• Published 8th Nov 2013
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I remember you - Strata

When lost in a blizzard, Cadence finds a frigid Sombra, and learns that they had lives before equestria- and they knew each other.

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The fireworks (guess who's back)

Alex was, unfortunatley, still not grinning that evil, sub-par dentistry grin around four hours later, when the hot Spanish sun beat down through the slatted windows, and Chris had gone off to take a nap in the supply closet. The day was oddly quiet. No customers, no phone calls, but oddly enough, no Cadence. The professor acknowledged that he needed to be flexible, and that people had lives more complex than sitting in a glorified show-and-tell after the geology excursion showroom, drumming their fingers into the desk so consistently and so hard that four small, circular imprints were starting to form.

A single bead of sweat ran from Sombra's thick hairline to the edge of his lip, and he licked it up, smacking his chops at the salty taste. It was about the seventh bead of sweat that hour, and Alex very suddenly got up from his slumped position and slammed his hands on the table, exclaiming very suddenly;

"Bloody hell Sombrero, amigo, The pink chick never came and today is the hottest day in months! What are we doing here? Do you want to go home and eat ice cream from the bucket with a spoon? I want to eat ice cream from the bucket with a spoon. Let's go. You have the Metropolitan at your house."
"thank you for the clarification of our current situation, but I can't just leave work. I don't make my money from staying home and running insurance scams, unlike you."
"Now that's just rude. "

Sombra exhaled heavily and slumped down onto the table.

"nice set." A voice came from The left of the professor, as he jumped. Chris was standing in front of the armour set, running her sharpened fingernails along the breastplate.

"thanks? Don't scratch it." he replied nervously.
she flicked her eyes at him. There was some kind of malice, but also pity and resignation in those eyes. There was something that she had seen. Many things, actually.

"where exactly do you work, Chris?" asked Al exasperatedly. He did have a grounding in asking, for she did seem to spend quite a bit of time in the shop. However, she was also Chris, the scariest woman in the world who looked like she took both hipsters and wannabe Mexican wrestlers/insurance scammers and curb-stomped them, and Alex had just talked to her in an aggressive tone.

She turned around, and looked him straight in the eyes for a moment. He looked away, white.

surprisingly, instead of punching him, she just flicked her hair out of her face and replied simply;
"I don't have one."
"really?" Sombra cut in.
She returned back to her usual self and looked back up again, snapping;
"If you want to trick a woman into liking you, then realize when you're picking at a sensitive subject."
"ooh, sensitive? Chris is a human, and not an automaton?" Alex smiled again.


Sombra handed Alex another tissue to pad up his bleeding nose and pat him on the back as they walked home in the sunset.
"Sure it's not broken?" the professor asked.
"nah, I've taken harder knock Sombrero. I don't need to remind you about my wrestler fame."
"You really don't have 'wrestler fame,' wrestling your dog isn't a real match."
"Can you at least call me Discord while my nose is broken?"
"So you admit it, Alex."
Alex shot a side-wards glance at him.

He lay awake that night, the hot darkness pressing against his dark skin.

Author's Note:

yeah, so i'm back again. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I really want to finish this story. It's the one I'm most proud of.

Love you guys