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I'm not 100% sure how to interpret this, but what I do know is that it is 100% brilliant. It's brilliance condensed into a few thousand words.
I'm going to read it again.

This is great!

I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed this trip into the Twilight Zone. Thank you. :twilightsmile:

(Never thought I'd be saying that.)

Uh... Uh... UuUh....UGh.....UGHck.....AHCh....Ag....uh...uhhhhhhhhy.....uhm.....

:facehoof:: You broke his brain. Congratulations.

A mindscrew fanfic. You don't see too many of these.

This...it confuses me. I have absolutely NO IDEA what I just read. :derpyderp1:

but have a like for your trouble. :twilightsmile:

A-hoy! The announced "mindfuck fic" you were writing! Well, I'm glad I've found it. Now let's start with it. But, "Adventure"? This is an adventure?

The idea behind it is familiar: Twilight doubts if she's real or not. And goes "inside" and "outside" and tries to find it. I must admit that it confused me a little in the beggining, and when I started to unrestand it, I guessed that the fic wasn't written in a chronological order and thought "well, at the end everything will become clear". I was right, but I needed to read it once more before feeling able to comment.

Let's see: Even is not real, it's a part of Twily's imagination. So is Celestia and Discord. As everything is inside Twilight's imagination, or at least the "inside" part, Celestia is the representation of authority, of everything that is right. If Celestia says that A is A, then A is A, because she's the mentor. (Hell, today I'm feeling stupid, I can't write correctly. Stupid second language). Discord, on the other hadn, represents the exact opposite, being the epytome of chaos and evil. If he says that A is A, then A is B.

HELL, I CAN'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I JUST SAID. Let's try it again: Inside Twilight's mind, Celestia is "good" and Discord is "bad", so when she fights against something, she sees her enemy as "Discord", and when she needs help, she sees "Celestia". That's the reason why when she thinks that Celestia is worng, the princess says "I'm Discord". It was Twilight who reordered her thoughts: Celestia can't be "evil", so the thing in front of her must be Discord.

Gah. I'll edit this later. I'm sleepy, I can't talk or think correctly.

TL; DR: Good, fic, I understand it, or so I think. The twist end is that she's in Pinkie's imagination or in a human imagination? It's that important? In the end, Twilight says that she doesn't care if she's real or not, because she's there no matter what. The realization that she's in the mind of someone else is not important anymore for her. Or that's what I thought, at least.

PD: Christopher Nolan? So I was right when I thought that this was similar to Inception in some things (just a few, because Twilight didn't shoot any gun. Huh). And I'm going to be a snob and thought that I'm one of the "ponyfic authors" you mention.

And please, don't take my comment seriously, or at least don't do it now, because I have to edit this. Now I'm going to sleep, because I'm starting to see sparkles and that can't be good :applejackconfused:.

See ya later. When I stop being idiot, at least. Aaaaaaargh.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words! I'd like to state, however, that I cannot be held responsible for any exploding heads or blown minds.

I see what you did there! :raritywink:

I assume if someone is reading the comments, they are already done with the fic, so spoilers are fair game.

>But, "Adventure"? This is an adventure?
Asked the author whose fic, tagged as comedy, contained cold-blooded psychical and emotional torture. :pinkiehappy: Just kidding, of course, I know there's an in-universe explanation for that. But back to your concern, adventure was the closest tag I could find, so I tagged adventure for lack of a better. You could argue that this is an... um... "mind adventure"?

About your interpretation: I don't like telling the readers if they are "right" or "wrong", because if you started to think about it, you can't be wrong. I should say, however, that your interpretation of Discord and Celestia isn't exactly the same I intended to weave into the fic, but it's actually awesome. No, really.

>And I'm going to be a snob and thought that I'm one of the "ponyfic authors" you mention.
Hmm, let's see, "Aragón"... Nope. I've never read anything from you. Who are you again? :trollestia:

>See ya later. When I stop being idiot, at least.
I don't think I'll live long enough for that... boy, am I in a trolling mood today! :trollestia:

My brain still hurts from this one, in the best possible way. :derpytongue2:

Been there, done that, got the imaginary T-shirt


Pinkie Pie.

That's all you need to know.

She constantly tries to escape her mind and constantly fails. But when she finally escapes her mind, it turns out she's probaly in somepony elses mind.:pinkiegasp:

I'm having a really hard time trying to classify this as MIND FUCK or inception.:facehoof:

...I'll go with both.:rainbowlaugh:

So it WAS all a dream! What da heck!

Haha, na, this was brilliant. Well done. I liked the ending too, that was pretty funny :pinkiecrazy:

Personally, I was thinking that it would end with some sort of Lauren Faust thing, but it didn't so... I was wrong! :twilightoops:

Congrats on the EqD post!

So we were inside twilights head, now we are trapped inside pinkies

run to the hills:twilightoops:

best meta fic I've read. Wish there was still a star system so I could vote 5 stars!

862591 He summed up my feelings.
To the author: You see, you have put in words many ways one ends up thinking about reality. [Random thoughts follow]
Twilight regains a mind which is, in part at least, independent from the world she is in.
And for those who are too scientific to accept this, please remember that the abstraction that our universe is is as valid as the one this fiction depicts.:trixieshiftleft: (<- this is the most serious emoticon I found)

I hate and love things like this.
Great writing.
I'm tempted to reorganize this into chronological order.
Thanks for the mindf**k.
Journcy Out.

...just when I think the days of good, original, thought provoking ponyfics were over with, this comes out!

Nice ending btw!

I can't dumb today, I just brained my rape.

Congrats, you have successfully crammed 3,000+ tons of ABC gum into the internal cogs of my brain. You hurt my ideas. :pinkiecrazy:
Twilight, the fact that the above occurence was actually enjoyable obviously pins me as the insane one.

923407 So, wait, are you saying I summed up your feelings, or the author did? Also, I think this emoticon here means some serious s***: :flutterrage:. Finally, yay, deep philosophical considerations of the universe we perceive!:yay:

Reasonably neat premise diminished by conceptually weak but technically competent execution. Is that cold and mechanical enough? I'm sorry, I'm not used to giving negative feedback and I'd rather not leave a stinging sensation.

I'm fairly certain I have left reality, and entered the space between spaces...
But what is real now?

It only made sense when I had finished reading, and it blew my mind.

Well done, a fantastic little story!

Ok, I THINK i got most of it though I probably didn't. The only main part I didn't get was the paragraph talking about Pinkie Pie and how Twilight wasn't trapped in her imagination anymore. What was that about?

I'm confused on what just happened here. First, Twilight got convinced everything is fake, she tries to escape the fake imagination land multiple times, asks Celestia about it, Celestia says she is Discord, She comes up with a theory how to escape, and then.... she escapes to Pinkie Land? I AM CONFUSED ON WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE. :derpyderp2:

Thank you all! I almost got an infarct logging in and seeing I have 60 unread notifications! :pinkiehappy: I'm happy if I managed to provoke some thoughts out of you, that was the intention. For those who feel their brain got violated, you might want to read it again. When I was writing this, I expected my readers reading it twice, so ideally, most everything should make sense after a second read (and perhaps given a little thought). This goes to 924649 and 925249 too! :raritywink:

922919 I liked writing the story, apart from the ending. I feel a twist ending is so mandatory in these kind of stories that it's almost an untwist. My only defense is that I hope the twist isn't what the readers would expect.

923524 Thanks! Well, who's stopping you? :raritywink:

924024 No, no, I need negative feedback! Without it, I can't improve. By "conceptually weak", you mean the idea behind the fic is weak? Is it boring? Or maybe not boring, but overused? Does it not make any sense?

This fic was very well thought out. I haven't seen this concept used before, but it does remind me of something out of The Twilight Zone or Inception.

Congrats to the author, this is one of the best fics I've read yet! :coolphoto:

Augh. I think I might have gotten it... which only makes me think that I really don't get it at all.

Anyway, I like the implicaition at the end that the world is a product of Pinkie's imagination. Clever!

923973 Yeah, I fixed the confusing change of person targeted.

Meta fic is meta...

Strange story you got here. I enjoyed it, but it didn't really satisfy me. The whole premise, well, it just doesn't go anywhere engaging. It's a big "mindfuck," as others have termed it. I mean, I get the gist of what you were saying, but it's just not something that wows me.

I think I see what you mean. I always thought the interesting part is figuring out what's going on and how, not the actual plot. Perhaps I should have implanted a more engaging, overarched plotline in addition to the unusual setting.

Trivia, but I also have a comedy/slice of life rejected by EqD because of the lack of an engaging plot. I guess it's more or less the same: you can't go anywhere simply with jokes (or "mind screw", for that matter) without an attracting storyline. Thank you for reminding me to this, I'll try to avoid this kind of mistake in the future.

Thank you! :twilightsmile:

This is really clever. I can see why you'd thank Nolan - Memento, right? A story where it doesn't matter when stuff happens, rather that the reader pay attention to it and add 2 and 2.

Your memory is nothing but a cluttered mess of chaotic fragments of events. You can't think chronologically This single line made it click for me. I don't know how or what, but it clicked.

And Pinkie Pie... well, it's a theory as good as any other about why she's so, well, Pinkie Pie. Way to deliver a killer ending.

Gonna reaarange this chronologically, see if I can put things into a different perspective. Cheers

Actually, it was after Inception I started to think about this whole reality business, so it's better to say Nolan's name rather than one specific work of his.

I gotta admit though, Batman added little to the fic :rainbowwild:

I'm confused. Isn't the whole idea that Twilight is actually a part of a collective imagination created by those who watch FiM? This means that she is both imaginary, since she does not exist physically, and real, since we make her real.
But what does Pinkie Pie have to do with all this?...

I don't really like detailing my original intentions in the comments, but if you read the fic again and are still confused, and still interested, shoot me a PM, and I'll see if I can answer your question.

941194 Okay, thank you!
I should probably write down to do that...

We need to go deeper.

That was absolutely Celestia-damned brilliant. My only complaint - a personal one - is that I don't like the last line. It gives me the same feeling that one gets when one finds out at the end of a movie that the whole thing was a dream. I feel somewhat crestfallen and disturbed.

dat ending

Wait Twilight was having dreams inside of her dreams inside of her dreams inside of her dreams inside of Pinkie's reality.

Yes. Just Yes. That is all.

What. The. Buck.

I cannot help but feel like that was the most long-winded explanation of "Cogito ergo sum" ever.

Hey, nice trick you played here.

I really like the fact, that the real answer was hidden in the show this whole time. This twist was smart, sharp, and it definitely succeed at turning this whole story upside down in two sentences.

And it also made me kinda sad.


Well deserved gold star, mister.
Sorry for bad English.

Thanks for commenting on my waste of time, I really enjoyed this

Correction: I'll be telling the Vault guy about this one.

My only criticism is that there's a bit of "talking heads syndrome". Other than that, it's a singular experience.

Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?
--Edgar Allan Poe

Thank you!

I guess you're right about the "talking heads syndrome". I deliberately kept descriptions minimalistic, to help focusing on the characters, but this doesn't change the fact that the story is somewhat lacking of actual action. I think this is similar to what 928193 meant by the story "not going anywhere engaging".

Thanks again, constructive criticism is the best way to learn!

Only one word came to mind as I read it...

'nuff said.

I think the best part is Twilight acknowledging that she might not be real, but also that that doesn't matter- she's still verifiably in the wrong layer of reality. She'll never be able to prove whether the world around her actually exists, but she can spot when it doesn't interact with her and the known unreal elements she carries with her in the way it should, and that will tell her whether or not it's as real as she is, which is all she wants anyway. "Celestia," whatever she is, only thinks Twilight's task is impossible because she doesn't understand the true objective.

Of course, the Pinkie Pie bit is also pretty great. "And that's how Equestria was made!"

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