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The Cutie Mark Crusaders are about to have their first ever sleepover in their clubhouse! They are all very excited, even when it turns out that Spike will be joining them as well. They can’t wait to have an entire night by themselves to try to get their cutie marks, but there are other forces at work that night.

What crazy plans will the Cutie Mark Crusaders come up with this time? What will Spike do when he finally gets some alone time with Rarity? What does Rainbow Dash’s bathroom have to do with all this? And why is Rarity upset her little sister has finally gotten her cutie mark?

Note: Rated teen for recreational potion and cider use and some sex jokes. Contains no clop.

My Little Pony Blotter Paper found here.

Chapters (3)
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stack of old magazines sitting on top of the toilette.

That extra t and e do not belong. :eeyup:

Other then that an intresting start. :trixieshiftleft:



No, I was right. Rainbow Dash imported her toilette from Prance.

J/K You're right. Thanks for the heads up.

LOL toilette is the german word for toilet :D



Damn. Now I'm going to have to think up a pony pun for Germany. :twilightoops:

It's probably just my depraved sense of humor, but I literally laughed at so many parts of this. Seriously, this is probably the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Good job, man.



I know what you mean about the humor. It's kind of an acquired taste. I think a lot of people just didn't know what to think of this story when they read it.
It's really cool that you like it. Thanks a lot!

Why this doesn't have more thumbs, I don't know. The CMC trippin' balls is the funniest idea I've heard all week.



Thanks for the compliment, man.
I don't know. Maybe my writing style is off-putting to people, or maybe everyone finds the whole concept overly strange. I think it has to do with marketing, as in my story's not popular, so it will never be popular. You know what I mean?



Thanks. It probably took me way longer than it should have to draw that, but I don't really want to try to harass any real artist to work their butt off for a story they would probably never read.

Discord, what would we do without you?


It's interesting that you based their reactions on an actual plant. And you have to like The Matrix and Shining references. But I don't know about the Cutie marks Discord gave them. I mean, he's a trickster for sure, but I don't think he's one to brand someone for life like that. I guess Rarity will have to make them all a dress and tell them to never take them off.

Oh, and for the cover picture, most of us who can't or don't want to take the time to draw their own just use places like Google images or Deviantart to find them. Though make sure you link back to the original place you got the picture if you take that route.



I had intended for it to be ambiguous whether or not Discord was actually there or if it was another of Sweetie Belle's hallucinations (she had been thinking about Discord before). I always imagined Discord as being almost unable to keep from sowing chaos, even to the point that he must be chaotic even to his own detriment. (Why not hide the Elements of Harmony in a ditch somewhere, instead of Twilight's library? Because it was a choice that would be chaotic for himself).

I'm glad you liked the story.

This is so funny :) love it! You're really good at writing Zecura! And Spike is actually pretty interesting in this story, which is a rare thing :p

This is so funny :) love it! You're really good at writing Zecura! And Spike is actually pretty interesting in this story, which is a rare thing :p


Thanks! It's a little rough around the edges as this story represents my first foray into writing fiction after a ten year hiatus. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

OMG!!! Poor Big Mac... Rape happy spike is pretty damn traumatizing. The cutie marks... I died:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:


Thanks for reading and commenting! This was kind of my random, wtf story; I guess all of us have at least one. :raritywink:

Dem Kubrick references.

I loved this. Now I want to see some group drug/sex experimentation with the Mane 6.

4549641 This needs a sequel.

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