• Published 23rd Oct 2013
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Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy find issues with the fact that they're not on the same page when it comes to basic household chores. It gets problematic when a heated argument escalates.

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Moving in together seemed like a great idea. Just about any couple would move in together when they were ready. In the by-gone times, that didn’t happen until the couple married; now that times have changed, couples moved in together long before getting married. Or not even getting married at all.

Not many knew there was the very change in life that nopony could expect. Living together required a very different kind of thing to get used to. Sleepovers were one thing, staying together under the same roof for an extended period of time was another. Living together seemed more like a life sentence. It was a strong commitment.

Little did Rainbow Dash realize, she felt conflicted. On one hoof, she loved the idea of finally moving in with Fluttershy. They could wake up together every morning, have delicious breakfasts together, and then go about their day. The best part was being near each other whenever they wanted! No more having to go to one another’s home, no more waiting for schedules to clear up, no more taking second guesses, none of that.

At the same time, she was unsure. There had to be a catch, but what was the catch?

Three months had gone by since Rainbow moved in to the cottage. While she would have preferred for them to live in her home, this was the better arrangement. There was still be plenty of space and accessibility for the animals under Fluttershy’s care. Even Tank was even happy to be back in his former habitat and surrounded by his “two mommies”. This was working out a lot better than expected.

Day by day, they lived their routines. Getting up, having breakfast together before Rainbow would go off to work. All while Fluttershy did what she needed to do around the house, or run any errands. At the end of the afternoon, Rainbow would return home from work, they’d have dinner. They would then spend the rest of the evening reading or going to pay a visit to one of their friends until bedtime. On her days off, they took the chance to spend time together one-on-one or would go spend the day with their friends.

They were happy, enjoying the perks of being a couple that lived together.

Yawning, Rainbow Dash woke up slowly as the sun cast its rays into the bedroom. While she felt annoyed with the sun making the room a bit too bright, at least it was better than using an alarm clock. She stretched her limbs, managing to sit up and rub her eyes, remnants of sleep remained. With the idea of just going back to bed being a lot more appealing, at least she could catch a nap later this afternoon.

Looking to the other side of the newly placed double bed, Rainbow smiled widely upon seeing that Fluttershy was still there. Sometimes Fluttershy would still remain in bed, awake or asleep, once she herself was up. Other times she would already be downstairs making breakfast or getting started on her morning chores. Usually it didn’t matter, but even Rainbow couldn’t help but like having some extra snuggle time in the morning before getting the day going.

She chuckled, cuddling up to her girlfriend and kissing her cheek, “Morning, Flutters… You awake?”

Groaning a bit, Fluttershy cuddled a bit closer, mouthing out several words too quiet for Rainbow to hear. She could only guess it was something sweet and cute about not wanting to wake up. The smile gave it away, it always did.

“Oh, so you’re just going to stay asleep? That’s too bad,” Rainbow laughed, kissing her forehead, “I wanted to see my snuggle bunny… Yeah, I’m using sappy cuteness on you now. What are you going to do about it?”

Fluttershy in half sleepy daze nuzzled against her girlfriend’s chest, exhaling softly, “Why can’t I… just snuggle with you then? I thought I was your… snuggle bunny?”

Laughing, Dash kissed her head, “Sure you can, Fluttershy.”

“Just for five more minutes,” Fluttershy mused aloud, kissing Dash’s neck.

“Aren’t I usually saying that? Okay, Flutters, you can have five more minutes,” Dash kissed her head, giggling. She glanced at the clock over on the fireplace; she had to be at work at nine-thirty, but it was only eight-fifteen. There was still time.

They laid there peacefully for those five or so minutes. Time usually moved all to fast and those five minutes passed too quickly. Slowly, with a little cough, Fluttershy opened her eyes.

“Oh, good morning, Rainbow…” The timid mare replied with sleepy smile, “I hope you haven’t been waiting on me to wake up for too long.”

Shaking her head, Rainbow gave her a kiss then nuzzled her, “Nah, it’s cool. You’ve had to put up with me saying the whole ‘five more minutes’ shtick, anyway.”

“I do?” Fluttershy asked in cutely, “I don’t recall ever having to put up with it… I always enjoyed our mornings cuddles.”

Giggling, Rainbow kissed her again before rolling on top of her, “I know you do, Flutters. And I know what else you enjoy in the morning…”

Tilting her head slightly, perhaps due to her still being tired, Fluttershy asked, “What else is that?”

“Oh, don’t be coy, Fluttershy. I think you know what I mean…” Dash said sultrily, “It’s been a while since we… had a little bit of… fun in bed.”

Slowly coming to realize what Dash was talking about, Fluttershy started to blush immensely, “O-Oh, yes… There is that too…”

Chuckling, the cyan pegasus proceeded to lay kisses along Fluttershy’s neck. The warmth of their bodies combined as they settled against each other, slowly falling into throes of passion.

“So we’ve got time, for a quickie… What do you say, Flutters?”

“W-Well… only if you feel up for it,” Fluttershy blushed back. While her words sounded timid, her body’s reactions spoke much louder. “If so… then I’m game.”

A predatory smirk overcame Rainbow’s features as she all but pinned her lover to the bed, bringing them nose-to-nose. “Then you’re mine, my sweet butterfly.”

They kissed again, all but losing themselves within it. Giggles, soft moans and gasps could be heard between them. It was getting warmer under the covers, their kisses grew deeper, and already their hips joined in delicious grinding.

Before the two could truly begin to enjoy it, a pillow came flying, hitting Dash in the head and knocking her off of his owner.

“OW! Jeez…! Angel, what the hay?!” Dash yelled, clutching her face in pain. “Haven’t you heard of privacy?!”

Angel Bunny stood at the doorway, holding several other pillows which he readied in case of resistance. Looking over to his mother, he sighed, making a gesture with his paws as though he had watch on his wrist while tapping his foot. After a few seconds of letting it register, Fluttershy caught on.

“Oh dear, it must be almost eight-thirty,” she proclaimed. Turning back to Dash, she smiled faintly, “I’m so sorry, Dashie, but I must have to go feed my animal friends…”

Exhaling, Dash got off the bed, “It’s not your fault, Fluttershy. You go and feed ‘em. I’ll get in the shower.”

Looking a little worried, Fluttershy nodded and gave Rainbow a hug, “Okay… I’m still sorry. I’ll make it up to you later, I promise…”

“Sure thing,” Rainbow smiled and hugged her back. “No sweat, Flutters.”

With one last kiss, Fluttershy got up and left the room, taking Angel with her.

With no other choice, Rainbow Dash headed to the bathroom and shut the door. It was now time for phase one of her morning routine since she had work for the day. She looked at herself in the mirror for a few moments, then proceeded to get the shower running.

After taking a quick, but fulfilling shower, Dash stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her torso. A second one was wrapped around her head, as she watched herself in the mirror yet again. On any given day, she was admiring herself and making sure that she looked awesome and presentable.

These days, however, left a different story.

“Hey.... Well, looks like it’s another day,” Dash said to her reflection, as it stared and spoke back to her. “I’m off to work, ‘Shy’s looking after the place and any animals that need care. Same old routine. But hey, kinda nice to have somepony there to help, right? And it’s Fluttershy, you can’t go wrong! Oh, I guess I’d better ask if she’ll wash my socks; the hamper’s kinda full today.”

After drying her hair, she shook her head a couple times. Satisfied, she hung up both towels, shook her wings, then exited. All washed up and clean, she headed downstairs, right to the smell of breakfast.

She could already feel her mouth watering, considering that nothing beat Fluttershy’s cooking.

Seeing the timid mare preparing some food at the stove, Dash slowly approached. With a predatory grin, she brought her forelegs around Fluttershy from behind, snuggling her.

“Hey, you,” Dash cooed, nuzzling her cheek, “Smells totally awesome."

“Oh, thank you…” Fluttershy smiled back with a little sweat on her forehead, “Just trying to make something quick for us…”

“Eggs and toast, with some fresh butter? Fluttershy, I swear you spoil me!” Dash kissed her cheek, holding her tighter, “Should’ve done this ages ago…”

Blushing faintly, Fluttershy turned her attention to Rainbow, “It’s nothing special, really. I wish I could actually spoil you…”

“Please! Anything you make is delicious in my mouth and heaven in my belly!” Dash grinned, kissing her cheek again. “You’re always making something I like, and if I need to watch my figure, you always prepare something healthy that actually doesn’t taste like cardboard! Face it, Snuggy-Wuggy, your food is just awesome and spoilerific even if it’s nothing big or fancy.”

“I guess so,” Fluttershy nodded with a tired expression, turning back to finish cooking, “It’ll be done in just a moment, I promise.”

A little pout came to Rainbow’s lips as she released her. “Okay.”

Going to sit at the table, Rainbow exhaled and stared toward her mare. ‘First she’s fine with brushing off us having morning nookie… And what was up with this? She just… brushed off what I was saying. I know she’s cooking, but still. It’s like she didn’t hear what I just said.... She didn’t even call me Nibbly-Wibbly like she usually does when I call her that. Eh, whatever… It’s only the morning. I bet things will pick up when I get home this afternoon.’

Moments later, Fluttershy came to the table, making a couple of trips as she placed two plates and some cups. Finally, she brought a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice from the day before.

“I’m sorry if I am little out of it, Rainbow,” Fluttershy replied, pouring some the orange juice into two cups. “It’s just there’s quite a lot to do.”

“Hey, no sweat!” Dash said, taking a sip of her juice before she proceeded to devour her food like a hungry wild animal.

Much to Fluttershy’s dismay, Dash also proceeded to make a mess as well. “Oh, do slow down a little…”

Looking up, her cheeks puffed, Rainbow blinked. She swallowed her bite, then smiled sheepishly, “Sorry, Fluttershy. I’m just really hungry, and you know what your cooking does to me.”

Taking her fork, she proceeded to eat slowly. Pleased, Fluttershy proceeded to continue eating her food as well. They sat in silence for some time as they ate, barely even making small talk except for when they’d ask to pass the butter plate. Occasionally, they looked at one another and gave little smiles before going back to eating up.

Wiping her mouth with a napkin, Dash balled it up and tossed it onto her plate, “I’m done! Thanks for breakfast, Fluttershy, it was great!”

“Oh, of course, Rainbow,” Fluttershy smiled gently at her, “I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Getting off her chair, Rainbow Dash grabbed her saddlebags and placed them onto her back. “Well, I’m off! Figured I’d get there early anyway. By the way, got a hamper full of socks that need a good wash, would you mind? Thanks!” She kissed her lover sweetly, giving her a hug, “I’ll be back before dinner. Love you!”

“I love you too, but-” Before Fluttershy could fully voice her concern, Rainbow Dash had already darted out the door. With a slow exhale, she looked over the table and saw the mess before her. Now, she had to clean the table once more, do the laundry, and she still had to keep her other arrangements as well. Namely meeting with Rarity at the spa (something she was actually looking forward to so she might relax). But with amount of housework and smaller animals to attend to, she would have to cancel… once again.

Hopping over to her, Angel Bunny was giving her a look. Not one that demanded something he wanted, but more of something that she should know. He even crossed his arms for good measure, looking her in the eye with the message he wanted to convey.

“Oh, Angel Bunny… I know. I know… But there isn’t much I can do about it,” Fluttershy sighed, “I can only get her to clean if I ask her. And sometimes she won’t even do it then.”

He still continued to glare, shaking his head.

“Look, she’s just not used to this kind of thing. She hasn’t always had somepony to pick up after her. I-I can understand… I just need to… to talk to her about it more…” Fluttershy said, proceeding to clear off the table.

Hopping up onto a nearby chair, Angel began to gesture at the mess, mimicking the way Dash had just eaten.

“Oh, now you’re just being mean,” Fluttershy looked back at her pet bunny. “Rainbow Dash can get a bit carried away… and she does rush a lot of things, but it’s just how she is. She doesn’t mean anything by it.”

With a silent sigh, Angel hopped up onto the table and began to stack the plates. While he did not like having to clean up after the cyan mare that his mother called ‘marefriend,’ he did not like watching her struggle to clean up after her by herself even more. After the plates were stacked, he collected the glasses.

“Thank you, Angel…” Fluttershy mused, “And on some level… I really do wish Rainbow would help out just a little bit more around the house…”

Without much else to say, she proceeded to get the rest of her morning chores up and going. Hopefully, she would be able to make her spa date with Rarity if she worked quick enough. With a slight groan, Fluttershy began cleaning.

“Well goodness, am I certainly glad you made it this time, Fluttershy!” Rarity exclaimed as she relaxed within the sauna, “Mmm, it can be quite lonely without my usual spa partner! Especially when trying to help Applejack at the farm can be so dreadfully exhausting!”

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry, Rarity. Things have just-” Fluttershy paused in brief moment of shock, “You were trying to help Applejack? At her family’s farm?” This was certainly news to her. How long had it been since she spoke with her friend? Or for that matter, was this even the same Rarity? Trying to process this, the timid mare took a seat beside her friend.

Rarity looked to her in mild puzzlement, “Well, yes, dear. Haven’t I told you? I have taken some time off from running my shop while it’s being renovated and decided to help Applejack a bit. I spend the time sorting the apples and helping them move things around if they need it.”

Fluttershy blinked, trying to make sure she was hearing this correctly. Rarity had time off from work. She was helping Applejack at the farm, a place she had once called ‘dirty beyond belief.’ And it was all by choice. She had gone out of the loop longer than she realized.

“No, you haven’t told me any of that…” Fluttershy mused quietly. “It’s a little hard to believe, I suppose…”

“Hard to believe? Darling, it isn’t as if we all don’t see each other. Why, I’ve been with Applejack for many months now. Here I was certain this wouldn’t have come as a surprise to you,” said the white unicorn, still looking perplexed, “but even so, you’ve been cancelling our spa dates quite often or postponing them. Is everything all right?”

Fluttershy exhaled, sinking into her seat. Now she remembered. It was almost three or so months ago, around the time Rainbow Dash moved in with her, that Rarity gave up on her hunt for Prince Charming and started to date Applejack. How could she forget? It was all Rarity wanted to talk about after Fluttershy got back from her trip from Manehattan with Rainbow and Scootaloo.

“I’m sorry…” Fluttershy responded after a few seconds, “I guess I’m just… tired.” It was the truth. She was tired. While she loved having Rainbow Dash living with her, she could not deny that it was very tasking on her. Both physically and mentally as it would seem. Perhaps this was what she needed. To relax, enjoy herself, and not stress.

Looking worried, Rarity reached over to touch her shoulder, “Don’t be, dear. I can see that your life is quite taxing on you. But for now, you can finally relax. After we’re done here, we’ll go to lunch, and then have a nice leisure walk in the park. I think you’re going to need it.”

With a faint smile, Fluttershy looked over at her friend, “Thank you Rarity… I think you’re right. I do need this…”

“You’re welcome, Fluttershy,” Rarity smiled warmly. “Now then, what is troubling you?”

“Well, I suppose it’s just a few things as of late that are on my mind,” Fluttershy began, closing her eyes to rest. “Lately, Rainbow has been… well, no. That’s not entirely true, but not a lie either. She’s been moving very fast, I guess it’s what I mean. More and more, she forgets that I do need help maintaining our home and the number of animals that I care for as well. Not to mention the sheer number of pets that other ponies bring over for me to take care of. I know I don’t charge much, but it is a lot of work at times. So, aside from that… the house chores. I usually do all the laundry by hoof… and do most of the cooking… and have to clean up after every meal alone, but I don’t MIND doing some of that every now and then. I just… get so overwhelmed some days… and Rainbow, it’s like she hears me, but doesn’t listen to what I mean when I say it. Oh, does that make sense?”

WHAT?!” Rarity screeched, wide-eyed, “That… That little RUFFIAN! How DARE she! What kind of roommate would just leave you to do the chores?! I knew she was a lazy bint at times, but that’s no excuse! Look at you! You’re tired out and barely have much time for things anymore! All because you’re left to mind the house while she goes off without lifting a hoof to help you?! And she doesn’t even care?! I cannot believe her! I will certainly be giving her a piece of my mind! Oh, humiliating her for what she did in leaving me back in the desert will NOT amount to this! I will destroy her! Why, even Applejack will be able to-”

Rarity!” Fluttershy shouted back in a mixture of irritation and dread, “I’m not going to listen to you threaten Rainbow Dash on my behalf or for any reason! She’s a good mare and I know she cares… she just get’s caught up into the fast pace of her life. I know I wish she would help out more around the house, but I’m not about the demonize her for it. It would be like you breaking up with Applejack for her tracking mud into your store. Sure, you might get mad, but you still care about her! To some extent… this is just as much my fault as it is hers. I should be able to ask for help without feeling like it’s an inconvenience to her. So, please… don’t threaten her like that. She’s not being abusive or hateful, she’s just moving too fast…”

Recoiling, the white mare exhaled and nodded, remorseful. “You’re right, darling. I apologize, I had overreacted and for no good reason. I can agree, although I can’t stand it if Applejack tracks mud in the house, I won’t break up with her for it. As for Rainbow Dash, I know she is a good mare. She needs proper lessons in manners and taking care of house and home, but I would never call her evil nor with any malicious intent. Again, I overreacted upon seeing that she does nothing to help you and it renders you exhausted. Well, dear…” Rarity got down from the bench, heading toward the door, “Let’s go to our next treatment, shall we? I think we’re done in the sauna.”

“Actually, there is just one other thing that’s been on my mind lately,” Fluttershy admitted to her friend, sighing.

As they headed out of the sauna and into the other room, where they would be receiving massages, Rarity looked to her questioningly.

“Whatever do you mean, Fluttershy?”

Not quite looking at her friend, Fluttershy started to explain. “Well, you see… shortly after we got back from the trip, Rainbow started to talk about something else.. I said she was wanting to move too fast for me, right? Well, for about the past week, she’s been talking about wanting… a foal. As much as I love her, I don’t think I’m ready for that yet…”

The reveal surprised Rarity, as she looked to her with shock, “Rainbow Dash wants a foal? Here I thought you would be the one who wanted a foal. But I suppose life is full of surprises! So, Rainbow would like a foal and you aren’t ready for that. Well, dear, you’re just going to have to tell her that you’d like to wait a while. It is the best decision, after all. I mean, once Applejack and I… settle down, perhaps we may consider it. But right now, we both have younger sisters, though Sweetie Belle isn’t living with me… But as it stands, even we’re not ready nor far enough into our relationship for it. Taking care of a young foal is very difficult, so I do hope Rainbow Dash knows that.”

“Rarity, I enjoy taking care of animals. I know that for a fact I may never want a foal,” Fluttershy nearly deadpanned, but kept her tone friendly nevertheless. “I could never deal with that level of stress with with what I have on my plate right now. Maybe after a few years I’ll change my mind, but as it stands, I don’t want one, ever. I understand why Rainbow wants us to have a foal and it’s actually very sweet. I just can’t do it. It something… I really need to talk to her about. If only she’ll listen…”

“Fluttershy,” Rarity spoke up as they climbed onto their respective massaging tables, “you’re going to have to be very firm with her about it. I can understand as well, why she would want one. You two look after Scootaloo quite often and spend time together, which I can see works just fine for the two of you. However, even if you two have a foal right now, I can see that not working for her either. You, out of all of us, know how much Rainbow Dash wishes to become a Wonderbolt. Having a foal is going to hold her back, be it natural pregnancy, for either of you, surrogacy, or adoption. Then actually raising that foal will be a feat in it of itself. She would likely have little chances to become a Wonderbolt at all. And I think you know that in some way, she’s going to resent the child and even vicariously live through him or her. Believe me, I know.”

“I know, Rarity, I know…” Fluttershy sighed, getting up to follow her friend at last.

“Just tell her, dear. Spending time with Scootaloo is enough for you two. After all, many ponies these days don’t wish to even have children. I myself have thought of it for ages! Perhaps one day, but even then, I wad not sure. Applejack is of the Apple family honour and it is likely that she’ll want to have a foal. But there is still Big Macintosh, and he’s seeing Cheerilee at the moment. And so-oh dear, I’m getting off topic,” Rarity motioned for Aloe and Lotus to come and massage their backs. “Anyway, you two just need to talk further about it. Don’t let her pressure you.”

Once more, Fluttershy nodded, “I know… I just hope she’ll be willing to.”

“In time, she should be.”

“Hello! Fluttershy, I’m home!”

No response.

Rainbow Dash stepped into the cottage, looking around for any signs of life. Puzzled, she frowned slightly and closed the door behind her.

“Hello? Fluttershy? You in here?”

It was about at that time, she heard something coming her way from the living room. Expecting it to be Fluttershy getting up from a nap, Rainbow headed that way only to find the source of the noise to be Angel. More so, a rather annoyed looking Angel sending her a death glare.

“Angel…” Dash exhaled, “At least you’re still around. Where’s Fluttershy?”

The bunny did not even attempt to respond. It merely waved her off, continuing with whatever he was doing. From the looks of it, he was collecting scattered clothes.

“Hello? Angel? I asked you a question! Look, pal, I know we’re not exactly the best at getting along, but you could at least answer a simple question, y’know!”

Once more, the bunny all but ignored her. The a look of irritation, Angel turned around and pointed to the front door, suggesting that Fluttershy had left for whatever reason. Then, without waiting for a reply, he hopped up the stairs, stopped at the bathroom and placed the clothes in the the hamper.

“I get that she was out!” Dash called after him. She sighed, sitting on the couch and falling onto her back against the cushions. “Whatever, I guess. She’s probably just runnin’ errands or something. ...Hey, wait, he had the laundry there? Didn’t Fluttershy-oh, come on! Why the hay didn’t she do it? Come on, I ask for one thing and she can’t even do it!”

Laying her foreleg over her eyes, she lay there and decided to wait for her to get back. Uncertain about how long she was lying there, she seemed to have dozed off after a bit.

A little while later, hearing the front door open, Rainbow Dash sat up, rubbing her eyes as she saw Fluttershy entering the house.

“Fluttershy!” Spreading her wings, she zipped over to her girlfriend, “There you are! Where were you? I came home and you weren’t here!”

Looking at her with a mild surprise, Fluttershy attempted to respond. “I was out with Rarity, at the spa… We hadn’t gone together in while now and I was just hoping to… relax a bit.”

“Oh, okay,” Dash said, nodding. “But uh, why was Angel doing your laundry stuff? I thought you did it by now.”

This annoyed Fluttershy just ever so slightly, but not enough for her show it, “I had to postpone doing the laundry so I could keep my appointment…”

Dash looked her over, then sighed, “Well, okay, fine. You want a drink or something?”

“No no,” Fluttershy shook her head, “I need a few minutes before I start cooking dinner.”

“Awesome! I’m starved,” Dash said, going to the kitchen and getting herself something to drink, “Hey, cool! We still have the pie Applejack gave us! Do we have ice cream? We’ll have to have some a la mode!”

“Sadly, we don’t,” Fluttershy sighed, walking into the kitchen, “You had the last of the ice cream last night for dessert. I’ll have to run out and pick some up next time I do any shopping.”

“Oh, horseapples…” Dash pouted, but took out some apple juice. She poured a glass, drank it down, then placed it on the counter. “I’m gonna go for a quick flight! Need some leisure time to fly anyway!”

“Wait,” Fluttershy called out quickly, actually managing to get Rainbow’s attention. She fidgeted a little before finally finding her words, “Um… can you actually stay here an-and help me a bit with the cooking? Just a little?”

Rainbow turned back to her, a little puzzled, but smiled, “Yeah, okay! What’re you gonna make?”

“N-Nothing hard… just some spaghetti, b-but I could use a little help with making the marinara sauce…” Fluttershy looked away, unsure of what Dash would say next.

“Awesomesauce!” Dash laughed at her own bad pun, coming over to her, “Let’s do it, ‘Shy!”

The two went to work on preparing dinner together. It took no time at all with the two of them working at it, which even managed to give Fluttershy a peace of mind for a change.

“Thank you, Rainbow,” Fluttershy smiled for a moment, hugging her lover tightly.

“You’re welcome, Flutters!” Dash hugged her back, snuggling her. “The sauce turned out awesome!”

With everything ready, the two sat down to dinner, though the conversation dimmed. Neither had much to say, most especially Fluttershy. She ate her food slowly, while Rainbow dug in, though not as fast as earlier that morning. Even Angel was quiet as he ate his carrot salad, even if he did occasionally shoot annoyed glares toward the cyan pegasus. This didn’t go unnoticed to the pony in question, nor Fluttershy, but neither brought it up.

After finishing her food, Rainbow stretched and then hopped off her chair to the floor, “Thanks for that, Fluttershy! It was delicious! I’m just gonna go fetch the pie so it can warm up a bit from the fridge!”

Hopping over to the kitchen area, Angel went onto the counter. He then proceeded to knock over some bowls, pots and pans. Along with that, he even tipped over a jar of mayonnaise. Making the mess startled both ponies, who looked to see what was going on.

“Hey! What did you do that for, Angel?!” Dash shouted. “Oh, don’t give me that look! That was no accident!”

“Oh dear…” Fluttershy shook her head in disappointment. Just as the evening was going so well. “Rainbow Dash, would you pick up the pots and pans for me? I need to go get the mop…”

“Me? It’s not even my mess! He did it! I shouldn’t have to clean his mess! Besides, he did that on purpose!” Dash protested, shooting a glare toward the rabbit.

The irritation in her voice did not help the situation as Fluttershy sighed, “Rainbow, I know you didn’t make the mess. I’m just asking if you could pick some of it up so I can mop the rest of it…”

“Okay, okay! Jeez…” Dash proceeded to do so, picking up the fallen pots. She groaned and grumbled, shooting disapproved looks toward the smug-looking Angel.

Fluttershy left, returning with a mop and bucket while making sure to fill it with some water. She exhaled, her irritation rising within.

“I don’t even see why you’re complaining. I have to do this every day,” Fluttershy said crossly, not looking at her. “I clean up your messes every day and I shouldn’t have to.”

“Wait, what?” Now Dash turned to her, a bit annoyed and confused, “What are you talking about? You do all the cleaning around here, anyway!”

“That’s what I just said,” Fluttershy muttered back, “I do all the cleaning. Mine, yours, all the animals, and anyone else who comes here. That’s all I do every single day… I can’t even go do anything I enjoy because there’s always something I have to clean by myself…”

“Wait wait wait… hold on a second here!” Dash placed down another pot, turning to her fully, “That’s just the way it is! I go to work all day, sometimes even taking longer shifts or working overtime! And when I get home, the last thing I want to do is be expected to also clean the place! Isn’t that kinda what we do? I go to work and bring in the money and you stay behind and take care of the place! You did it all the time before I started living here!”

Fluttershy exhaled, “No, I didn’t. Before you moved in, I was cleaning up after myself and anyone else who here came did the same; clean up after themselves. And I understand that when you get home, you’re tired. But does that stop you from doing something you want to do? No!” Her voice actually rose, hinting at her real mood. “You go for late night flights after dinner while I clean. You leave as soon as you get home so you don’t have to help me cook. You don’t even have the decency to pick up your own dirty laundry and place it in a hamper! You could at the very least do that! But no! You leave every single little thing for me and then complain about it if something doesn’t get done… Have you ever even helped with buying food from the market? Of course not because you’re out having fun with Pinkie Pie or Applejack when you claim you’re busy!”

Fluttershy was on the verge of almost shouting, beginning to cry a bit with each word, “Did you know I haven’t seen any of our friends in almost two months? Two Months! I forgot that Applejack and Rarity were even dating! Oh, and thanks a lot for reminding me that Pinkie Pie and Twilight’s engagement party is this weekend! See? I can’t even keep in contact with our friends because I have to do everything here or else you’ll get mad about it! I just can't keep doing all of this all of this by myself. I don’t care if you’re tired when you get off work! If you have free time to go have fun, you can at least take a few minutes to help me!”

Wide-eyed, Dash was absolutely speechless. Of course she knew that Fluttershy could be quite scary when she was angry, especially when she was yelling. It felt like she was even striking her heart, kicking her guts. All at once, she wanted to just say she was sorry and let the guilt run free. It was all too much, to the point that she felt unsure of what to say or do. Her mind reeled with ideas, apologies, and even protests. But she had to hold them back. Rainbow Dash was at a loss, she had to keep herself in control.

But as she tried, another feeling came to her. Anger. Resistance. She tried to fight it off, but after all this time, Dash could barely hold it back any longer.

“Then why didn’t you just ask?! I’d have helped!” Rainbow half-yelled, her own voice rising. “Excuse me for thinking of other things and more important matters on my mind than putting away a freaking plate! I have bills we need to pay, a budget to overlook, gotta make sure the town has its weather up to schedule, training and making sure my body’s in top shape, all that stuff! Unless you ask me, I don’t exactly know that I have to do something!”

The moment Dash yelled, she realized that it was a mistake. The tears faded for Fluttershy. Her pupils dilated, her soft eyes sharpening to the point even daggers looked dull. This was was very different type of angry that she was not at all prepared for.

“There’s a little thing called common courtesy, I’m sure you’ve heard of it,” Fluttershy snapped back, actually yelling and startling Rainbow. “It’s where you do something because it’s the right thing to do! And for your information, I have tried to asked you, but you normally just run out before I can even speak unless it sounds like I’m upset like I did earlier! Oh, but why should that stop you? You obviously don’t care if I have to do this by myself! And I’m sick of you using that as an excuse to not help me! Bills and budget? Need I remind you that I work too?! I may not make as much as you taking care of pets and acting as a vet, but by Celestia, I was doing fine before you moved in! Right now, I feel more like I’m taking care of a child! So, don’t give me that! You do your job well and I know you have to practice, but guess what? I’m not talking about that! I am telling you to either help me or MOVE OUT!

Right then and there, Dash knew she had two options. Fuel the fire or stop this. She wanted so much to do the latter, she wanted to work this out and try to stop the madness. But all she felt was the swimming dread, doubt, and anger within her gut. All this yelling was making her angry, fueling the fire within herself. She felt a low growl at the back of her throat, her mouth was going far too fast for her brain to filter it.

“And now you’re giving me ultimatums?! You’re not even giving me a chance to work it out?! And for that matter, I do care! I just forget and don’t think about it! You really think I get up every morning and think ‘Hmm, I think I’ll ruin Fluttershy’s day by making her clean!’?! News flash, I wouldn’t do that! I’m just neglectful, that’s all! Is that a huge crime?! I could be out doing far worse than this, you know! I’m sorry, okay?! Jeez! It’s not like I mean for you to do that! If this is bothering you so much, fine!” Dash yelled, pawing at the floor with her hoof.

‘No, no! Stop it! I’m sorry, Fluttershy! I don’t mean that!’ Was all she could think, immediately regretting her words.

Just like that, all the emotion in Fluttershy’s face faded. The mop was dropped, its handle bangging the counter as it slid down, knocking over several plates onto the floor, shattering. She turned away fully.

“No, you’re right… You’re always right. Just like with everything else,” Fluttershy sniffled, hiding her face in her mane. “You can stay here, burn it to the ground, or whatever… I don’t care. I just… I’ll leave. Just… leave me alone.” She did not wait or even expect an answer and just walked out of the kitchen. Then out of the house.

Fluttershy went, not once looking back. Even when she opened the door and stepped outside, not even bothering to close it behind her. She kept going, taking a few steps along the path. Before she could get far, she was tackled to the ground by Rainbow Dash, who was much faster and was easily able to catch up to her.

“What is your problem?! Now you’re just gonna walk away?! You always do this! You run away with your tail between your legs! You’re not even gonna try to help sort this out?! Well excuse me! I’m not exactly Little Miss Mary Sunshine!” Rainbow Dash yelled, getting up, but holding her down by her tail, “And that’s another thing, sometimes I feel like you’re not even all there! You’re not even all sweet and cuddly like you always were! That’s why I escape sometimes, since it doesn’t make me think about it! That’s the real reason I do things so much! You’re not… You’re just not… Sometimes we don’t even snuggle in bed anymore! You’re either already up or you fell asleep before me! How do you think that feels?! It’s like we’re not even moved in together as a couple, but more like we’re roommates! And frankly, I kinda miss that! But if I bring it up, you get upset and start blaming yourself, making me feel bad, and I don’t know what to do sometimes! Okay?! That’s why!”

The cyan pegasus let go of her tail, sat down on her haunches, as tears ran down her face.

Fluttershy did not get up, nor did she look up at Rainbow, “I can’t always be sweet… I know I’m not always there because I have so much I have to do. I never have time to do anything I want… not even that…” She curled up in the dirt, crying, “How can I not be mad at myself? You always… always point it out as my fault… I just can’t do everything and be there… I’m not like you, Rainbow. I don’t have your stamina… I can’t do everything without help… even before you moved in, remember? I was always asking for help… I can’t do it…”

“Fluttershy…. Stop that already! There’s taking responsibility and then there’s playing the victim!” Dash exclaimed, though not in anger this time, “I’m not saying everything’s your fault! You can do it! I know you can do it! You gotta stand up for yourself, even to me! Look, this isn’t even my place! It’s yours! And if you want me gone so bad, then fine! I’ll just go! You were doing so well without me! I make messes, I make you clean, I tire you out, and you don’t even see our friends much… Just… just stop blaming yourself! I’ll just go! It’s clear you don’t want me around, anyway! Thanks a lot! ...See you later, or something… I’ll come get my stuff later. I just… I need to go!”

Refusing to sob in front of her, Dash took off into the air.

Dash looked back just once to see if Fluttershy was alright, but all she saw was the yellow mare on the ground, crying in silence. She lay there was though she were no longer living. And on the inside, that’s just how Rainbow Dash felt. Dead.

‘No, don’t go back… Not yet. I can’t go back. I can’t face her like this.’

It seemed like forever since she’d left, but Rainbow Dash no longer felt the strength to fly. So instead, she walked. She just walked along Ponyville, slower than usual, just staring dead ahead. Her eyes were glazed over and her expression was than of an unreadable, emotionless mask.

She exhaled, her mind jumbled with guilt, self-doubt, and despondency. Her body, wings, mane and tail all felt so heavy at the moment. Dash didn’t even know where she was going, her entire direction was meaningless. Despite earning odd stares from some ponies, she didn’t pay much mind to them. Her own thoughts were overtaking her, detaching her from everything.

‘What am I doing… what am I going to do? I shouldn’t have left, but I gotta be alone to think… But what am I gonna say? Do? Do I go back?’

“Rainbow Dash?” A new voice snapped her out of her thoughts. Turning to face the pony, she was met by Twilight Sparkle, who looked very concerned. “What are you doing out here this late?”

“Oh, hey, Twi,” Dash responded, shrugging, “just taking a walk.”

“At nine o'clock at night?” Twilight inquired, somewhat bluntly.

“It happens,” Dash shook her head, “I just need to think.”

Twilight, gave her a questioning look, but nodded her head in agreement, “That’s true. Still, it’s just rare to see a pony out on the streets this late. I was actually on my way back to the library myself and-” she paused, looking over her friend, “you look terrible. What happened?”

Rainbow Dash looked to her friend, then sighed, “I just… had a huge fight with Fluttershy. I’ve been...well, I’m gonna move back out.”

“A fight? How?” Twilight asked in concern, “And more importantly, why would you do that?”

“She doesn’t want me there!” Rainbow yelled.

Taking a step back, Twilight reeled at this, “You’re saying Fluttershy kicked you out? What reason could she possibly have? Why?”

“...Can we talk about this not in public?!” Rainbow realized where they were, lowering her voice.

Thinking it over for a moment, Twilight nodded, “Lead the way.”

They went to the library, both of them in silence. Twilight let them in, closing the door behind them.

Rainbow sat on her haunches on the floor, glad for a private space, but still her mind reeled. Everything from the events earlier on were still fresh and playing in her head, unable to stop from plaguing her.

“All right, please explain to me what happened between you two,” Twilight asked calmly.

“Plain and simple! She doesn’t want me there, she told me I either move out or get my act together! And she’s right! I don’t clean up or do much around the house! She was doing just fine before I barged into her cottage! I never should’ve moved in, not like this! I should’ve waited! All I did was run her ragged and made her clean more! It’s been awful! And she was right! Then there I was, being a stupid pony for no reason! When she was right all along! What kind of girlfriend am I?! Then she even goes and blames herself for it!”

“So… you’re choosing to move out rather than change yourself for the better?” Twilight asked, a bit dumbfounded, “That… sounds really stupid. I mean, I hate to be that blunt, but if you know what’s the problem, why Fluttershy feels that way, and it’s something this basic… why not just apologize and try to do better?”

I don’t know! I wanted to, but it all happened so fast! And now I don’t know what to do! What if I don’t? What if I keep messing up? I should-no! You’re right, I have to go back! I have to make it better!” Rainbow Dash paced, tears falling from her eyes, her mind jumbled. “But I don’t know, either. Fluttershy’s tried to give me chances, but I never listened! Sure I had my reasons, but what excuses were they? Fluttershy even said it’s like she’s… taking care of a child and not… living with a lover…!”

Sighing, Twilight placed a hoof on Dash’s shoulder, “You still need to tell her. I can’t say it will fix anything, but you should tell her what you told me. Don’t just let her go on thinking you left like that. If you want to make amends, you have to try… and if you want her to see you like a lover, you have to act the part.”

“I did want to make amends, I just had to go think for a bit,” Dash said, sighing.

“And that’s what had me confused,” Twilight shook her head, “You know all this already, you had your answer before we even spoke… So, what was it you needed to think about?”

Dash headed toward the door, “Just how to freaking do all that. I never had to do any of this before, Twi.”

With a small smile, Twilight opened the door for her friend, “Well, be that as it may, since you’re trying this hard… I think you’ll figure it out in no time.”

“...I sure hope so,” Dash murmured, then stepped outside.

The cottage was dark when Rainbow Dash returned about an hour or so later. As for good news, Fluttershy was no longer outside. At least, she hoped that was good news. Cautiously she entered the cottage, the place she had called her second home. Now her actual home, if Fluttershy still wanted her there.

Inside, everything was quiet, as well as messy from earlier. Whatever had happened, Fluttershy decided not to clean it up.

Exhaling, Dash realized the best course of action was to do it herself. She went to the kitchen, took the mop, and went to work. First she mopped the floor, the entire kitchen floor, making sure it was clean. Then she put the clean pots and pans away while washing the others. Anything else left out of place was returned to where it had to be. She went at it quietly, making sure the downstairs was all cleaned up.

‘Well, at least Fluttershy will wake up to a clean cottage...’ She thought.

Rainbow stretched, feeling exhausted from such a long day. She went upstairs, coming into the bedroom. Much to her surprise and relief, Fluttershy was asleep in their bed.

Hesitating, Dash slowly approached the bed, right over to Fluttershy’s side. She smiled, then leaned in to kiss her forehead.

“Goodnight, Flutters. You know I love you, right?” she whispered softly.

Going to the other side, Rainbow got into bed. She cast one more glance at her marefriend, then rolled onto her side, closing her eyes. Hopefully the next day would be better.

‘I’m not sure what’s gonna happen now. Haven’t seen Fluttershy since I left, so I don’t know… What if she really doesn’t want me living here? Even if I do try to change? It’s still her cottage. She’d have a right to throw me out. But I don’t want to go, I want to stay and change… If she’ll let me. Fluttershy was so mad… And she was right. But how could she say that?! I’m not a child! I’d-darn it, there I go again! I’m just gonna have to face the music tomorrow morning, plain and simple. I’m gonna say what I gotta say, then let her do the same. If she wants me out, fine. I’ll just go back home.’

Hours passed; night’s quiet embrace cut away by the rising sun and it warm light. The warmth itself did little to push away the chill in the cabin home of the yellow pegasus, or even help awaken her from her slumber. It was a cold feeling of sorrow and heartbreak that filled the home nopr help the mare’s thoughts. Even as she lay half asleep on her bed, all she could do was keep her eyes tightly shut.

Fluttershy laid on the edge of the bed, feeling nothing near her nor in her. She wanted to cry, just exhaust herself before even waking up so she could stay in bed and mope. Sadly, her eyes were much too sore from last night to even try to produce tears. With no other choice, Fluttershy opened her eyes.

In truth, she had no idea what to think any more. It had felt like there was a gaping hole in her chest, a chasm where her heart once was. Fluttershy knew that she was wrong to let her temper get the better of her again and yet, she let it. She drove Rainbow Dash off over such a small thing.

Placing her forehooves on the the bed, Fluttershy shakily attempted to sit up while her mind reeled at itself. ‘I can’t believe I did that… Why didn’t I just stop? I just… all I wanted was just a little help with chores around the house. That’s all… I wasn’t even that mad at her. Oh, Rainbow… I’m so sorry...’ There was a sense of self loathing in her thoughts, feeling as though it was her fault.

A sound was heard next to her in the bed. The mattress squeaked slightly, but then a second sound followed. A sleepy, contented hum.

It was enough to gain her attention. Fluttershy turned around and felt heartbeat in her chest once more. It was wondrous and painful all at the same time. Rainbow Dash was laying on her side of the bed still, sleeping.

“Mmm…” Rainbow murmured, smiling a bit in her sleep. She yawned squeakily but didn’t wake.

‘Rainbow’s here? ...She came back? If she came back, I thought she’d sleep on the couch to be away from me… Or just not come back at all. She’s here! And in bed with me! But… why? I thought she wanted to leave? Well, I made it sound like I wanted her to go, didn’t I? But I don’t… So why is she here? Why is she… Oh, I can’t believe it...’

With a mixture of emotion, Fluttershy was not sure what she should do. A part of her wanted to simply allow Rainbow to sleep, considering how harsh the fight had been. Another part was jumping up and down for joy at the sight of her lover’s return. And yet, there was part of her that felt undeserving of her love. As if, in some way, this was entirely her fault. The conflicting emotion was so much, it brought her to tears once more.

It hurt to cry like this, but it was reminder she was awake, that this was not a dream. Even with sore, red eyes and pain in her chest, she managed to smile. Giving in, she nearly collapsed onto the sleeping Rainbow Dash, hugging her tightly through her tears.

“Oh, Rainbow…” Fluttershy whispered, nuzzling against her lover, “I’m so sorry…”

In her sleep, Rainbow’s brow furrowed slightly at her disturbance of sleep. However, a moment passed before she let out a soft, content hum. She brought her hooves around Fluttershy, snuggling her.

“Flutter….shy…” She murmured in her sleep, sounding happy.

“I’m so sorry for all those things I said…” Fluttershy pleaded to Dash in her sleep, “I really am. Please wake up soon so I can tell you that…”

“Mmm…” Rainbow mumbled sleepily, cuddling against her. “Five more minutes…”

And there it was, Rainbow Dash being herself. Fluttershy could only snuggle closer at this point in fear of waking her up. Then again, she did not want to get up. At least, not now.

“How about ten?” She sniffled, “So we can cuddle…”

“Flutters…” Rainbow whined, furrowing, “Okay…”

Smiling faintly, Fluttershy gently kissed Rainbow’s cheek, “I love you, Dashie… I really do. I have for so long… please don’t go.” With an almost soundless giggle, hidden by her sobbing, she held her lover closer. “I don’t want you to leave… Ever. I’ve wanted this for so long, to be right here with you… I even… wrote you a sonnet back in flight camp, but I never told you… I’m sorry about that. I could tell you if you ever wanted to hear it. I’d do anything right now if… if it meant you’d stay…”

Rainbow Dash let out an incoherent, sleepy groan, followed by a yawn. “Fluttershy?” She mumbled, opening her eyes and trying to focus on her.

“I didn’t mean it when I said all those things,” Fluttershy continued, cuddling even closer with her eyes closed. “I was just so… tired. I wanted help so bad, to be able to be more than a cook and a maid. I wanted it to be like when we first moved in. When you would always be in the kitchen, trying to taste the food before it was done… a-and when you would always help me with dishes… a-and even when you would take off early from work, just to spend time with me… But, I know… I shouldn’t have gotten mad at you. I just…

“I just wanted you to be there for me too… To be like you always were, but that was… that was really selfish, isn't it? I’m sorry for everything. Just please, don’t leave…”

“Hey, uh, Fluttershy? I’m awake here.”

Needless to say, Rainbow Dash was absolutely stunned. She’d thought Fluttershy knew she was awake, but that was not the case. Now, her words flowed to her ears, filling her entire being. Dash had no response, but knew she had to think of something. Fluttershy was unknowingly laying her heart out, and she felt her own heart give out to the sweet, tender elements of it.

“But uh, y’know… I’m sorry too,” she said.

The moment Fluttershy looked up at her, hearing those words, it opened a floodgate of emotions. She fell into tears, clinging onto Rainbow Dash like a child.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Rainbow! I didn’t intend to be so mean! I was so tired an-and I… I’m sorry…”

“Hey, hey! Fluttershy, hey, settle down!” Rainbow said, holding her and stroking her hair, “Look, it’s okay. We just gotta talk about this. So come on, dry your tears and let’s just talk. How about over breakfast? I’ll make it.”

Sniffling, Fluttershy nodded while trying to wipe away her tears, “O-Okay, Rainbow… Bu-But you don’t have to…”

Dash shook her head, sitting them up, “Who cares. I want to, Fluttershy. Besides, we’re gonna need it if we’re gonna talk. You need to relax, anyway. So just...you get ready and I’ll be downstairs.”

With a smile, Dash kissed her sweetly, then hopped off the bed and headed downstairs.

Fluttershy sat there on the bed for a few moments, fighting off her tears. She was so taken aback by all this, her mind was not able to keep up. She wasn’t at all sure how long she sat there, attempting to dry her eyes. It was when she smelled something cooking. As much as she wished to deny it, she was hungry. Deciding that it would be best to do as Rainbow had suggested, she headed downstairs.

Over at the stove, Rainbow was preparing some pancakes and scrambled eggs. The sizzling from both pans was heard as Fluttershy came in. Rainbow Dash worked dutifully, humming to herself and even wearing an apron. The pink, frilly waist apron, no less!

“Take a seat, Flutters!” Dash said, glancing at her and gesturing to the table.

Sure enough, the dining table was even set up nicely. Nothing fancy, just two plates, two sets of utensils they would need, two cups, and a pitcher of orange juice. Just the way Fluttershy set the table every morning for breakfast.

Staring at the apron more than anything else, Fluttershy took her seat in silence. She looked about the kitchen and noticed that it was clean. Very clean in fact. Even the mess from last night was gone. Shifting her gaze across the room, everything seemed to be in place. Perfect order.

“Rainbow… you really didn’t have to do this,” Fluttershy spoke up with a tinge of sadness in her voice. “I would have gladly cooked for us if you wanted me to.”

“Nah, it’s fine, Fluttershy. But hey, I’ve got the day off! You can make lunch and dinner. I’ll help ya, try the food before it’s done, help you with the dishes… Y’know, I missed all that too. That was kinda what I was getting at before,” Rainbow murmured, turning off the heat. “How we used to be doing all this stuff when I first moved in.”

Nodding, Fluttershy wiped her eyes once more, “I missed that too… but you were right. I should have tried harder… I should have just told you what was wrong. I just got so scared you… you’d not want me anymore if I did…”

Not answering for a moment, Rainbow placed the food onto the plates while hovering over the table with the pan in hoof. Once the food and orange juice was served, she took her place at the table and sat down.

“Fluttershy, I’m just gonna level with you about this, okay?” Rainbow said in a stern tone, managing to look at her. “Look, you were right. I should’ve been more helpful to you around the house. I totally get that. And believe me, I’m gonna try harder. I know you shouldn’t have to ask me to help, but I guess sometimes it pays to at least let me know. Still, I gotta do my best to listen for that and take initiative. Like last night. I saw it was still a mess and decided to clean it for you. But still, I’m sorry, okay? I’m really sorry. I didn’t realize how much my being a moron about neglecting things got to you. I should’ve, and I’m sorry. There isn’t much I can do, except that I’ll help out a lot more around the cottage. Especially with your animals. I was always afraid to because I didn’t think I’d be good at it. But, that’s why you’re here, right? You can show me, and I’ll be able to!

“But Fluttershy, listen. ...You really hurt me last night. No, not by getting mad or yelling at me. I just, I was kinda hurt when you threatened to throw me out. But not… not just that, either…”

Dash looked down, feeling herself quiver a bit. It was hard to admit all of this. She felt her mouth sour from saying these words, but she had to. Expressing herself to Fluttershy was always easier for her, but right now she wasn’t sure she could.

But she had to. Her stomach was churning, not just from the hunger, but from the emotions within. Mind reeling, running amuck with her many emotions and thoughts; Rainbow knew what she had to do. Her resolve from the night before was not going to fail her now. Hearing Fluttershy’s end of things, at least part of it, was helping a bit.

“Last night, I said some crummy things. I was angry, you were angry, we were having a dumb fight. But the thing is, Fluttershy… you said that you felt like you were taking care of a kid. A child. And y’know what? That really hurt. I didn’t think it would, but it did. I felt like I had no other choice, like I was cornered, and had no room to make things better. Throwing me out and saying I was like a child just really hurt, okay?”

Having said her piece, Dash’s eyes fell down to her plate, unable to say anything more.

Taking in her words, Fluttershy strangely couldn’t even cry. Then again, as she registered what Rainbow was saying, taking it all in, she felt surprisingly calm. She even felt a lot more prepared for this than she imagined. With a brief nod, the yellow mare took a few bites of her food, as if to further mentally prepare herself.

Mind made up, Fluttershy knew what had to be done. She knew it, she could feel it all over. Even her hair seemed to be weaving her in the proper direction. Right now was not the time to get emotional. It was time to face the music and truly discuss what they could do. What she could do. What Rainbow could do.

Facing her lover, she finally spoke up, “Rainbow… I apologize. I was really out of line when I said either of those things. Like you said, we were angry. And sometimes, we all say things that we regret. But I assure you, I don’t mean them. Not now. I don’t want you to move out, and I don’t think you’re a child. I just let the entire mess catch up with me. I grew weak and got angry. That was not what I should’ve done. But while I can’t further apologize for what I said, I hope you know I didn’t mean to hurt you. That’s not what I tried to do. I was just really upset. I know that I’m right, I know that I was right to tell you to clean up more. But the way I did it wasn’t helping.

“So… I’m sorry. I really am…”

Looking up again, Rainbow Dash smiled. She put her fork down, came around, and hugged her warmly. Even kissing her cheek. That done, she went back to her seat.

“It’s okay, Fluttershy. We were both being dingbats last night anyway. But really though, I promise I’m gonna try helping you a lot more around the house,” she said, taking a bite of her food.

“I know…” Fluttershy smiled faintly, but had long since lost her appetite after this. “I’m still sorry…”

“I’m sorry too,” Dash said sincerely.

It got quiet after that, with the two finishing their breakfast. Or rather, Rainbow did so with Fluttershy having lost her appetite. No matter, Rainbow finished hers off as well. After both plates were empty, Fluttershy was yet again surprised when Rainbow took the dishes to the sink and began to wash them. It was quiet after that, while Rainbow washed the dishes and Fluttershy simply sat at the table watching her.

Angel hopped up onto the table looking content. However, he looked to Fluttershy and gave her a “You know what you have to do” look, before tapping her head lightly.

Sighing, Fluttershy was dreading this, but knew it had to be done. “Rainbow… there is one last thing we need to talk about…”

“Be right there, ‘Shy, just gotta finish these,” Dash replied from the sink.

Fluttershy nodded, but fidgeted nonetheless, “Okay, but… they can wait. This is important.”

Finishing off the dishes, the cyan pegasus wiped her hooves on a towel and then came back over. This time though, she took a chair and sat closer to Fluttershy, feeling tense all of a sudden. It was important, which meant that Dash was probably not going to like where it was going. Or at least, it’ll be tough to hear. Still, she knew that flying off to avoid it would only make it worse and delay the inevitable.

At the same time, she was uncertain about what it possibly could have been. But maybe that was the problem.

Dash fidgeted, but managed to face Fluttershy. She felt an urge to swallow, while her heart pounded a little too hard for her liking.

“What uh… what’s up?” She managed to ask.

“Do you remember… how you were talking about the possibility of us… having a foal?” Fluttershy inquired, meeting her gaze with a faint smile. She wanted to talk about this, to finally share her thoughts on this, but she did not want Dash to feel this was going to be an upsetting conversation. She just needed to speak her mind.

Rainbow felt struck. She looked all around her, her stomach churning and entire being seemed to go numb. All at once, she felt regretful for having ever brought that up back on that day a few months ago. Their trip with Scootaloo to Manehattan. It wasn’t the first time they’d spent a few days with the little filly over a night or two. But it had been fun and even surreal to do so on a vacation setting. Kind of like they were a family on vacation together.

Scootaloo was their little sister figure and Rainbow enjoyed being a big sister. She could never get enough of it, and helping to teach the little filly to fly was fun. A lot of fun. She enjoyed every minute of training her.

All this time, since becoming her sister, the thought had come to her. But the more she thought of it, she realized something.

‘I don’t know. Why did I say that back then? ‘Cause I thought Fluttershy would want that kind of thing? For us to be double moms to a little filly or colt? I guess so, but I don’t know now. I don’t even really remember it that much. I know I said it, but… I didn’t think about it, really. Well, gee, now I’m walkin’ into a corner! Oh no, what if she wants to have kids? Now? In the near-future? Oh, hayfeathers! Why did I even say that, back then?! I’m not even sure I’m ready! This isn’t good! Okay, okay, settle down! Just tell her, be outright and honest about it, and do it fast! Just let her know you’re not ready!’

Rainbow looked at Fluttershy nervously, then shook her head.

“Fluttershy…. look, I know what I said back there. But uh, I don’t know… I think I was kinda getting ahead of myself. Can we…. can we kinda, think about it first? I really don’t think I’m ready for it, now. I was kinda saying it off the ball since we love being around Scootaloo so much. But I-well, I think that it’d be too much right now. I mean, I’m not even a Wonderbolt yet! I kinda wanna do that before I try anything that big! Besides, I was kinda thinkin’ a lot about teaching our filly or colt how to fly and to be awesome. But all that work? I’m sorry, I’m just… I think I was kinda having my eyes being bigger than my stomach when I said that. Babies are cute! It’ll be kinda awesome to be a mom one day! But uh, not yet… okay?”

“Rainbow, relax,” Fluttershy placed a hoof on her lover’s shoulder, “I was actually just going to say that I think we should wait until at least after our wedding. We still need a bit of work on all this… but I think we’ll be ready one day…”

Eyes wide, Rainbow blushed and then laughed a bit, relief flooding over her, “Really?! Aw man, that’s awesome! Thanks, Fluttershy, I’m glad we’re on the same page about that! I-huh? Wedding?… I… I didn’t even propose! I wasn’t even thinking-oh crap, I’m sorry! I didn’t know you wanted to get married! I-I mean, I kinda knew, but I didn’t think that-”

“Rainbow,” Fluttershy giggled, “I was saying that it’s normal for most couples to have a child after getting married. However, it is nice to know you’ve thought about marriage…”

“Uh…” Dash blushed a bit more, looking embarrassed, “Kinda. Yeah, well, y’know… You’re the only one I’d ever see myself getting married to. Okay, okay, I’ve thought about it! I love you, Fluttershy, and it’d be pretty awesome if we got married. I just uh-y’know, we just moved in and we still got a while, don’t we?”

With a hoof over her mouth, Fluttershy tried not to laugh, “I don’t know, Rainbow… most couples actually move in together after they’re married. So, we might be closer… than you think,” she said with a wink.

Dash smiled goofily, “Y-Yeah… it’s kinda like we’re married right now, I guess?”

“In a way, we kind of are…” Fluttershy scooted closer, letting herself giggle. “We do in fact do quite a lot of things that most wait until marriage for. Not that I’m complaining…”

“Yeah,” Dash grinned, moving herself closer as well, “It’s kinda awesome, really. Having a nifty place, working together, and… well, call me a sap for saying this...” Her smile grew as she brought a hoof to Fluttershy’s mane, “It’s actually really awesome having somepony to come home to. Especially you, Flutters.”

“And I’m happy to be here, waiting for you…” Fluttershy smiled back.

Giving a grin, Rainbow Dash got out of her chair and hugged Fluttershy tightly. “I love you, Fluttershy.”

Hugging her back, Fluttershy cuddled against her, “Can I say I love you more?…”

Chuckling, Rainbow smiled more and nuzzled their noses. She felt like a weight had been lifted off her withers, her body was more relaxed, and she felt less tense. It was a great feeling, something she hadn’t expected to feel since last night’s dispute. In their lifetime as the best of friends, eventually dating; they did have their disagreements. But it was rare that it ever got this bad. When it did, however, it was a blow to her heart.

But now, they’d managed to work it out and make up. Rainbow was determined to keep it that way, to overcome any obstacle they’d have.

“You sure can, Flutter-baby,” Rainbow cooed, kissing her nose, “And y’know, like I said, I’ve got the day off. Maybe this evening, we can have our pals over for dinner, so we can all talk, catch up, and be ready for Twi and Pinks’s engagement party this weekend.”

“Actually… can we just stay home tonight?” Fluttershy nuzzled back, “I think you and I have some catching up to do as well…”

“Okay,” Rainbow snickered, giving her a kiss. “You win.”

Teasingly, Fluttershy got up from her chair and started to head back upstairs, “Do you mean that… you didn’t want your future fiancée all to yourself for an entire day? And that you would rather have company over? Oh dear… I guess I’ll go back and tidy up the bedroom and get ready…”

“I did just say around dinner time… we’d still have the whole day to ourselves,” Dash said, following her with a grin.

Looking back from the top of the stairs, Fluttershy coyly smiled, “Is that so? Then, was there anything you had in mind that you wanted to do?”

Rainbow Dash gave a predatory smirk, advancing toward her lover, “Fluttershy… You remember when I first moved in? We were all over each other… Just couldn’t keep our hooves off each other at all…”

Before Dash could make it up to the top, Fluttershy had slipped away, stepping into the bedroom. “I can’t say I do remember,” she began with an innocent voice, “I guess you’ll have to remind me…”

All at once, Fluttershy was tackled, right onto the bed, where Rainbow Dash was now grinning down at her with a wide, sultry smile. She licked her lips, her eyes gleaming with lust.

“Fluttershy, we’re gonna have some awesome make up sex.”

With a sweet little kiss to her lover’s nose, Fluttershy smiled cutely up at her, “Yay!”

Author's Note:

I had originally written this with a bit of help for the FlutterDash Conflict contest. Well, I have since edited and cleaned it up, now it's ready to be read by you fine readers.

Dran Kito was very kind to offer his help in editing this, so a big thank-you to him for it! It's a lot better than ever.

Not much else to say except that I hope you all enjoyed it. :)

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Comments ( 28 )
Comment posted by Soft Shell deleted Dec 15th, 2013
Comment posted by NintendoGal55 deleted Dec 15th, 2013
Comment posted by Soft Shell deleted Dec 15th, 2013

That was a nice read. I like how you touch on this more realistic issue between the couple if they finally live with each other. The little bit of Rarijack was cool too...

Comment posted by NintendoGal55 deleted Dec 15th, 2013
Comment posted by Soft Shell deleted Dec 15th, 2013

3389409 :ajsleepy: Unlike most writers, I never resort to bashing a character if I don't like them, thank you very much.

Comment posted by Soft Shell deleted Dec 15th, 2013

I need to post a story so you can actually link my account when you mention me! XD
Glad to see you post this! =)

3389493 XD Thanks, I had trouble finding your account, so I settled for this.

Me too, I finally finished and decided it was about time. Thanks! :yay:

This goes on my list of top FlutterDash fic. Brava!

This is so cute, I LOVE it!

You get 6/6 rating from me!

At first I thought you were writing Rainbow quite queerly, but then it all evened our after the fight.

Another good story from you, as I expected. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by TYRANT ALEX deleted Oct 24th, 2013

Cute story and with a good lesson about what it can happen when you live with somebody else... you can have sex all the time XD :rainbowlaugh: ....ok no, you have to clean the place first jejeje

again nice story i give a thum up to this :3

pd: i bet those dislikes are only cuz they wanted clop and theres none Xp

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that your story was the one I picked during the contest. Well done as usual.

I must say that there is definitely the slice of life in there, the scenario was a perfect example of many relationships between some lovers, heck I've had these moments before where I'd slip up and cause us to break up but then I'd feel bad and try to correct my mistake and she was easy to come to an understanding with which makes it easier to make it right. And I try my hardest to protect her from words that could hurt her nowadays if she talks about something she dreads and I think it's awesome when she's doing something I never had the opportunity to do, I just keep my mouth shut and think of how she would take it. And at times I have to be her knight in shining armor when our relationship is threatened by rumors and other people trying to get us to separate for their own satisfaction. So I would say that I have learned a valuable lesson in our relationship but there are plenty more to learn.

This is definitely something to follow as if it were a wise old mans advise.

It is also a very valuable lesson.

I'm going to give this one a 5 star rating in awesomeness and in being something to learn from.

Why did you wait so long before realase your contest entry ? :rainbowhuh:
That was an awesome/cute story though :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by IonXtreme deleted Oct 24th, 2013


Comment posted by Soft Shell deleted Dec 15th, 2013
Comment posted by Soft Shell deleted Dec 15th, 2013

Very nicely done. The conflict exploded just like a build up argument would with a married couple who had been holidng in a lot of little things liek that. It made me think of Dash as a lazy stallion for a few moments :rainbowwild: ...she kinda suited the part well.

At first I was surprised by the sexual tones but then I remembered that this is your work :scootangel: you certainly are more than just one of the good Flutterdash writers. You pulled the feels out very well thought the story. It really felt like Dash was more than just a little stuffed when she left her fillyfriends house in such a bad mood. Although the moment Twi appeared I thought to myself, oh no... here we go again, Twi will have the answers in one form or another (like she does in far too many stories). But it was nice when the conversation went more like her just bring Dash round to see that she should just have said what she was really thinking. That moment in the story stands out to me because of how Twi managed it, without being the one with all the answers.

dingbats last night anyway.

:rainbowlaugh: dingbats. I didn't know other people used that word too.

Well, it was nice to see something new from you and it was great to see Flutterdash. The TwiPie hints were nice. The RariJack hints were even better and I found the whole helping out on the farm to be rather funny. The CheeriMac was great to get a hint of too.

All in all, you get a well deserved upvote and fave from me, and I hope you enjoy the comment too :pinkiehappy:

A FlutterDash fic with Rarijack mentioned? Haha! The cuteness has been doubled!

Some things I don't like but 9/10 Dashies approve:rainbowdetermined2::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by Raindash3242 deleted Apr 20th, 2016

“There’s a little thing called common courtesy , I’m sure you’ve heard of it,” Fluttershy snapped back, actually yelling and startling Rainbow. “It’s where you do something because it’s the right thing to do! And for your information, I have tried to asked you, but you normally just run out before I can even speak unless it sounds like I’m upset like I did earlier! Oh, but why should that stop you? You obviously don’t care if I have to do this by myself! And I’m sick of you using that as an excuse to not help me! Bills and budget? Need I remind you that I work too?! I may not make as much as you taking care of pets and acting as a vet, but by Celestia, I was doing fine before you moved in! Right now, I feel more like I’m taking care of a child ! So, don’t give me that! You do your job well and I know you have to practice, but guess what? I’m not talking about that! I am telling you to either help me or MOVE OUT! ”

and at that moment rainbow knew she fucked up

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