• Published 25th Oct 2013
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Snow Job. - overlord-flinx

Before two worlds became one; before one home was made their own; they still had so many possibilities. It was their differences that led them here and kept them together.

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Chapter One (Vinyl/Octavia POV): It's beginning to look~~

It's beginning to look a lot like Hearth's Warm~~~! Oh, brr I'm so cold~~. Looky here and there, I see nothin' but snow around~~. Eh... I ain't much of a singer. But, man! Look at all that snow out there! I swear I just saw one of those CMC girls her swallowed by a snowdrift! I'd call the cops but -you know- I said I "swore" I saw one. Swearing and being sure are two totally different things, you know? Oh well. I'm sure they'll be alright anyway. I mean, It's not like anyone's ever been killed by snow, right?

...Anyway, let's get off the creepy stomach twisting stuff. It's almost Hearth's Warm! That's something to celebrate about, am I right? I just -MMMM!- I LOVE Hearth's Warm! The presents, the nog, the mistletoe, the nog, sitting on ol' man Santa's lap, the nog, sledding down some bumpy hill, baking fruit cake... What? Do I like doing all of that? HELL NO! Except the nog. Vinyl loves herself some nog. No. Octavia REALLY gets into the holidays. Hearth's Warming more than any other. To this day, I haven't had the heart to tell her there's no Santa... It'd break her already frozen heart. HAH!

I'm kidding. Really. Octavia has a really warm heart... on the holiday's at least. I would kill to just have a framed picture of her smile when she first starts untangling the Hearth's Warming lights. You ever see a kid break open the cookie jar and not get in trouble for it? That's her face! Complete joy! It's something of magic... And I don't say that often. If I did, I'd be working at a greeting card factory... And I'm pretty sure they get lousy hours. I mean, what? People love greeting cards, you know? You'd think they need to keep working pretty much twenty-four-seven. They probably don't get holidays off either. Think about it. That's when you need cards most... God... Glad I don't work in a greeting card factory...

Where was I? Uh, sorry about that. Heh. I went off on a little adventure there. I'm back. So... Yeah... Octavia loves the holidays and gets really into it. You know, I probably wouldn't even be dating her today if it wasn't for her superstitious mania for holidays. But... Yeah... I'll tell you that story some other time. It's sort of a long one. I'd have to go into this whole thing about notes and me trying to trick her into some stuff; it's a mess. Remind me later sometime to tell you. It's actually a pretty cool story.

So, since I've got you... I'll let you in on a little secret. Just between you and me... Octavia and I are heading up north for a vacation. Pretty cool, right? But that's not the only cool part... I'm gonna put the moves on her for real this time. We've been playing cat and larger cat for almost two years now... I think we're ready. This will be the weekend! We're movin' up! Make way Santa, Vinyl's filling the stockings this year!

...I better not lead with that line... That one was just horrible...

It's beginning to look a lot like Hearth's Warm~~. My, it's getting cold~~. I can dance in the snow, while flakes are falling down~~. All month long~~. Hm-heh-heh-heh! Ahh... Hearth's Warming... Is it not the most glorious and peaceful time of the year. Well... Peaceful as long as you remain away from the mall, any sort of shopping area, and the grocery store... I nearly had my hair ripped from my scalp when I last tried to get a pheasant the year before. Surprisingly, you will find a middle-age woman possesses a fair bit of strength when she finds cause to attack. Regardless of that and a few other minor issues I have, I would never blame the holiday for that. Some people just can't control themselves.

That's why I take it upon myself to thoroughly enjoy the holiday as it was intended to be enjoyed. With family, friends, jubilation, elves, Santa, his reindeer, and being perfectly nice so as not to find coal in your stocking. However, Mr. Claus is a highly forgiving man... How else would Vinyl never get coal or a potato every year? Perhaps he neglects to check his list twice... I'll write him on the matter next year around. I don't mean to say Vinyl should not receive any gifts. Far from it. I only mean that perhaps one year of coal would swing her towards the direction of being a more civil woman.

...I know what you're thinking. I am far too old to believe in Santa, correct? I'll have you know that I possess hard evidence proving his existence. Who else but Santa would know what I want ever year? Who else but the jolly man would be able to get into my house and leave me gifts without me noticing? And furthermore...! Who do you think is the man in the mall every year letting children sit on his lap? I rest my case... Besides, only Santa would allow a grown woman like me sit in his lap in public. It's absurdly ridiculous to even consider much different.

But, allow us to move off of this topic. At this moment I have something a bit more pressing on my mind. It... Eh-hem... It would seem that I will not be spending Hearth's Warming here at home with my family. I have been invited and have accepted to head north to a resort for the weekend with Vinyl Scratch. My... My close personal friend. Sorry... I mean my girlfriend. Apologies, it's still something very new to me. Even after two years, I find it hard to believe it. My parents believed it even less. They at first thought it was an act of rebellion when I brought her home... It certainly wasn't, I assure you. I... I deeply care about this woman.

That's why I want to go on vacation with her. I sincerely and secretly wish to test Vinyl on a few levels. Away from the binds of urban society, I wish to see how Vinyl Scratch will really act around me... It's perfectly natural to test the levels of relationship's like this. Nonetheless, I have to know on a deeper level what sort of relationship Vinyl seeks from me... I know what I want... And I want her to want the same...

...God, please let her want the same... I should have wrote that down for Santa. I have written him three times a year. I believe I'm due for at least one miracle from him.