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When Twilight Sparkle goes through the magic mirror for a second time she gets caught up in the human Covenant conflict. After fighting through six years of horrendous war, her psyche is beyond damaged leaving her as but a mere shadow of who she once was. But when accident happens on the UNSC INFINITY with Twilight aboard it puts the ship in orbit around Equestria, she must confront her past. Will she be able to go back to who she once was, or will the damaged soldier that she has become be the very thing that will bring Equestria to it's knees?


A.N. WOO HOO! I.H.R. got on the popular stories list!

WOO HOO 1K VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment posted by pendrake72 deleted Mar 4th, 2014

3442355 Spartan 4's were made out of regular soldiers, only spartan 2's and 3's used children. And I do have an editor. I'm always trying to improve my writing, and I will get better as time progresses, so thanks for the tips :twilightsmile:


Well. Nice constructive criticism.

you know what? I'm interested in seeing just where you will go with this story. The premise is interesting, the style is pretty good, and the fact that Twilight isn't ignorant of humanity's fight is a plus for me. Keep goin and stay golden^^

This is a good start, defiantly better than a couple other stories I've followed. I shall patiently wait for more.

Just thought I'd let you know, you have '3' twice in your list.

3445256 Same with your story. I'm really enjoying The Lost.

Nov 6 is coming up soon, so lets repopulate Halo 4!

I was impressed at the concept and am hoping to see Sunset Shimmer as well lol.:twilightsmile: also if you need Spartans I'll give you the info on mine.


A Halo fic that actually is good

Keep going

I'm just a little confused here. if Roland said she has no info about her what-so-ever, how did she get into the UNSC in the first place? and how did she get there, what happened to her and what did she do that she got a rank like that?:rainbowhuh:
sure, its been 5 years but come on...
and you better have a good explanation on why they paired Roland with her. she seems like a good spartan, but no one in the higher ranks simply give AI's to spartan's.

still, I'll read this later. hope to see more soon.

Ace out

Great story and all but just one question, what ever happened to the Spartan IIs?

3448128 I don't know, I haven't read all the books.

3447233 That will all be explained in due time my friend.

3448391 What I ment was like are the Spartan IIs fighting with the Spartan IVs, are they on the Infinity, or are they fighting to save Halsey?

3448577 I have no idea of what's going on with the Spartan 2's. This story isn't going to act as a sequel to the events of spartan ops.


When is the next update!? can't wait for more.


hmmm......it's understandable (I guess). So I won't mind.

This seems very interesting and does have potential, but I do have to voice some concerns, especially after you yourself stated that you weren't that well versed in Halo lore. SOLUTION: Halo Wiki. It has pretty much everything Halo related you can find on the wiki.
As for the training sim there's a few things that don't sit right. First off are the sim pods. It is well known in the first book Contact Harvest that Sgt. Johnson uses TTR* rounds aka sim rounds that paralyze the recipient via a paint-like substance that gets deactivated by a device carried by the activity's organizer. Even in the live action series Forward Unto Dawn (as linked down at the bottom of this comment at a scene in which one trainee is shot by such a round) they also use TTR rounds. So therefore it wouldn't be so far fetched that they wouldn't do the same on the Infinity during the War Games simulations. Which moves me to the second part of this specific concern for lore:
There is an entire deck dedicated to the Spartans and their training called "S-Deck," also add in the fact that the ship is 6.5 kilometers long** (or roughly a little over 4 miles long) and most of the maps we've seen in the MP maps aren't that massive in comparison to the overall ship size would imply that the AI in charge (yes there's one separate from Roland as of Halo 4) of the War Games simulations has the authority to change the "battlefield" to any specifications given.
While I do give you an A for effort on the name change, I agree with >>pendrake72 's suggestion in which you try to keep some semblance of Twilight's former name. She could have gotten away with "Twilight" as her first name because look at some of the ridiculous names that we have in the world today, to any person looking at her paperwork they wouldn't have given a second glance at it, all that would be needed would be a "normal" sounding last name.
When all's said and done this looks interesting and I'll follow for now to see where this is going.

**UNSC Infinity

3450910 I did consider the naming her in a way like what >>pendrake72 suggested, but I decided on Jane Arimondo for reasons that will come later on in the story.

This was actually pretty damn good, looking forward to the next chapter.

This is very good so far. Looking forward to more! :pinkiehappy:

Update required.:ajbemused:

Damn this is good.:rainbowhuh:

Introducing badassery.:pinkiecrazy:


Glorified amazment.:pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:



3517691 Update might be this weekend.

Dear Author
are you going to bring into the story ponyfied Covenant/Prometheans?

3523939 I'm not giving any details about the future of the story. I will say though that there wont be any ponified versions of the Covies or prometheans, but that doesn't mean that the actual ones will be gone from the story period.

good because that be messed up :rainbowlaugh:

is new chapter coming out today?

3528732 Well the Xbone just came out so Ive been pretty busy playing BF4 on it :twilightblush:. Chapter 2 might get finished tonight, then I just need to send it to my editor, once I get it back I'll upload it. To be honest I',m working on it right now as we speak.

UPDATE! Chap 2 is done, but my editor is currently on vacation in Mexico ( lucky bastard ) I will give it to him when he comes back. Sorry for the wait.

Comment posted by Crusder12 deleted Dec 24th, 2013

when is your editor back from Mexico?
(lucky bastard)

i'm really really really liking this story!

honestly the only issue I'm seeing here is that a ship using its slipspace drive doesn't travel inside normal space, but in a separate dimension.

Slipspace is a tangle of intertwined spacial dimensions, comparably similar to a wadded up piece of paper, which lie underneath the three conventional spatial dimensions of the universe. Because of this tangle of intertwined dimensions, objects in slipspace often group together in mass transit.

So if the ship was traveling via slipspace, it would not have been affected by Equestria's magnetic fields. While in Slipspace, a ship doesn't travel in our dimensional boundaries (sorta) so it would simply pass through any planet or star without repercussion. Because of this, they would have no need to scan for star systems in their path.
Just a couple of issues that bug me because i am way to into the Halo universe, I'm enjoying the story so far, we'll see what happens next.
Also, it wouldn't be called a radar, radar doesn't quite work on planets. try Scanner.

Comment posted by EPiiCx5587 deleted Jan 2nd, 2014

3717414 I'm thinking he was sort of thinking along the lines of Star Wars' hyperspace transit where they have to do that kind of stuff.

3448391 NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!:flutterrage: GO BACK AND READ THE BOOKS!:twilightangry2: RIGHT NOW!

Well.....This is interesting:trixieshiftright: I have a weird hunch that Sarah Palmer is Sunset Shimmer:ajsmug:
Keep up the good work, I will be watching from the shadows:rainbowdetermined2:

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