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Granny Smith has had a pretty remarkable life of adventure and excitement, but she settled down when she had a daughter. It wasn't long before she was blessed with another. So, how did she get to where she is now? How did Big Macintosh get so quiet? How did Applejack get so invested in the family business? What ever happened to their parents? Lots of questions, and lots of answers.

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I really like this fic. Your portrayal of each member of the Apple family (especially Granny Smith) is great, I feel as if everything you added to the family's background is canon! There aren't many Apple family-centric fics here, so I'm glad I actually found a good one. AJ's my favorite pony. :ajsmug:

Tracking. :twilightsmile:

Woo a new chapter! I really like this story, you're are doing a great job!:pinkiesmile:

This continues to be good. Keep It up.

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