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The day Applejack ran straight for froggy bottom bog was a day Fluttershy can never forget. She had already been entertaining feelings for Applejack by then, but that pretty much sealed the deal. Applejack can't imagine such a delicate pony as Fluttershy ever paying a workhorse like herself any attention. Still, there's always the chance. So, who will admit their feelings first?

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good:ajsmug:however you need to expand on that ending:fluttercry: its too abrupt:moustache:

This was pretty good. For the most part it had a fantastic flow to it. But right at the end it started to feel rushed. Other than that great job.

Oh c'mon! This can't end here - this is when relationships really get interesting! Moar! MOAR!

293699 I was worried about that, Thank you for your honesty.

293839 Heh, Well, I am planning a sequel to this story. So, uh, stay tuned?

293233 Yeah, it is abrupt, can't deny that. I don't know why, but it felt right to me. I knew I was going to expand on this though, even before I concluded this story.

I'm glad to know my writing style is so well received! I was super nervous about posting my stuff. Thanks for the honesty and encouraging words!

This is one of the sweetest fictions I have ever read. You really have captured Fluttershy and AJ perfectly. I love the uncertainty that Applejack has while Fluttershy is the more solid in this emotional strength. Love it!:yay: javascript:smilie(':yay:');javascript:smilie(':heart:');

Aaw, that was such a sweet story! I love it, the interaction between AJ and Fluttershy is just so sweet. I'm eagerly awaiting the conclusion to the story, or possibly only this arc? No matter what, I love it!

Ooh, I like this one.

:raritycry: So much is happening. I don't know how to process this. Auugghh

635073 It's really that complicated?

No, not really. I felt that way for two reasons. I had been up for 14 hours doing things, had been drinking and was tired out, reason 1. And 2, you are weaving a lot of plots together(tee hee), which I commend you for. My tired out and boozed up brain was overwhelmed by the awesome drama. :raritywink:

638145 Aaaaaah, okay. Well, Thank you!

I share scratchfire's opinion although i too have been up all night, ITS STILL EXCITING... idk if i want to go to bed at all today anymore:pinkiecrazy:

Damn, this story just keeps getting better and better. Looking forward to the next chapter eagerly!

so much emotions

So I got proper emotional when Applejack took Fluttershy to meet her parents. I'm allowed to admit that, right? Well played, author!

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