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The Earth is going to die: there is no question about it. It was inevitable, really, but the manner and how soon was never set in stone.

Three lonely figures, bound together by memories of lives long past, gather to watch their doom unfold.

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Comment posted by TheSlowOne deleted Sep 21st, 2018

That ending made my almost cold heart feel.:fluttercry: Another great story by a great writer.:moustache:

3708380 Maybe not... :rainbowlaugh:
Yeah, it's done: thanks for pointing that out.

A touching little 'Curse of Immortality" story

My heart is cold, hard, and dead, yet this story made it feel sadness.
...I can't make a dirty comment after reading this...
nobody asked you josh.
I... I think I'm gonna go over there and weep and cry.
...Dear god, this story...
Oh... oh my...
What is this wetness on my cheek?
My heart is the equivalent to satanic and I feel sad after reading this.
you lie

Wow... that was pretty touching.

I liked this, but I feel it could have been a lot better. The story just felt a little too technical to me, and it seemed like it focused more on telling the reader what happened in all the years before, than making the reader feel the situation.

Honestly, it was good and it has my like, but it could have had my favorite.

This story has been successfully reviewed by The Pleasant Commentator and Review Group. I suggest finding the review as a thread in the group's forum. Thanks for writing this :pinkiesmile:

As said bellow, your story has been reviewed, you can find it here!
nooo.....This link here!

The pain in my heart....IT BURNS!!!
So much, might explode....

Okay better now, seriously though pretty good sad story.



So there's still inhabitants on the planet even at the eve of the sun's death ?


Oh I must have misread somewhere there. Sorry..

You, sir, are now getting a review. Great work.

Hmm...a neat idea. But as has been said, it meanders far too much and gets bogged down in the description. I ended up skipping over most of the "war" part.
Also you kinda lost me at the end with using our own solar system.

H-how Tragic...Yet Beautiful...TT_TT


Lets just hope discord was right about the after life or he's going to have the god of dragons after him but really great story and really sad story :fluttercry:

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