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If you figure out what the Mithras in my name references, we are soul buddies.


Experimented on one too many times, Deadpool our somewhat loveable mercenary transformed into a force bent on destroying literature itself. Backed by an ominous entity and armed with the divine knowledge that he and everyone around him are nothing more than works of fiction, he remorselessly slaughters everyone in the multiverse and the literature universe taking down everyone from Spiderman, to Sherlock Holmes, but some compelling force drove him closer to a universe unlike anywhere else he's been... In the magical land of Equestria.

Will the power of friendship succeed against a force that is against the very idea of existence itself?

WARNING: This contains strong language, crude humor, sarcasm, and some glorification of Deadpool's psyche. Please read more below.


MARVEL FANS: Deadpool here is based on the version of the Killogy (Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool Killustrated, Deadpool Kills Deadpool) so in this story, Deadpool killed your favorite heroes several times already (Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman, etc.) if you do not like the idea of Deadpool killing them, then you will not like this fan fiction and thus is not worth your time, also it goes without saying that Deadpool of course is different from the continuity Deadpool (for example: Deadpool's two voices in his head are gone and replaced by an ominous one). Do yourself a favor and read something else that you'd like, like a comic not an MLP fan fic.

BRONIES & PEGASISTERS: If the title wasn't subtle enough, this fan fic will involve some of the deaths of your favorite characters, if you do not like the thought of anyone dying i do not recommend you read further. Otherwise...

<<Skip ahead to chapter 1 if you're not too familiar with Deadpool>>

Reading said work of literature may result in nightmares, undesired bowel movement, diminished taste in other non-Deadpool fan fic stories, and may cause you to involuntary stalk the author and wish someone like him to be your lover or best friend. All the stunts here are performed by professionals and in no way you should try them at home. No actual ponies were harmed in the making of this fan fiction

Author's Note: This is intended as a follow up of the Comic book series Deadpool Killustrated, not the more recent Deadpool kills Deadpool written by Cullen Bunn, and also intended after the timeline of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Equestria Girls movie and before the 4th season of the animated series
Deadpool is the intellectual property of Marvel and My Little Pony of Hasbro, this work of fiction is purely fan-made and not associated with Marvel, Hasbro and it subsidiaries.

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 163 )

Deadpool killing everything in sight while in Equestria? This should be good:rainbowkiss:


FINALLY somebody thinks so too, I'm beginning to lose my confidence here. thanks

3401366 I have a nasty little habit of loving something, and then finding it even more entertaining to watch it burn to the ground:pinkiecrazy: MLP is no exception:pinkiecrazy:

3401637 Good, some people are a little put off by that, I don't know why:pinkiecrazy:

Deadpool killing things. 'Nuff said. :pinkiehappy:


oh, I can't imagine.

really, what's so weird about exploring mortality, right? even if when we apply it to heartwarning subjects like My little pony.

its totally cool man, I feel you, hell I wrote a Deadpool kills my little pony! maybe you've seen it before or heard of it?

3401706 You should meet Lilith911 I think you would some of her stories:pinkiecrazy:


I'll admit, I didn't expect to find excellent company in such a short time. sure, I'll check her out. the name lilith and 911 sure doesn't make me want to run away screaming... hehe...

okay enough jokes, sure I'll browse some of her work, thanks for the head's up

3401736 She aims to be the sight stalker, so be careful. I was just fuckin with you earlier by the way.

3401753 She watches everyone:pinkiecrazy: She can also do some pretty kick-ass artwork:pinkiesmile:

................ this concept is grotequely idiotic. deadpool had his own insane reason to kill the marvel universe. however that was the most bowl blastingly contrived plot i have ever encountered period. there is no way deadpool could kill the marvel universe. cause he is not powerful enough to kill the marvel universe............. at fucking all. the logistics state that he would have to eventually encounter someone so much more powerful than him that he would die. or at the very least give up and get a taco or something................

that comic is a mother, god damn RAPING example of why comics are bullshit today. they will twist whatever rules they want when they want no matter how teeth grindingly impossible it is. i know it was meant to be some kind of joke, the guy kills the marvel writers for god's sake, but there is no sensible way that deadpool could manage to kill the marvel universe............ i mean he kills fucking bruce banner......... everyone knows if you kill bruce banner, even through decapitation, he turns back into the hulk! bruce banner has tried to KILL himself, let himself die, and the hulk still comes out.

...................this is giong to be stupid. and not even in the entertaining way deadpool usually is. which just makes it all the worse.

I loved all the murderous things this Deadpool did to all of his Marvel Universe and all of classic literature... I love this already.


Kick ass artworks? that sounds awesome!

I was hoping for someone who'd be okay to make a fan fic cover for someone she doesn't know much for no reason. my cover sucks

(Sorry. Interesting concept, it's just Zecora is best zebra!)

Okay how does Dead pool beat Spiderman. This makes no sense.

"One day he will defeat the evil Daniel-san and prove himself the true Dragon Warrior of the Fire Nation"... I lost it there. This is hilarious, keep up the good work! :yay:

:rainbowderp:...:fluttershbad:right in the feels:fluttershbad:...:pinkiecrazy:I LIKE IT!!! Let the world BURN!!!:pinkiecrazy:

3401366 count me in I'm all for the pointless sluaghter of ponies, ever scine I read " Doomguy goes to Equestria and kills EVERYPONY":twilightoops:

Despite the serious need of a proofreader, I am quite intrigued by this story. Upvoted and Faved.


You... Do know you need a head to transform into the Hulk right? I mean it didn't say that Hulk can grow a new head dude. :rainbowhuh:

3402580 Bullet to the head at point blank range yo. That and Deadpool still counts as a professional mercenary after all.

3405304 spideys spider sense would warn him dead pool was coming long before Wade even got close and Spidey is fast enough to dodge bullets. He's done it. He would then disarm Dead pool, hog tie him with webs and then knock him out and string him up. Yeah Wade could probably get out of this, but he still would never be able to get near Spidey without tripping his Spider sense. Anything else?

Also by the time Wade's sword head halfway through banners neck he would already be the hulk, the wound would heal instantly and then dead pool gets creamed.


I believe Deadpool was gripping Spidey by the arm when he was pretty much in a chokehold while he pulled his gun out and shot him. Spider-Sense did warn him, but Deadpool pulled a quick draw on him.

3405325 Okay this story was be then. First the Spidey sense would warn Spidey way before deapool got close enough to shoot him. Second Spidey is way faster than dead pool so when wade grabbed at him spudey would dodge and counter. Third even if dead pool did manage to lay a hand on Spidey, the wall crawler can bench press anywhere from 15 to 30 tons depending on where spudey was at in his own life at the time. E in at his weakest though he's several times stronger than dead pool and Wade wouldn't have been able to keep hold of Peter. Whatever book this was clearly ignored any reality if Marvel Universe to give Dead pool the advantage. I was thinking about reading it, but not anymore.

.... okay...

for everyone paying attention to the story and waiting for the next chapter I actually am finished with plot for at least chapter two, but I only have it on paper for now, I was planning on uploading it today but I didn't finished typing them all in time when my eyes started to hurt from looking at the screen for too long. sorry, I can only do so much with 50 wpm.

but don't worry I'm planning to upload the complete chapter two as soon as possible, as soon as I'm done typing it all, I'm going to correct a lot of errors and missing words in the prologue and the first chapter, hopefully I would be able to work on it tomorrow afternoon, the week just became busier all of a sudden

also, thank you for letting me know you enjoy my work! this is my first fan fiction written ever and I really appreciate it! sorry if I don't get to thank you individually though

anyway that's it, if you guys have any ideas on what you want to see on this fan fic let me know! I might take it into consideration hehe... might...

oh, again the unfinished second chapter is here, just not published so I don't know if you guys can see it but its here.

suck it.

Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Nov 17th, 2013
Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Nov 17th, 2013
Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Nov 17th, 2013


holy shit, how long are you gonna keep this up? haha


and spiderman too, boohoo already!

if its any consolation to you people it all happened in an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE my god, and once you even touch the topic of alternate universes you already know the writers are playing for shits so any argument doesn't really apply because its all for shits and giggles pfft

go read a comic book! once banner turned into the hulk because of a goddamned rainbow (i know this because I've read it on cracked, cracked is awesome)

so grow up already kid

Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Nov 17th, 2013
Comment posted by lordofmyth deleted Nov 17th, 2013


Wow. I'm only surprised you actually read the story

geez, what is your beef man? people like a good story, whether its plot contrivance or whatever the fuck you spell it sheesh

and apparently, you don't seem to be part of the intended audience of this... sort of thing -- so what the fuck? why are you even hanging around here?

you don't go into a strip club to proclaim the evil of sin and god's eternal love, or read a werewolf fan fiction and complain about the abscence of vampire sex

so really, why? and what the fuck?

I'm loving the constructive criticism so far 'this is gonna suck' real helpful, yeah I'll take your word for it. pffft

3406111>>3406116 :ajbemused: it bugs us because dead pool could not win most if these fights au or not. I understand if they wanted to have dead pool win these rights but the methods they came up with could not gave worked. He writers were obviously very lazy and put out a poorly written story. It was written to pander to dead pool fans and has no other purpose. Mindless violence can only be entertaining up o a certain point. This is a really dumb concept and probably one of Marvel's worst stories to date. You definitely could have picked a better dead pool book to write a fanfc for. Hell there's suicide kings, the one where he and Bullseye play cat and mouse, Dead pool vs The Thunderbolts. Lots aof good stuff. But you redid the one that couldn't have happened in the actual Marvel universe. And you aren't even making dead pool a pony to give him more of a challenge. Doesn't look like your doing the other ponies as super heros either. This might have actually been minutely interesting if there was an actual struggle. In short this is a dumb story.


Eh, I don't care anymore.

I'm only embarrassed of my self that I actually paid attention to you trolls

fine it's a dumb story, if that's what you want to call it, whatever. done

although I could mention that opinion is opinion, but fuck it. you guys can call it whatever you want, fine by me. it's not like people will actually care less

wow. I really should have mentally prepared myself for trolls... my first fan fiction ever and I already got haters? I must have something going on around here

although I do acknowledge your initial attempt to settle the topic... but fuck you anyway.


3406797 I personally like the story, I can't wait to see what happens when he encounters pinkie pie :yay:


Thanks man! and yes, pinkie pie will have a somewhat larger role than the rest of the mane six :pinkiegasp:


I for one welcome their new mercenary apocalypse.

I got bronchitis, ain't nobody got time for that

3406797 your argument may be valid if it weren't for the fact your are clearly are trolling yourself. that or badly imitating deadpool's mindset on criticism.

my biggest problem with the story is that we have deadpool being too predictable. this plot is too predictable. so much so that I have no interest, and anyone who dislikes that storyline will dislike it.

he just kills zecora......... just kills the talking rhyming zebra......... you know what would actually have been amusing? if deadpool reasoned that if he kdianpped all the ponies and sold them as exotic pets, not only would he make a mint, but he could still go by the title of this fanfic and say he is still killing the pony universe cause if all the characters were taken from it, the show would be canceled.

Okay, so Deadpool killed a universe and got sucked into the next available reality? That makes sense I guess.

This takes meatshield to a whole new level. Also I enjoy the senseless killing, no idea why, but imagining Angel getting crushed to death in Deadpool's semi-bare hands makes me ecstatic.

What made you wright this story I hope the ending leads to Deadpool kills Deadpool.:moustache:

:fluttershysad:sorry I'm just worrying about this story. :moustache:I know its not the main univers but we can't ignore them right.:trixieshiftright:


Haha! it's alright, it's alright I'm just messing with you

don't worry... I got the story planned already, I'm not running out of ideas - what I meant about not having enough time is I haven't typed it all down yet.

typing takes pretty long with only around 50 wpm, I think it took me six hours on chapter 2 - that's counting the writer's block I keep getting when thinking of words to use. evidently I sucked at the last part (used the word crying a lot. damn) but that's the kind of thing you only notice when you're done - like missing and wrong words

thanks for reading my work! now I gotta change my main ending... or do i?


Make two ending one for good and another bad endings.


Since you're so cool, here's a secret - there's a hint on the cover on what caused it. keep it to yourself though :unsuresweetie:

oh -- uh. spoiler alert i guess?

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