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In the near future, the land of Equestria is in extreme danger. A new threat to the land appears, and wipes out almost all of the population. Only a handful of ponies remain, and even fewer are willing to fight back. The elite squad, named P.O.N.I.E.S is created to fight this new threat. Can they take back their once prosperous land, or will this new threat cause complete and utter destruction?

~~~~~ The first few chapters will be the backstory to the main characters. Starting around chapter 5 (Possibly) the real story begins, so please bear with me. I would like to thank my friend, ChaosknightRB, for the P.O.N.I.E.S acronym that will be explained in a later chapter. So without further ado, enjoy! ~~~~~

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I'm pretty sure this will turn out good, tracking :)

Not gonna lie, that was the most forced acronym I've ever had to make. Love the whole idea though. Brohoof to my IRL brony! /)

291430 thanks :) it should get better by the 5th chapter 291472 *Brohoof* brah

Im currently looking for someone to make a cover for this story. If anyone is interested, message me, and I'll give you the info you need!

I was right about this story, it is good :)

312102 thanks :twilightsmile: it hasnt even really started yet tho

"Me and Luna have discussed this, and..." <<< Luna and I
"Good. Looks like your ready." Celestia said. <<< you're
She nodded, and her and Luna went to seperate sides of us. << doesn't sound right... try rephrasing that somehow. I thought for like 3 minutes, but didn;t come up with anything :unsuresweetie:

The letter were crudely drawn on <<< :derpytongue2:??

Nevertheless good story ;)

388380 Ahaha, yeah now that i re-read those, they are pretty off :twilightsmile: I will fix those right away. I forgot to add the s to letters :facehoof:

Alright, I have fixed the mistakes. Hopefully it works better now!

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