• Published 25th Oct 2013
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Snow Job. - overlord-flinx

Before two worlds became one; before one home was made their own; they still had so many possibilities. It was their differences that led them here and kept them together.

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Chapter Four: What're you in for?

Wedged within the icy clutch of several distinct mountains was a renowned ski resort. Families and couples from all around would travel hours--even days--to reach this near remote resort. The grounds themselves were nothing far from a little slice of rustic heaven when people simply saw it. Chairlifts and cable-cars connected the main lodging area in the center of the resort to all of the sections spread out across the rolling mountains and hills. Even from a distance, coming up over the first hill leading to the main lodge, one could see all of the bustling resort guests skiing or riding in the passing cable-cars no matter the time of day. That was the first sight Vinyl was given as their van passed through the gates, entering into the grounds.

Once Vinyl had parked the car and took the time to nudge Octavia awake from the long drive, the two of them took their luggage out from the trunk. The company of children laughing, adults screaming down the slopes, and the van's radio blaring the same talk-show they had running all along the trip made for the background sounds as they managed out how they would move all their luggage in one trip.

"Pull up your parkas and dish out some CNS; It's time for RD and Shy to hit you all up again with some holiday how-to's. I'm your winter-time, road-wise host, RD. Joining me for this long holiday, I'd like to introduce my partner Shy."

"Um... RD? Didn't we already introduce ourselves about six hours ago?"

"Yeah. But who would've stayed tuned in for six hours straight? We're introducing ourselves to our new mid-day audience. Say 'hi', Shy."

"Oh. Well... Hello, listeners."

"And a special 'hello' goes out to all of the skiers, sledders, and chillers at this radio station's number one sponsor--Glaciem Lodge and Resort. A place where the most elite of winter sports athletes go to shred."

"It's also well known as a hot-spot for families to spend a hot summer."

"Never gets hot around there. Making for the most excellent boarding conditions year round. Now, while I'm at it, I'd like to remind everyone out there that this endorsement is not in any way being forced by our sponsor. Even if they weren't our sponsor, I would promote the hell out of it. It's a great place for athletes, family, friends--"

"And, if you look into any of the latest dating magazines, it's also rated in the top five 'snuggle spots' for new lovers."

"Wow, really? Well, I guess it is pretty cozy up there. I can see how--Hold on a sec. Since when do you read dating magazines?"

"Oh, well, I... I-I'm interested in dating, I'll have you know. Maybe I was looking up somewhere to pick up a significant other..."

"Hm. Didn't know that. You hear that listeners? Shy is looking for someone you wedge a shlong in her slot. Call 555-327-4-749 to see if your wang fits her wing."


"I'm just playing. And speaking of playing, we have a request to play an old holiday classic. So, sit back everyone and stick with us as we listen to more holiday music and wait for horny guys to call Shy."

The music and conversations that followed after were played elsewhere but Vinyl's van as she and Octavia trudged their luggage through the parking lot, at last content with how they would get all their luggage there in one go. Octavia paced ahead of Vinyl with ease, leaving Vinyl to shoulder every bag they both brought with her hands, shoulders, and teeth. The walk was not too great from the van to the lodge; just long enough to leave Vinyl with just enough energy to get through the front door before finally collapsing. The moment her girlfriend hit the ground, Octavia brought a cart over to Vinyl's sprawled out form and worked to place each piece of luggage on. "Vinyl," Octavia called the DJ to attention, "Perhaps you should go check us in while I keep an eye on our bags."

Vinyl, drained and beaten from carrying every bag on her will alone offered not a word of objection as she peeled herself from the floor and wobbled herself over to the front desk. Octavia made the final few adjustments to their luggage cart, making sure everything was perfectly set and stacked without a flaw. When she was through grading over her work, she finally took a moment to digest the sights around her. The interior of the resort was spectacular. Tapestries hung from the ceiling of deer, bears, and all sort of tundra wildlife. Stuffed animals lining halls with mounted heads over a single fireplace crackling with fresh yule logs. Octavia took a warm whiff of it all in, rolling her luggage cart behind her and taking a seat in front of the fireplace.

As she sat herself down and enjoyed the rustic atmosphere around her--a welcome change from Vinyl's coffee ingrained scented van--she took notice to Vinyl talking to one of the clerks at the welcome desk. From where she was sitting, Octavia couldn't make out a word they were saying, but from the fact Vinyl wasn't jumping over the counter, it was going better then what she expected. Vinyl jumping the counter? The image made for a sly smile on Octavia's face.

"...I'm guessing the blue haired girl's with you?" Octavia's attention was broken from watching Vinyl and swiftly spun around to look at a girl she hadn't even noticed sitting next to her.

The girl was sporting a thick, brown ushanka and snow powdered parka; a rather disheveled appearance overall. But she was also smiling widely--cheek to cheek--as Octavia met her eyes. Octavia hadn't even noticed that she took a seat next to her and immediately moved to stand up with an apologetic bow. "I'm very sorry. I didn't notice you were sitting here. I'll move," Octavia excused herself, only to get a wave off from the girl.

"No, no, don't beat yourself over it," the girl chuckled a bit as she moved a bit further down the couch, making more room for Octavia, "I really just blend into the background sometimes. People hardly notice me at all. And the people that do? Well, they really kinda take a liking to me."

Clearly by the intent look the girl was giving her Octavia wasn't going to get a chance to move to a new waiting spot. With a reserved sigh she sat back down and gave her seated companion a smile. "Brazen statement," Octavia commented.

"Yeah, sure. But you're still talking to me. At the very least, I haven't put too bad of an impression on you," the girl smirked and put out a hand, "The name's Lyra Heartstrings. Snowboarder extraordinaire."

Octavia looked at the offered hand for a second, considering her options. Before she knew it, she took Lyra's hand and shook it gingerly. "I'm Octavia."