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Shao Kahn Emperor of Outworld has failed yet again in taking earth realm, and so he has set his sights on a realm that couldn't possibly defend its self. The Elder gods have been notified and the tournament lines are drawn, but will the realm of Equestria be more of a challenge then first thought? Leaving behined the honored traditions of Mortal Kombat and bitting off more then they could chew were going into.


Logo art by Kyute-Kitsune

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Comments ( 32 )

Interesting. I shall track. But be warned!! If I don't like it. It shall burn in pits of hell fire! :pinkiecrazy:

Completely awesome. Can' wait ta see what happens next!
"Prologue". You forgot the "ue".

:rainbowkiss:Now I wonder what would happen if Johnny Cage met them. Him and Dashie would get along just fine.

actually that isn't a spelling error we here at Pony Kombat would like to show our support for the average log, as they provide us with a higher quality of life, hence we are Pro Log :pinkiehappy: but seriously we will have that error fixed right up.

Thank you for giving this story a chance I hope that everything falls into your liking as i would hate for my soul to burn in agony for all time. :scootangel:

Fluttershy will totally win pony kombat

scorpion- my advice for you-

This is ridiculous... When's the next update?

298191 sadly not for a little while, chapter 1 is still in the process of being written and due to the length, and the six fights that are planned for Rainbow Dash, it shouldn't be done for a few weeks, however we plan on making the chapters satisfying and well paced so that when they do come out they are at a high standard of quality.

"How are we not in Equestria!" This needs a ?. Anyway. tracked.:pinkiehappy:

I'm picturing fluttershy going all "LOVE ME!" on some bitches

“It is only four generations old" I see what you did there.
also "Some how everything had gone wrong in his life and he had gone from almost having the entire world at his command, to now… partaking in Mortal Kombat with ponies." this made me laugh so loud I almost fell from my chair! I'll track this.

This is interesting. Are you also including the Earthrealm warriors, or is just Outworld and Equestria?

Keep up the good work; looking forward to the update! :pinkiehappy:

I don't even know what to think about this fic......... But I would at least expect Raden to see this as a possible threat and help them somehow. one way or another.

300980 we won't be seeing earth realm warriors in this story, except for the Lin Kuei, the reason for this is that Earth realm is not at threat any more, personally id like to think that Johnny Cage and the others are all on a beach relaxing during the time line of this story.

As for why the Lin Kuei are their I have an explanation in the story, but really they have just been bought as a safety measure to make sure that nothing goes wrong for Outworld.

301908 actually Raiden is the god and guardian for earth realm as he has stated so many times in the past that unless directly challenged he can't do anything, and really Equestria is well defended having two such guardians in the form of the immortal goddesses Celestia and Luna. three if you count the member of the Q but he won't be in this story... except for the logo :trollestia:

Can't wait until the next chapter /):rainbowkiss:(\

This is gonna be good :pinkiehappy:

One word of advice: Be careful what you do with Scorpion and Sub Zero, especially the latter - I've had a couple of commenters threaten to troll me off the internet if I kill him off...

Hey, what can I say, MK Fans (like any fans) are passionate. I love me some Fatalities. Also Scorpion and Sub-Zero are the most recognizable characters. Also I realize I may have gone too far on my passion.

303915>>304087 Sub zero and scorpion have died a multiple of times in the series, and this is my story, I already have plots in motion with them, and a pony to be named later, :ajbemused: as a fan of mortal Kombat i can practically tell you that they have died at least 4 times to my knowledge. One more death should not be a major factor to either of them.

304579 Well that is correct Scorpion is a Hellspawn, Wrath if you will, as for Sub-Zero I think your thinking Noob Saibot (the original Sub-Zero as you know) who is also a Wrath. And I expect you will do justice, but if Sub-Zero or Scorpion get killed by Rarity or Pinkie Pie I will, what do you say dislike (IDK), this faster than you can say "Toasty"!

Pinkie is so dumb Scorpions aren't insects their arachnids (I know you know that). Great Story, cant wait. Also amazing Logo! And please kill Rarity. So I take it you don't like MK4 (I know it is not the best in the series, but it was the last great game in the series until MK:DA and Deception). Lastly, though it was never released, the only game I think could rival MK as far as violence goes is a game called Thrill Kill. Speaking of someone should write a thing about Thrill Kill, Conker's Bad Fur Day (British humor at its best), and Killer Instinct.

Oh noes. I can imagine Dashie dying and Fluttershy goes berserk and kills her next vict- I mean opponent by ripping both arms off and shoving them down their throat.

Goro vs. Pinkie pie. Do this and that will make my day. Leave a battle for Shao Kahn and Celestia, I'd love to see Celestia mop the floor with him.

Fluttershy vs Scorpion

Fluttershy used stare

BRUTALITY!!! FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!:rainbowkiss::yay:

oh and make all those who die when the tournament ends they come back to life, OKTHXGTGBYE!!!:rainbowlaugh:

yesh... make them revive at the end... so feel free to kill poniesh....:pinkiecrazy:

5000 years later, wheres that update? Ya busy? I can wait m'kay, just wondering.

Now, I do not usually write comments, but when I do I demand more.... So. gimme what I want, this instant, or else... I will... Ehm... Do... I will... Hmm... I bring in the kumquats!

Fluttershy vs Scorpion




Fatality... way to lose the man points Scorpion...

I would like to see Ermac, quan chi, or Shang Sung use their better magic to beat twilight.


when are you going to start the rest of the story?

During the time when i was writting the second chapter, my computer exploded, and by the time i got a new laptop and eventually worked up the courage to come back to this site and work on my new fic, I had forgotten about this one, and just ended up loosing interest in the story. To those who have been eagerly awaiting a new update to this story... I have to apologize deeply, but in all reality this project was doomed a long time ago.

Wow way to just get everyone really excited about a great story then just end it for a stupid reason

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