• Published 28th Oct 2013
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Monster - Jabazor

A monster of old finds himself in current-day Equestria.

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Wishing for Love

Not all tales are true, as is to be expected. Sometimes there are blatant lies, sometimes a story is made up, and sometimes parts are left out. When the three species of ponies came to Equestria, it was a land they knew they could inhabit, but it would take time. The horrors and monsters and ponies that quickly followed the discovery of Equestria are often left out to prevent bad rumors and the nightmares of children. But it was not originally going to be that way. The ponies of Equestria had some monsters and creatures to deal with, as do all living things when they inhabit a new area, but there was one monster, who, back in those days, was rumored to have brought the fog to the land; darkness to the days and even more darkness to the nights; and fear like none could have imagined.

In the olden days, when fog swept across a hostile land, blackness filled the sky and cold was the ground and air at all times. Terror was around for all ponies because of the fright of monsters. Not just wolves and foxes, but creatures unknown with gnarling teeth, sharp claws, and a lust for blood. But there was a certain creature whom all were not only terrified of, but, even without knowing if the creature understood words, begged for mercy in front. So terrifying was he that all of the other foes that he came across were dead in an instant from his monstrous power, and he indeed had the look of a wretched, grizzly, terrifying monster to him. Bodies of giants, innocent ponies, and dragons had a tendency to lay before him without movement and with open flesh. Some say he saved the land of Equestria due to how many monsters beside himself that he killed. Others say he was almost the bane of existence for the poor ponies, but nopony really cared.

This creature was once rumored to be a pony himself. His bodily figure, as it was on four legs and ran like a pony, suggested so. But he was covered in fur with dried blood from hopeless innocents and his eyes were so wretched and horrifying that one stare, if one was unlucky enough to cross him, immediately felt anger and pain and hate and, above all, pure fear. His mouth was always agape and his teeth were rotting and black with hints of red and, as many ponies called it, there was a "Sure taste of death in that mouth.". He was also known to be very smart, however. He set up traps, he attacked only when necessary for him to feed his hunger or when another foe encountered him by accident and he put on a defensive stance. He knew the land and was never seen being as a ruthless, stupid beast, but rather a monster with passion and care that were never described by his actions, except when a lucky few survivors caught him smelling flowers or resting by trees, only to see the flower wilt or the tree turn grey. He was often awoken by leaves falling on him and then he would turn to the tree, see it dead, and cry.

Princess Luna and Princess Celestia, before becoming rivals, saw this is the mangy beast ad, after they had promised to kill him, lied to the people saying that he was too powerful for them and they, therefore, "had to create a stronger magic to best him." The ponies of the land were horrified, hopeless, and, above all else, downright saddened and depressed as they thought that even the greatest of powers could not defeat the monster. The ponies thought that they were all doomed. But they went on living life in fear.

Some rumored that he was a pony who knew time before Equestria, a pony who committed spells without a horn, a pony with no wings and the ability to let himself and his imagination fly, and strong like an earth pony. But in his days of being a monster, which none could come up with how he could be a pony before and turn into such a horror thing, thus disregarding the rumor, he grew tired of death behind him, seeminly in front of him, to his sides, in his head, and on his paws. He also grew tired of the unnecessary hatred that poisoned his mind. With nothing better to do and seemingly no purpose to serve, he threw himself off the highest cliff in Equestria and, as ponies saw his titanic body falling, cheered as they thought he was dead. But he was only left there to sleep in his coma after he hit a rock on his head with the fall down. The fall for any other would've resulted in a messy splatter, but for the monster, it was only a hard blow in a weak spot.

The ponies in the land, and the other monsters and wildlife, for that matter, did not know that he was in a coma because none dared be within the presence of his malice for fear of catching some of that malice for themselves. As time went on, erosion, trees, dirt, and rock slides from the looming cliff covered the monster till he was deep underground in his long slumber. Everything that grew around him died quickly; trees were grey and small and thin, flowers wilted almost immediately, wild animals avoided the area of his body like the plague, but none in the modern age ever found out because it was deemed a good idea to not let young children spread rumors and be scared. He was also no necessary part of Equestrian history, even as malicious as his deeds were, even with the body toll he shot up through the sky. So the remembrance of him would have vanished either way and those who know now, masters of lore and alicorns of old, do not care for their memories of him and they would rather those memories go away.

Now the ponies of the modern age are gleeful and live an almost-worry-free lifestyle. Things seem jolly and time could last forever. The vile feelings and monsters are, to the ponies unaware of such horrors, locked in a box to which there is seemingly no key. But such things have a tendency of breaking loose to cause pain and suffering, either for themselves or for others, and it is without a doubt that this will always happens. People will have to come together to display courage from themselves when there is none around, love and happiness when all the surrounding area is sad, and a will to push on when seemingly all is lost but a thing called hope that, some say, comes deeper from the heart than even love. Humor, magic, loyalty, trust, kindness, and generosity filled the current land, but that is soon to change.

Author's Note:

I will revise this part if I decide to continue with the story. The very beginning, seeing as to how it isn't greatly descriptive and is rather quickly jumbled together, is just awful, in my opinion.