• Published 3rd Nov 2013
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Midnight Melody - Caffeine Junkie

Octavia’s life is bound to change when suddenly strange events occur around her. Chosen by Pandora’s box she soon finds herself dealing with something she had never expected…

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-(11)- Sisterhip

Have you ever had the chance to experience the presence of a great being?
No, I do not talk about athletes, the elements of harmony, the royal sisters and such ponies.
I am talking about somepony who could change the flow of the world just by existing…
Vinyl seemed to be a pony just like that…

After we made up after our little quarrel in the morning we had to hurry a little to get at my parent's place in time. The place was approximatley fourty minutes away on hoof...so it wasn't that big of a deal...we even arrived ten minutes before the designated time.

My parents were already waiting at the front gates of their mansion and gave me their usual “you are late” stare even though I was perfectly in time. My little sister on the other hoof was nowhere to be seen. She probably waited inside doing something…gracious. Oh by the way…that was sarcasm.

“Oh darling, finally! I already feared you had forgotten…” she started in her usual manner while her eyes wandered down Vinyl. She probably couldn’t figure out who this beautiful mare was.

“Octavia…why didn’t you say that you would bring a guest? I could have prepared something…”

Vinyl managed such a girly smile that even I was impressed. The whole situation felt so unreal and if that wasn’t enough she started to speak in a fine Canterlot tongue.

“Oh you shouldn’t blame Octavia, we just happened to meet when she was on her way here.
I haven’t seen her in years so I thought I may use my time to catch up on what I missed.
Of course it wasn’t my intention to disturb the peace and if you rather want me to leave I would oblige.”

She even sounded just like an aristocrat…her…the stupid DJ.

“Oh Octavia never mentioned that she knew a mare as posh as you…” my mother said.

“Oh please…you make me blush.” Vinyl answered.

“Well what do you do for a living?”

At that moment I wished with all my being that Vinly did not say that she makes music. My mother may be a snob but she was not stupid. If she put two and two together she would know that Vinyl was the one who moved in with me…

“Oh, I am an artist. I used to act when I was younger but I wasn’t very successful. Then I focused my creativity into writing and well…I have to say everything worked out great. I would even be famous if I hadn’t decided to write under a pseudonym.”

“That sounds…impressive my dear…” said my mother.

“Oh I guess it sounds that way…” and she let out a girly laugh.

“Well there is no need for you to be impressed…I mean you played the main actress in some of the greatest plays of Equestria. I read a lot of critics and they all mentioned you as the best Juliette and Isolde.” Vinly added.

“Oh my…you seem to know a lot about art…”

I was baffled. How did she know all that. Why was she able to pull such a thing off?
Wasn’t she Vinyl Scratch a DJ without manners? I started to think I’d lose my sanity…

They chatted a little while longer and it seemed as if my mother took a liking to Vinyl.
After a while my father started to cough and reminded mother of the time.
She then apologised to Vinyl for leaving so sudden and that she wanted to continue their talk some other time.
Vinyl acted as if there was nothing she would like to do more and when they finally left for good she let out a sigh.

“I think I have to puke. That was probably the most snobbish pony in all of Equestria…”

“Yes…and you seemed like you were here biggest fan.”

“Don’t get me even started Tavi, that mare is such a hypocritical…” and she paused, probably thinking I would be hurt by her words.

“Oh…I do not mind if you tell me what you think about her…I couldn’t care less.”

“Well…how do I say it…
Do you know that there are two types of liars?
One who lies for a benefit and one who lies just for the sake of lying?”

I giggled when she said that. She probably still did not get my situation.

“Oh you don't get it Vinyl. Do you want to know what I learned in this household?”


“Rule number one: Perception is reality.
Rule number two: if you have to lie to get something you want just do it.
Rule number three: if someone sees through your construct of lies try to explain why you lied with more lies.”

“Tavi?” Vinyl asked with a feint voice.


“Your family is sick…”

“Oh I know…” and I let out another giggle.

“So…your sister…” she said confused.

“She is already like my mother…”

“Oh…so I have to…”

“Yes pretty much…” and I giggled again.

“All day long?”

“Yes but you seemed to know what to do with my mom…”

“But…acting like that makes me sick…”

“You wanted to tag along…” I said with an impish grin.

“You knew what would happen…”

“Pretty much…”

“Why didn’t you warn me?” she asked jokingly.

“Oh I guess there are things one has to experience oneself…”

“Well maybe…I’ll end up just like you after this day…”

“What do you mean?”

“Maybe I become an alcoholic as well…”

“I am not an alco…” I started indignantly.

“Yeah….right…” she said and rolled her eyes.

“Buck you Vinyl!” I said already annoyed.

“My little drunkard, my little drunkard….” she started to sing


“Oh you are so cute when you are angry….or drunk…or lying on top of me”

“Vinyl…we shall never speak about any of that again…”

“B-b-but I’m afraid. If you are completley smashed chances are good that you could get in an terrible accident …” she said playing all innocent and worried.


“And here I try to be a good mother for you…” she went on.

“You know that you torture my head?” I asked with a faint voice.

“As much as you torture my heart…”

“That again? Come on that joke is not funny anymore…”



“You are a blockhead…”

“I hate you!”

“I know and yet you still can’t let me go.
This kind of love...I like it!”

There was no use in talking to Vinyl when she was like that, so I juzst rolled my eyes.
We then proceeded to walk through the garden inbetween the gateway and the mansion.
We entered the mansion and Vinyl...well she didn't seem very impressed by the interieur.

After we wandered through a few empty rooms we finally encountered my little sister in a living room.

Cesura, already waited for me.

Filly sitting is not an easy task you see…and I’d rather not take responsibility for another equine being but I guess sometimes we have to face our personal horrors and emerge victorious from a battle that seemed lost from the very beginning.

She looked in wonder when she realised that it wasn’t only me who came in but Vinyl as well.

“Oh so mother managed to find me another teacher as well…”

“No my dear, this is an old friend of mine…” I said.

“So how should I call her?”

“Vestige Record” she said with her unusual girly voice again.

The jaw of my sister dropped and Vinyls eyes flashed in horror for a moment.
Something just happened and I was the one who did not get it.

“You are Vestige Record? The child prodigy?”


I just listened to them. I did not have the slightest clue what was going on but Vinyl seemed to have taken the identity theft too far and had to deal with the concequences.

“I heard you must have been a genius in your youth but in the end you couldn’t stand the pressure.”

“Yes…seems like it…” she said in a flat voice.

Was that true? Why didn't she tell me? Oh great...if it was true than I really brought her into an awfull situation. Great Job Octavia, great Job...

“I wonder where you hid all these years. There was not a single sign of life until now…”

“Well I…”

“How fitting…the useless prodigy and my useless sister are friends…” Cesura said mumbling to herself.

“How dare you talk like that about your sister you ungrateful brat?” Vinyl suddenly bursted out.

Now she did it. She made my sister angry. That was very, very bad. When my sister was angry she became far crueller then any pony could suspect. She simply pierces your heart where it hurts the most. It was a feeling you can't shake off that fast.

“Well she is in fact useless on several levels:
She failed her career.
She failed in love.
She failed her life.
She never reached the top in the music business no matter how hard she tried.

Then there is also the obvious fact that she is just an earth pony.
That alone would make her worthless.
To keep it short she was a disappointment for our family.”

“You worthless brat, how dare you talk about Tavi like that.
Somepony should have paddled your flank years ago.“

“Well of course you try to defend her. Losers stick together.
Well, I am not mean so I even let you in in a little secret.
Winners never quit and Quitters never win.
Your existence is worthless as well.
You had it all but you decided to give it up.
That makes you a loser!”

Suddenly there was a sound. It was as if the air itself was cut.
My hoof felt very hot and the face of my sister looked a little bit to the right.
My hoof was still there in her face. I really did. I never cared about what she said when it was directed at me but...when she started to verbally attack Vinyl I snapped. Oh this was be bad…very very bad

“How dare you hit my face! You worthless earth pony!
Your whole existence was a mistake and you still prove it on this day and…”

The same noise…once again…but this time it wasn’t my hoof.

“Now that you already did it…I thought it wouldn't make it any worse if I do it as well…”

“Both of you are just low class scum and…”

“Shut up spoiled brat…shut up and listen” Vinyl said enraged.

“No…you better listen! I will tell mother and…”

“And I will give a buck about that…your mother can’t do anything against me…”

“But…I....I...” she stutterd.

“Yeah you! You will behave or I…”

“You can’t scare me…there is nothing you can do against me as well…” she said triumphantly.

“She can’t but I can…” I said with a voice like ice.

“You wouldn’t dare Octavia…” she said furiously.

“Oh…I can tell mother a lot of your secrets…” I said in a very dry tone.

“And why do you think she would believe you?”

“Because I will just take your diary and hand it over to mother…”

“Are you trying to blackmail me? You wouldn't dare.”

“In fact…I do…”

It didn’t feel right. I had hit my sister and now I even tried to blackmail her.
I felt awful but then my mood changed abruptly when my sister began to laugh.

“So you aren’t that stupid after all. You do think about ways to get the upper hand from time to time as well.
It just seems so ridiculous that you won’t stand your ground against mother who tries to control everything.
I am a victim as well but you are just like her trying to get control over me…
Yes just beat the dead horse...do it...”

“So you say you suffer under our mother as well? Don’t make me laugh…”

“Oh yes? Don’t you even know how easy it is for you? She has no expectations for you at all.
She gave up on you when you were born without a horn.
Every other disappointment was just a calculated propability.
She does not care about what you do only how you represent all of us.

I on the other hoof have to carry everything you were not capable of on my back.
I have to marry a noble one day.
I have to become famous.
I have to see to it that our family remains prestigious.

You know nothing about the burdens I carry.

You only have to do one thing…bring no shame to our family and even there you fail…”

I was…baffled. That girl talked to me as if she was older than me…as if she had seen so much pain and misery.
The worst thing about it was she could be right. Vinyl looked like she knew exactly what Cesura was talking about.
Every time that filly spoke Vinyl had a painful expression on her face.

“Well…you won. Take my diary…it is in my room on the desk.” she said with a faint glimmer in her eyes.

Now I smirked. How cunning. Did she really think I was a total fool? I knew where she hides her real diary.
I went to her room and raised a plank under her bed. There was a little black book.
I completely ignored the cute pink one that was lying on the desk.
It was just a fake she used to trick mother. Oh yes…mother most certainly read the diary of her daughter.
When I went back in the room where I left Vinyl and Cesura behind, my sisters eyes widened in horror.

“Not-a-word-sister. You get that.” I said with a big mile.

She nodded and glared furiously at me. She knew she had lost.

“I swear I will not use it against you” I said still grinning as if it was heartwarmings eve.

“Well I do think you are not the type who would lay open all my secrets...
but…I also didn’t think you would blackmail me…” she said angrily
Vinyl…well Vinyl did what Vinyl always did. She started laughing.

“Hey Tavi…you know I never thought you had so much low-class emotions…”

“Oh shut it..V…Vestige…” whooops I nearly called her Vinyl by accident.

“Well you always seemed like a goody two shoes and now you turn out to have such a dark side..“

“Shut it…you stupid loon.”

The little filly looked at us and then her eyes flashed in enlightenment.
She got back her composure and started to speak in a sugarsweet voice .

“Oh it is like that…” and a devilish grin widened on her face.
Well…I guess you really do not want to share the content of my diary.
If you did I would simply leak your secrets as well…”

How pitiful she tried to threaten us even though there was nothing she has tu use against us.
Vinyl sighed and told her that she was correct. Wait...what? Why did she say that?
Did Vinyl really saw a threat anywhere or did she simply take pity on my sister.
Well I would probably have to ask her later.

The rest of the day wasn’t that bad. My sister even played a song she composed this year.
She said that she won a contest with it. Most of her opponents were very pitiful.

One group she remembered pretty well were some fillies without cutiemarks. They dressed up as a chicken, a robot and an apple and sang something that couldn't be described as music. We could even have a few laughs with my sister.

However you should never let your guard down around her.
She could not be trusted. Everything she did was for her on ends after all.
Now that it seemed we were on her good side she probably just thought about using us later in life.
Vinyl told me she felt exactly the same vibe from her. This filly just uses cold logic to get what she wanted.
In some way she was scarier then all inequine beings could ever be…
We decided that we would keep as much distance as possible to her from now on.

However maybe some point in the future even she might be able to open up to someone special.
It may be a friend, or who knows maybe her special somepony who breaks the ice around her heart.
Time would tell…but the story of Cesuras life isn’t intertwined with mine…it only grazed it.