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Losing a friend is never easy, and when you try to hold on to their memories you wind up losing then even more. Five friends must overcome their own issues, each others mistakes, and the loss of their friend if they want to get back to living. It's just not so easy when you can't let go.

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Am I the only one who loathes these kinds of sadfics? :ajbemused:

A sad fic about one of the Mane 6 dying and or



Well, all I can say is this: "LOL, She's dead." :twilightsheepish:

I tend to dislike stories that make me cry, but I know good writing when I see it.

To the author: People are down-voting because they don't like the genre, but you did a good job. Don't let it get to you.

I almost cried. :'(

Hm. I've seen a lot of stories where one of the ponies dies. But I don't think it's ever been Pinkie.

This is an exceptional story. It explores exactly how special Pinkie was to each and every one of her friends and shows that she really was important - she did matter. That seems to be something people forget a lot, and I think you captured it well.

This was devestating, but every word was worth reading and it was beautiful too.

Well done. :pinkiesmile:

I have to applaud the amount of effort you put into this. Indeed, this did stir up a plethora of sad feelings. Of course, that also makes me feel exploited to some degree (especially when you use death as a plot point), so when I see fics like these I tend to be extra critical. You got the "sad" response, I'll give you that, and in most situations I'd just let it stand at that and leave. But considering how much work you put into this, I'm sure you're someone who would like to improve. So here are my thoughts:

This is clearly about the ponies' relationships, and that's a marvelous idea that you emphasize pretty well. But the conflict you've set up among them doesn't always ring well with me. Fluttershy is the only character that I really like in this story, because her role is so much different and more believable than the others'. RD's rage is nonsensical; why would she still be mad at Twilight for that long when she didn't really do anything? The rest of them just linger in quiet self-denial. The whole prose is just filled with mournful references, and I think that just distracts the reader from a meaningful look at the living relationships going on in the story. Maybe I'm wrong (I've never lost a friend), maybe it was your intent to be that way, but I just find it a little ridiculous that the whole mood among them is "sadness, sadness, sadness" a whole year later. For example, you describe Applejack suddenly breaking into sobs while limping to Twilight's house. It wasn't particularly timely, and it feels like you're really trying hard to get feel sorry for her. But all the other characters are having sob-fests as well. It aroused my sadness, yes, but why don't you try to "wow!" me with a response that I wouldn't initially expect but would make sense with the character? Of course, you may have to develop the characters in a more complex way, and that's alot to ask, I know. I'm just saying...I'd take being "wowed!" over being saddened any day. You did this with Fluttershy.

I hope that all made sense, and hopefully I didn't misread anything from the story. I just have kind of a love/hate relationship with these kind of stories. And I read so many words of this thing, so I felt I should respond with as much dedication. I liked this. I just can't help but note all the ways it could have been better and less exploitative. Me and my conceit :trixieshiftleft:

306991 Thank you for your input, I do not read any conceit in your words, only a great deal of honesty through all of it. You are absolutely correct, I am definitely someone who would like to improve. It made enough sense for me. I'll keep these notes, and apply them to future fics. Although, I don't think that I'll exploring many more sad ones. I'm focusing, instead, on the new part of "Of Delicate Things... And Hard Work..." and I feel that these notes will still be useful therein. As I said, Thank you. I appreciate your honesty.

The plot seems too convenient, the letters just happen to address every little problem for each character. I also never like it when authors just remove characters from a story because it'd be too hard to keep up with them all, Spike, Sweetie Belle, etc. Also I think there was just too much time wasted... I mean, it's hard to believe that they sat around with these problems for an entire year, especially since the problems were resolved so easily and took little more than a few sentences of reassurance; maybe if you cut the story's time lapse down to about three months, it'd at least be easier to believe.

There were some typos in there too but I didn't keep track of what or where they were, sorry. Anyway I don't want this to sound like a negative review because I did like the story.

-raises a drink- To a great story! ...and to Pinkie!

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