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It seems I'm not capable of writing a bio without sounding really pretentious, so I'll keep it simple.I write pony-fanfiction. That is all.


I might have been the most famous pegasus in all of Equestria, maybe the entire world. I might have revolutionized the world of flight, or had my name etched into the main street in Canterlot. I might have been so much different, but what I got instead...I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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that was amazing. i have never cried for a fanfic before, but i came pretty darn close to shedding a tear or two

Simply amazing. You took something that was admittedly cliche and stuck a great big heart in it. Easy favorite.

I promised myself I wouldn't read sad stories... :applecry:

Great, now I have to go watch Smile Smile Smile again... :raritycry:

I think the most touching, and most important, part of this story is that she's happy. Definitely a thumbs up.

(Claps in approval.) Here is the front page material. Nice work...A little surprised that...(hidden spoiler) I'll shoot the question over PM. One of the BEST fics I have read yet. :pinkiehappy:

Holy shit... HOLY SHIT!!

Wow... just... fucking... wow...

That was the most amazing thing I've read in a long damn time...

Just... wow...

If this doesn't get featured, then I'm gonna kill someone

Now this is good. A touching story that made me shed tears.

It is good and well written with a truly touching story. This is definitely front page material and i highly suggest you send this to Equsetria Daily.

5/5 and you have left me with a good feeling for the rest of the day.

I'm not crying...

I just have allergies...

To sadness :fluttercry:

While I did love this story, there was one liiiiittle plot hole I noticed. Spike had apparantly died from old age before Rainbow, and yet on dragonshy, when twilight is telling the big bad dragon to move away, she specifically says that "equestria cannot survive 100 years in a dark haze." If 100 years is hibernation for a dragon, then there's no way for spike to have died from old age! Sorry to go rule nazi on you, I just had an argument over lifespans of various creatures in the mlp universe recently and that tidbit was stuck in the back of my mind. I suppose you COULD say that spike died from a random accident..... eh, look at me making textwalls.


This is wonderful. The way you've portrayed Dash as so happy even when everypony else is gone is really sweet.

not gonna cry..not gonna cry...not gonna....:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

This was so beautiful! it needs to be featured for everyone to see! its such a sad story but its a good sad, the kind that makes your heart fill with joy knowing that as her life ends she gets to go on happily to start a new life with the ones she loves.

not only am i adding this to my favorites, im going to be watching closely for your next story, beauty such as this needs to be shared.

294244 i agree 100% with this.


I was almost crying and I would've but I'm in school now so.. :fluttershysad::fluttercry:
Loving the portrayal of Dashie

Dude. This was pretty deep. This is what I want to do when I have grandchildren.

294166 I'm glad I'm not the only one who's going to do that.

I haven't had tears like this since My Little Dashie... Why is it that sad ponies (stories) are best ponies?
I'm glad she was so happy, which probably makes it all the more sad. This is how I want to go, having given my family the lessons of life and surrounded by friends... even if they are already dead.

I ..cried.
This is beautiful! :D..

You brought tears to a stone.

I'm not crying. I just have something in my eye :raritydespair:

now I just have somehthing in my other eye :raritycry:

I have something in my heart. :fluttershbad:

dam ....this is truly magnifiscent, an absolutly amazing story, you r a true writer, well done

When I started to read this I would never had guessed that I would finish reading it in tears.

This was so beautiful.

I cried at My Little Dashie and now this.

Wow. :fluttercry:

I never thought about RainbowDashxFluttershy, brilliant story :rainbowkiss:

I...don't know what to say. It made me feel :raritycry: and :pinkiehappy: at the same time. You, sir, are a truly great writer.

Man, this is sad, but very good and heart warming. I cried alot :/

A brilliantly written fic with some added flutterdash?:pinkiegasp:



*sniffle* :fluttercry: :heart: :fluttercry:
Why must you make me cry these tears? Death and sadness, my worst fears?
Still I say, you wrote this well! It made me cry, but my heart swelled!
And with her love for Fluttershy, I'm not too crushed that Rainbow died
Although it hurts me in my heart, the way this ended was quite smart.

Oh my. Everything in this story is just GOLD. There's one line that sticks out to me. It's the line that made me completely lose it.

"A bed of daisies have sprung up where barren ground once was.
I smile when I glance at the flowers; only Fluttershy could produce such beauty."

I think a big theme of this story seems to be that life goes on, and that line supplements it greatly. Also the little part in there about Fluttershy singing to Rainbow Dash when she had nightmares just made me break down.

Everything in this story is sadness-fodder. I cried multiple times.

i cried harder than when i read "My little Dashie" this is really good. Thank you.

You made me break out into tears, it's so sad, i can see myself in dashie's hoofs :raritycry:

Saddest story i've ever read, I CAN'T STOP CRYING :fluttershbad: :raritycry: :facehoof:

This is what FIM fiction is all about. It was also one of a few fics (including MLD) that I had trouble finishing on the first reading because I didn't feel engaged by it, but had trouble finishing on the second reading because I spent so long dwelling on the emotion of each sentence. One line in particular, "You're always welcome here", when I read it for a second time, had me :fluttercry: .

OH CELESTIA WHY?! :raritydespair:

I need to stop doing this to myself, I'll only end up sad, well, off to listen to LMFAO for an hour..

This has the potential to be the next my little dashie, but I'm not sure that's a good thing. First let me say, I enjoyed the fic it was touching and I almost did cry. However, now i must critique. Firstly, I'd like to adress the way this was written. In general the writing dogma is "show don't tell". This means paint a picture with your words, don't just say that "the dog walked across the road." say "A bright yellow streak darted across the black asphalt, heat waves rippling off from the heat of the sun." Secondly, as I'm sure you know, there are some spelling and grammar mistakes throughout the story. They are small, but they are there. Lastly, the part at the tombstones seemed a tad bland and drawn out,:ajsleepy: also i would've liked to see some more elaboration on raibow dash falling in love with Fluttershy. Overall I'd give this story 7.8/10:duck:

I'm not a fan of FlutterDash, and when I saw that was the pairing, I was tempted to quit reading. I'm glad I didn't. And I'm glad you wrote this. It made me cry, and feel so happy, I can't even express it.

Thank you so much, for this story.

She forgot Applejack... :ajsleepy:

FlutterDash is such an emotional ship, and you've really captured the beautiful sadness that they have the potential to create. Really nice, really nice. I may have... :applecry: ...shed a few manly tears...

manly tears have been shed by The Master, you have done good my friend:twilightsmile:

294330 Same thing I was wondering, but hey, still a damn good story.
296621 Forgot Applejack? Where? She mentioned her in the story, and while visiting the graves.

It's kinda like MLD, how the thing ended, it wasn't just plain sadness, it was also joy and meloncoly...ness..ish.

Can't call it perfect cause i did notice typos, but still a good story. i just hope it doesn't get fan ruined like My little Dashie somewhat did. (I saw many sequels, most didn't fit guys personality, plus i read one spin-off that was hugly copy and paste)

And as tradition to say, :fluttercry:< Manly tears have been shed today.

Why do I continue to read fic's like this? After reading so many of these fic's I felt the need to cry, but I couldn't.

I love this story very much, it was very well written and very deep, it was simply, amazing.

You certainly know how to weave words together! RD isn't one of my favorite ponies, but this story is just special in it's own way. You got the water works running too! Anyway, thanks for a wonderful story to keep me from doing homework! XD

~Lady Rinoa~:heart:

... I don't know if I should hate you for making me cry, or hug you for giving us such a great story...

Fantastic writing, I didn't catch any obvious mistakes. Great descriptions and feeling. This is an easy favorite in my book.

I just wish Rainbow was able to go see Scootaloo or one of the younger ponies. Get their feel on the whole age thing. But I can live with this... it is so touching... I think I am going to cry again... :fluttercry:

I never cry. Like, never. But here I am, typing this out with tear drops on my keyboard. If I'm sad, I usually have to force a reaction. After reading this, however, the tears came without warning and in full force. It takes an impressive writer to be able to do that. Good job.

β€œIt is time to go to bed"


Geez.......... How heartbreaking.......
Geez.......... That pretty much sums up all I can say......

I really liked your story, and how RD has told her grandfilly stories secretly about herself. That's just darling.

But there's one thing that kind of annoyed me. If our Dashie can no longer fly, how can she live in Cloudsdale? I mean, if she wanted a cloud house, she could tether it to the ground. But how can she commute? A pinioned pegasus couldn't live in a city that's a series of floating islands. And how did she get to the cemetery in the end? I assume that's on the ground, too. :trixieshiftright:

How heartwarming such a sad story can be just amazes me.... I cried a lot.

Nice try author , but I didn't cry....

(God dammit author!!!!! :raritycry::pinkiesad2::fluttercry:)



i mean i am not kidding here i have shed tears i didnt go into full out crying but tears were shed...

oh god dmait just take my stars and my thumbs up :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Honestly I enjoyed reading this store even more then MlD.
Not only its very well written, but the idea, that they all meet again took away nearly all the sadness of Dash's death.
Still I shed some tears.

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