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Outkast in Equestria: A Tale in Secret - Tower of 0

A piece of secret technology has found its way into Equestria. The consequences are undeniable, but can they be changed?

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The Music of Canterlot

Elsewhere, Classified Location

"Ma'am, the Outkast project has escaped. Should I mobilize a containment team?" A unicorn in dented armor informed the back of an armchair

"No." A unseen source of the voice replied.

"B-but ma'am, it's obviously too dangerous to be out in public! Think of the consequences!" The unicorn stuttered back.

"I'm aware, but do you think they can trace where he came from?" The chair turn, a shadowy figure still hidden. "Where was it last seen heading."

"C-canterlot, Ma'am" The unicorn sputtered out.

"Then I have no worries about it."

Canterlot, Equestria

Elegence. Is all I can can describe of the music I play. A concert tonight in one of the great music hall in Canterlot. My concert. I made sure my cello was tuned properly before the show, and now, the spotlight is on me. Always a good time for me to shine. A small pressure fell over me. Stress most likely. There was no room for errors here now.

"You can do this, Octavia, just a little longer." I told myself.

I could do this, no, I must do this! Then I can retire back to my abode afterwards, knowing I have pleased the posh crowd of Canterlot Ponies. Well, my would've finished if it weren't for that awful screeching sound. At first I thought it was my cello, but when I stopped playing, it continued. Most of the ponies assumed, no, they knew it was coming from outside the music hall. I watched them filter out of the doors to see what was making that awful noise. I saw what it was upon my exit, a fireball. We all watched it streak and screech through the night sky, then something awful happened. The streaking ball of fire flew straight through an airship and crashed into the face of the mountain. The airship was set ablaze, its passengers of unicorn, pegasi, and earth alike desperate to get off the thing before it crashed into the ground. Pegasi and unicorns that worked on the ship were quick to lend a helping hoof, aiding those deemed necessary of aid. It was a horrid sight to see at most.

Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore, I rushed back inside to pack up and head home. I'll just need some time alone. A few days at most.

Canterlot Mountain Face, Equestria, Oukast

"System restored."

Why do I feel that something isn't right with me? I apparently have a whir in my ears, I go clang, and there's a voice in my head that can knock me out at will. All of which I need to get used to, much like the whirring. Yes I gotten used to the whirring, it's just something I can't escape that will grind on my nerves. Anyway, I should see... well, looks like most of the elevator lodged itself inside the mountain. Great. Now I guess I should go see where exac- OH DEAR!

I closed my eyes and braced for...


More wood

Even more wood


I laid there for at least a few moments before opening my eyes, what I saw I couldn't just believe. A grey mare was staring at me. I could see why considering she was on that first floor I hit. Now there were four gaping holes in her home. Probably gotta fix that sometime sooner or later.

"Are you alright?" she asked me.

I opened my mouth to speak, but then I remembered I didn't really learn how, but I can understand her like I did the guard. I settled for a subtle nod, then rose to my hooves.

"Can you talk?" She asked me, I finally noticed her accent, sounded a bit posh, or foreign.

I responded to her question with a shake of my head.

"I'm gonna call an ambulance... You don't seem alright." She disappeared from sight. So I sat there, confused, somewhat dazed.

I'm having a hard time understand that I am pony, but at the same time, not one either. It's strange if you ask me, but hey, what isn't? So this mare, this grey, black maned mare, called some ponies to come get me and take me to a hospital, but when they saw I was perfectly fine, they just up and left. The mare I mentioned before was on the ground floor of her house, I presumed it was hers since, you know, she lived here, pacing and rambling on about how she was going to explain this to the home insurance agency. Whatever insurance was. I could see why it would be hard to explain considering a pony wouldn't make gaping holes in each floor of a home. Maybe smash a window or break a door or something. She eventually just trotted off, mumbling to herself, into a secondary room branching off of the main door. If I didn't know better, I'd say she forgot I was here.

So, I did my best not to break anything else by standing in one place, admiring the room I so crashed in. It was still in its entirety, but still there was a lot to take in. Fancy plants, portraits, even some expensive looking vases and other works. IT was an artisans paradise, and arts is something I could admire. Then there was that wonderful sound. String, obviously a base. I couldn't help but let my ears lead me to the source of these wonderful notes as they were being played. Lo! Thine eyes at attention of the mare playing the cello. Oh she sounded so wonderful when she played!

I lost track of time, closing my eyes , a smile crept along my face, and my hooves started to move. I think she took notice of this and stopped playing. My eyes shot open and looked at in confusion. She just looked at me with a small smile.

"I see you like classical. True or not?" She asked, her purple eyes on me

I simply nodded, I wanted to hear more!

"Well then, consider yourself lucky. Not many ponies get a private show." She told me, then started playing again.

Again, I closed my eyes, let my ears tune in, mind wandering, and hooves move without a thought to them. I could feel her eyes watch me, not that it bothered me, but I think she was taking her time admiring how this pegasus could ballroom. I don't really want to gloat, but there was a lot of things I performed when nopony was watching me back at my box.

It felt... nice.. to know that somepony was willing to watch me dance away. I couldn't explain this, but, it felt like I belonged for once. Being back at the box was empty, quiet, filled with sorrow. It didn't feel to good. Now? Now I can probably truly express myself.

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