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I like ponies and reading Fallout Equestria.


Set before the balefire spread across the land, on the battlefields of great Equestria. This is the story of pony in the Equestrian army and his journey through some the last great battles of the war, through Shattered Hoof Ridge and Stalliongrad and to the end of it all. Where will the war take him and how will it end him?
Don't forget to comment and/or rate, even if you think it was a bad story.

Also, give thanks to Damhoof for editing this story.

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I like his comment on the bad reqruits his interest with a patient and the glass scene. The doctor`s primary interest with unicorns notified. I know he is infantry but some more exposition on the tanks would be nice but I guess that is to come?
The reserves from Stalliongrad are a nice addition. The parade is neat but I found something:

“Fist pump into the sky” Fist <,<
The way you end the parade is sweet, I love time-skips like this and the action that follows is a great read.

Anything else i have already commented on in the EQ daily side fics thread. I could gather it here for you to read again if you feel like it. I hope you have some spare time to get the chapter released.

i like this fiction, it has some war stories flavor that somehow makes me want to know more about it... the protagonist is interesting and the battle in this chapter is well written, i'll read the rest and comment again ^_^


Was it ever said in the Mane Fic what type of war it was? I find going with a WWI era trench warfare interesting, and I'd say approproate.

I really liked the story and setting. Though at time I felt a bit lost with some many character, and found myself mixing them up. Only real critisizim I can give.

20560 I have to agree with you on that... It seems almost like a cross between CoD, Battlefield, and Saving Private Ryan. Don't ask me about the last one, I could be totally wrong. It HAS been a while since I watched it last. But, the bit with the unicorn dying from a small piece of shrapnel? Damn terrible, I didn't feel the need to cry. It was as emotionless as I expect just about every war death to be. But Gardiner's death? That got my blood feeling icy.

"Welcome, ya pastel painted pansies. Ya'll're get hurt. Physic'lly. Ment'lly. Both. I been at this fer six years - six Goddess. Damned. Years.
We're gonna do a little drill after lunch. Fer now, I'm gonna leave ya in the hooves of your El Tees: Wheelwright, Bellshine and Cooper. I hope this here cease fire lasts, but don't let yer hopes up too high. If you do, reality'll just burn the wings off one by one."

I like this story, somehow feels... odd, though, being in a male's POV. It's the MLP effect, heh heh...

110522 Crimstan

Busy busy busy. Me and my Editor/proof-reader. Sorry, I will try to have it out soon.

Bueck YEAH!!! Update!!!!

I think :derpyderp2:

How long do you intend to make this?


I have the complete story set out, but I am not sure how many chapters it takes to do each part of the story.
I am setting it out for the battles. First being SHR, second being Stalliongrad, third being the next big battle (no spoilers), and last being something else (again no spoilers).
So... It might get to 16-25 chapters depending on how many it takes for each part.

How often do you plan on updating it? No rush, just wondering if I should be looking once every three weeks or so.

Oh, and thanks for the estimated length.

It depends on how busy I am... School is coming up soon so I am getting all my over the holidays work out of the way. It won't be for another 2 weeks at least.

If you made an account here and then started watching me you could get an Email when I release the next part.

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