses. For them I was a disappointment. Neither did I become famous nor truly a part of high society so they did not profit from me at all. The only thing they care about is their reputation. After the birth of their second daughter, my sister, I just turned out to be even more of an unwanted third wheel.

She wasn’t very old back then, just a toddler, but she already had to go through a lot of courses teaching her to fit into nobility. She also has to learn the harp and the piano…they expected great from her. She wouldn't let them down because she turned out exactly the snob they wanted her to become but that does not matter back then.

The problem was my living expenses were too high and everything grandmother left would belong to mother and father. It was an awful situation. I couldn’t live on like before and I couldn’t go back to them…really that was impossible…my sanity was at stake.

So there I was sitting in my dark room and watching the walls. I couldn’t ask any friends, it would have been embarrassing for them to know. Well to be honest my so called "friends" back then were all just a bunch of snobby mares and colts who were…well snobs. Vinyl used to call them “oily slug ponies” or something like that. She was right I guess…*giggle*

My family was out of question, it would be horrible no matter how it turned out. Victor…well...how do I put it...
Victor scared me a little. I think he is fascinating but he is also very scary. If this colt watches you he seems to directly look into your soul…oh and he does in fact read minds on a regular basis...so he was out of the question as well. I did not want him to know all of my thoughts especially not those I have before I go to bed…yes at least some privacy would be nice.

I just sat on my plot and thought and thought until I heard some drunks outside singing something they must have heard obviously in one of Canterlots cheap bars . I took a breath and ordered my thoughts. When was the last time I got completely wasted and didn’t have to think about my problems? Right... probably never. I told myself that if those low class ponies could enjoy their life without worries I deserved to do that too. I'd just hav to force mysel to have fun…even if it kills me. Yes...I was really desperate back then...do not remind me of that...it makes me blush even today when I think about that now.

So I went down the dark roads of Canterlot avoiding my usual spots and tried to go where the second and third rate ponies used to have fun. Yes, a high class mare like me really checked out the cheapest nightclubs…and I didn’t even think about my reputation…well after a few appletinis I didn’t care about it that is.

So there I was, sweaty, drunk and looking like a mess. It was great. I did not remember anything until I woke up. I regained my senses in a narrow room with a lot of equipment lying around the floor. The equipment seemed to be for some kind of electronic music or something. I did not know. That kind of music never had been a concern of mine. There were a lot of posters on the wall. Some of them showed a white unicorn mare with big purple glasses and others a colt dressed in black with a white tie and dark glasses.

I felt kind of dizzy. Slightly irritated by some pressure on my ribs and the strange heaving I felt on my chest I looked down at my body. There was the same mare sleeping on top of me that grinned from the posters. That could not have happened… except it did. I had a fling with a DJ? Me?

I abruptly tried to sit up and…well someone had to take the fall…so this overly relaxed DJ fell of the bed. Both of us let out a shout, me because of my slow reaction and she…because of the huge bruise on her head.

“Hey, beautiful finally up? Try to have some fun in the morning as well?” she said with a smirk.
I knew it, it really must have happened, great Octavia, you just did great.

“I didn’t get your name last night. You were too busy screaming how good I am.” she tried again after she realised I was frozen solid.

Then the door was opened with a loud bang.
“Vinyl! Again? In my room? With another groupie? Why do I always have to…argghhh you make me sick you stupid DJ wannabee!”

“Wannabee? You know that I am the one and only true DJ of this city?”

“Of this city? You wish! Maybe of this bedroom! It seems that half of Canterlot sleeps in this bed but not its rightful owner.”

“Well you said I could sleep here any time I want!”

“I was just referring to the time were you still have to look for a room you loon! …and by the way I meant with me!”

“You know I like girls!”

“To the point that they can’t walk afterwards…yeah I know”

They went on verbally like that for five more minutes and I was just sitting there in, what I later heard Neon Lights bed. I really messed up big times but a strange idea started to form in my head. It may have been thanks to my hangover but this mare maybe she could be of some help to me.

“Vinyl...was it? Do you mind if I offer you a deal?”

“You want to do it again? Woohoo, you truly are one awesome mare!”

“That was not…I...you need a place to live right?” I said, starting to get really annoyed.

Neon rolled his eyes saying something like "mares" and wandered off. Maybe he thought I wanted to have some more fun with the girl called Vinyl and rather passed on our dirty talk. Right after he left the door Vinyl rolled around laughing on the floor and said “His face, his face, have you seen his face…”

She took around five minutes rolling around the floor laughing like a manic until she found the composure to tell me what "really" happened the night before. We never had something with each other. She only acted like that to make fun of the colt who just left the room. She also said that I acted like a party animal the previous night. I took the stage for myself and she took a liking to me. I must have had a lot of “cool flashy moves” and I even performed with an e-guitar which I used like a cello. It had been "so awesome" I was told. Furthermore was I the only mare besides her who she knew who had such flashy manecolors.

Wait, did she say flashy…mane…colors? I rushed to the mirror and well, I think I had the biggest shock in my entire existence. My mane was colored black and red. I looked just like a jester and well…whatever it was that could describe vinyl. At that moment I truly hoped that no one had recognised who this crazy party mare really was.

The DJ…surprised by my rather stiff reaction at the mirror started to joke around how I was in the newspaper as Canterlots newest celebrity and that my parents already declared I was disinherited. She made me smile even though my situation seemed worse than it ever was. She then proceed to talk.

“To introduce myself again my name is Vinyl Scratch, one of the most famous DJs in all of Equestria.” she said and bowed down extravagantly. I chuckled and told her my name.

I then asked her again if she wanted to move in with me. She seemed to beam when I asked her that. She may have thought that I would let her stay for free because her smile looked so forced after I told her that I have not enough money to live by myself anymore.

She seemed to think it through and after a while she said that she understood my financial situation and that paying half of the rent would not be that much of a problem for her.

With a big grin on her face she said that the true problem would be to live together with a DJ and not losing my sanity. Maybe you guessed it already but she was right…it would prove difficult to live together with her.

“By the way Vinyl”, I asked “Do you really like mares or was that just to get rid of Neon?” I asked curiously.

“So what would you do if it was true?” she asked sheepish.

I shrugged my shoulders. It didn’t matter anyway…I did need someone to help me pay the rent. She may not be perfect but I had to take the bet…

“Oh and Tavi, do you have two bedrooms or do we share a bed?”

Maybe it was a bad idea after all…