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[2nd Person]

"Her quivering bottom lip and puppy dog eyes were no match for the steely resistance you had built up over the years after adopting her. She’d tried this trick one too many times and finally you had conquered its power over you."

The Last Oreo. Topped with the crumbs of its fallen brethren, it truly is the best one of the pack. The problem stems from the fact that everyone wants it.
Who gets it though? The cute but cunning companion or you?

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Comments ( 6 )

Ohhhh all the diabetes and heart attacks in the world.

Cute story. I don't normally care for 2nd person, but I feel you've written one that I really enjoyed. Usually, in 2nd person, I feel like I'm being railroaded, or that I'm being given a script in a play and told what to say and when. I know that 'free will' is just as much an illusion in 1st and 3rd person works as it is in 2nd person, but for some reason, the others always felt that the characters actually had choices they made for themselves rather than having them made for them. So, have this 'stache for making one of the only 2nd person's that I actually liked. :moustache:

<-----This guy is ded due to cuteness overload.

??? Erm ok wtf? I don't know what's happening right now?

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