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Rewriting description because the last one made no sense to the actual story.

Anyways, a story written in the first and third person perspectives.

A series of shorts based on Blaze's Conversion Bureau series.

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Ah, snark, A good part of any balanced fanfiction breakfast. (In my opinion, anyway) I'd like to see where this goes. Please continue.

Adding comedy tag would be worth it. Funny story so far.:twilightsmile:

Good job on the story so far! :twilightsmile:

You know, the one song I would like to hear DJ-P0N3 Do is The Safety Dance. :rainbowkiss:

12863 Ever try East Indian food? They love their spices.

I honestly, cannot wait to read the next chapter. This chapter was pretty awesome btw, Vinyl Scratch has to be one of my absolute fav's so reading a chapter on her thoughts about performing was pretty interesting.

Thanks for the update.

12868 Thanks a lot! She's actually a personal favourite of mine as well, along with Spitfire and Rarity (though I'm trying to avoid using the Mane Six, seeing as they should be in New York, as per the original story mine is based loosely on).

12867 That makes more sense, I thought you meant the actual temperature. :derpytongue2:

12899 Hey, living on the Prairie, it can get VERY hot. We ain't the frozen wasteland some people make us out to be.


Dear lord, you have NO idea. @_@; Every summer in southern Ontario hovers in the thirty degree celcius range, with a bit of overage or underage occasionally. And it's humid as fuck. It's horrible.

Also, YAY, A STORY SET IN CANANANADA! Finally! xD Carry on, McDuff. I'm enjoying this.

13016 Winnipeg and the areas that surround it see all sorts of weather wonders. Hottest I've seen it on my porch was about 40 degrees celsius, and the coldest was a frigid -50 (with windchill, but Winnipeg is also called the Windy City). We've also seen F5 tornadoes, crippling floods, and CLOUDS of mosquitoes. It's a nasty place to live, but it's home!:ajsmug:

13018 Glad you're feeling familiar with the story, my fellow Canuklehead.

GO JETS GO!:yay:





Spitfire/Vinyl, eh? That's a new one. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

I would love to see rainbow race against a fighter jet like a F-22. :rainbowdetermined2:

oooh, pegasi ponification! I'm enjoying this :)

13502 You may or may not see more of it.:raritywink:

13150 Totally not intentional. Figured that girls like to stick together, especially coworkers. I have no clue how woman work. The author's a guy.

13353 I'm actually trying to stay away from the mane six, I think I said that before. However... nah. I'd prefer to see Spitfire take on a, hehe, Spitfire (funny, she was named after a real plane), or my personal favourite fighter jet, the Canadair Sabre.

Oh hey, finally a fimfic that takes place in Canada! Anyways, this is great! Totally gonna pull of an all-nighter just to read these!

Vinyl Scratch is his roommate? Sounds like heaven WOO!

13972 No need. I intended it to be a rather quick read. Should take you no more than an hour.

13974 Maybe? Maybe not! A loud, fun-loving unicorn known for loving equally loud music? Poor Kenny may not get much sleep.

"Alright, Doctor. Umm, I don't think I really got your name, though."

"Oh, I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor."

You clever person you. :pinkiecrazy:

Good chapter. I hope to see more soon.

I'm liking this. The chapters are short but you seem to be updating every day or other day, more than makes up for it.

I'll be watching.

15071 I'm more of a typographer than an author, so I focus more on readability while paying attention to the average attention span of a human being. If I wrote too much, I turn away the less dedicated readers.

Gotta make it short, gotta make it flow, and I gotta make sure it doesn't give me a freakin' headache.:raritydespair:

Really i don't feel your emotion in this chapter, i believe you keep yourself at bay, let your feeling write for you!:yay: Really!:rainbowderp: Of course check with your head immediately afterwards:pinkiehappy:, some things shouldn't be said:scootangel:.
That said, if he become ANOTHER COMMON EARTH PONY:ajbemused:..........i WILL STRANGLE:flutterrage: someone:ajbemused:, with their phone cable:pinkiecrazy:, you don't want to be responsible for that are you?:scootangel:

15286 Ya, was feeling very under the weather while writing this one... Should come back later and rewrite it.

You don't need a super-quantum n-th dimensional reality simulator to know that Kenny is going to be a Pegasus. Although having an imagination does help you enjoy the story more. :twilightsmile:

let's see where this goes shell we

let's see where this goes shell we

Once again, it's good to see Vinyl Scratch taking more of a main role in this fic. I am a tad confused as to why Kenny suddenly changed his mind and decided to get converted, though. Can I assume that there will be an explanation later on?

Regardless, this is a wonderful read. I can't wait to read more~:heart:

15520 Since I wrote it in such a way that he's almost talking to the reader in the first person, his thoughts and intentions aren't so clear. That's sort of the downfall writing in this style.

However, one could suggest a multitude of things.
For one, he lived alone, his family may have gone to be ponified without him, though now he's having second thoughts about it.
Two, maybe he's fed up with the HLF knocking on his door, and, if you've read the other stories pertaining to this setting, we know what they do. Maybe he doesn't want to be associated with them, seeing as I also suggest that humans are dwindling in numbers to the point that it's mostly just the HLF.
and three, I'm a typographer, not an author. I just make things easier to read, I'm not too swell at explaining my intentions.

Hope that sort of clears things up.:twilightblush:

15400 There's a one in three chance that he very well could be a pegasus, so there's no way to be certain. Since it comes down to genetics, he could be one of the species his mother or father are, but they're absent from the story, so the third species is still in play.

And just because I explain that his family may have a history of flight, doesn't necessarily make it so. If that was on his father's side, that could have been on his father side before him, and so on and so forth, so the chances become diluted. For all we know, he could be a unicorn, but I want to avoid that, seeing as I have a tendency to favor them (as seen with Vinyl Scratch, in my opinion, Best Pony).

May as well pick his fate out of a hat, though I do see a lot of conversion bureau stories with Earth Ponies, a few pegasi... he could very well turn out to be a unicorn!

man, the way you write stream-of-consciousness style is a head-tilter - but I'm following it, just. I like this, just enough silly mixed with the ponies.

17520 That's just me relying on a small writing quirk. I felt that by using a writing style that's odd, it makes it stand out a little more. At least you're sticking with the story, it means that I'm doing my job right.

You know what, this chapter was planned out to be 4k words, but I said "Screw that, I got class in the morning.":trixieshiftleft:


18939 I was plotting a sort of mini-story about a pony Doctor combating with a pony Master... But I decided to cut that out of the story and leave the Doc as a punchline.

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