• Published 1st Mar 2014
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Party Animals - DARKPHANTOM13

Once again Spike is left alone at the library while Twilight is away. Bored and tired of always staying inside he decides to go to a night club with a friend.

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Time to Rock

Time to Rock

"Okay Spike I'm going to Canterlot now. Make sure to take care of library." Twilight said at the door with her suitcase in hand.

"Yeah, yeah. Have a nice time Twilight." A teenage Spike replied as he finished sorting the books of the library for the fifth time today at Twilight's order. He still didn't see the point of it since nobody, but Twilight even came into the library today. It was times like this made him wonder whether or not he should look for another job, one that actually pays, but she was basically his sister so he'll stick around until a job he would like pops up.

Twilight left the library, leaving him alone once again. This has been a common trend since Twilight has become a princess. Her going out on royal lessons or duties, leaving him behind. He knew that what she was doing was important and it would probably bore him to death, but he was tired of being alone and cooped up in the library. He was stuck in a rut that he had no idea how to get out of it. As he finished reorganizing he decided to re-read some old comics when there was a knock on the door. With a sigh he opens the door to reveal his good friend Big Mac. The two of them started to hang out with each other, mostly due to them spending a lot of time with girls and needing to hang out with another guy every once in a while.

"Hey Mac," Spike greeted him with a fist pump. "What brings you here?"

"I was on my way to hit this club and I decide to see if ya wanted tag along," Mac replied in his usual deep voice.

"Ponyville has a club?" Spike questioned with a scaled eyebrow.

"It just opened last week and I've been hearin' a lot of good things about. So ya'll coming or not?"

Spike thought about it for a second. He has never really been to a club, and Twilight was pretty much against him going to one, even though he was old enough to do so. However, he was curious, and at the moment he didn't feel like listening to Twilight for a change. Besides, this might be just the thing he needed to get himself out of his rut. It sure beats staying alone in the library for the night.

"Sure, just give me a sec to change," Spike answered as he went up to his room and put on some ironed jeans, a black shirt, and a purple hoodie. Unlike like ponies he didn't wear any shoes since his claws would just tear through most of them. He quickly grabbed his wallet and locked the library behind him. With everything done that needed to be done the to two set out into the night.


They made their way to the other side of Ponyville until they were standing in front of a club with, 'The Wolf's Den', written in neon lights.

"Seriously? They couldn't come up with a better name? It sounds more like one of those criminal bars you see in movies and stuff," Spike commented as they went through the doors. The place was pretty nice, a lot nicer than what you would expect for a club in a small town like Ponyville. A bar with an impressive selection of drinks to side. In the middle area was a large dance floor with different color flashing lights coming out of the tiles. There was a pretty big stage with a DJ playing music that echoed throughout the club and what looks to be a karaoke machine to the side. The place also had plenty of chairs, couches, stools, and tables for the everyone to rest their feet.

"From what I heard the owner here is a Diamond Dog," Big Mac defended as the two took a seat on some stools at the bar.

"Well that makes sense, but still," Spike said as he waved down the bartender that had a slicked back, black mane and handlebar mustache with chestnut fur.

"What's your poison?" He asked the two.

"I'll take a mug of cider," Mac answered, getting his preferred drink.

"I'll have a bottle of Vodka," Spike replied.

"Coming right up." The bartender quickly gave them their drinks where they paid for it up front. The two of them didn't feel like getting wasted. They each took a deep swing of their drinks and let out a sigh as the liquid went to their stomachs.

"I still don't get how ya'll can drink that stuff so fast? My mouth is burning just thinking about it," Mac asked as he took a quick look around the club.

"Well, when you've been breathing fire since you were in diapers this is nothing." Spike replied as he took another swing of this drink. "Would you mind keeping an eye on my drink? I'm going to hit the dance floor."

"Sure, besides I don't feel like dancin' anyway."

"That's because you have two left feet," Spike chuckled as he got up and made his way to the dance floor.


"I cannot believe I let you drag me here," A mare with a black mane and grey fur said. She was dressed in a style normally worn by classical musicians and had calculating purple eyes. That and the very air around her made the mare pretty much stand out in her current environment.

"Oh lighten up Tavia," Another mare said. This mare was white with a two tone neon blue mane with red eyes. She was wearing a V-neck, sleeveless white shirt that showed off her stomach, some tight black jeans, and for some reason sunglasses on her forehead. A complete contrast to her friend who seemed out of place in the club. "If I'm going to work part time here we might as well check the place out before I do."

"I suppose you have do a point," Octavia agreed. "At least you won't be home blasting that noise you call music all the time."

"Normally I would be insulted, but I'm in a good mood tonight," Vinyl said as she took her last swing of a can of beer. "I'm going to hit the dance floor, wanna join me?"

"No thank you, dancing isn't my cup of tea." Octavia replied

"Suit yourself," With a shrug the white mare made her way to the dance floor. As she danced to the beat of the music blaring throughout the club she felt herself become free and full of energy. She had always loved dancing, if she didn't become a DJ she probably would've ended up being a dancer. Suddenly she was accidentally pushed by another dancer, before she kissed the floor somebody caught her by the waist. After the stranger put her back on her feet she turned to her helper. Imagine her surprised when it turned out it was a purple and green teenage dragon.

"Are you okay?" Spike asked the mare.

"Yeah I'm fine," Vinyl replied. She gave the drake a once over and she liked what she saw. "Thanks for the save. Names Vinyl."

"Spike. I saw the way you were dancing earlier and I got to say I'm impressed. Do you dance often?"

"You can say that. It's more of a hobby than anything," Vinyl replied as the two started to dance together. "You got some pretty good moves yourself Dragon Boy. You come here often?"

"Naw, first time in a club and I had nothing better to do."

"Really?! Then let an expert show you the ropes!" And with that her dance moves became more complex. Busting out moves you would see in hip hop videos. Not one to be shown up without a fight, Spike stepped up his game as well. It quickly turned into a dance off where the other dancers made way for the two combatants. Spike put up a good fight, but it was easy to tell who was the better dancer. The two sat down on a nearby couch to catch their breath after the extreme dancing they just did.

"Man, you really are an expert," Spike commented as he gave his feet some much needed rest.

"Indeed I am," She replied with pride in her voice that reminded Spike of a blue friend of his.

"But you were pretty good yourself, handsome." She gave the dragon a flirtatious wink that caused a small blush to spread across said dragon's face.

"Uh...Thank you," Spike sheepishly replied. The reaction caused the DJ to grin. Soon Big Mac made his way his way over to the two.

"Hey Spike," Big Mac said getting the dragon and mare's attention. "I'm gonna call it a night, ya'll coming?"

The drake thought about it for a second and took a quick glance to the mare next to him. With his mind made up he turn to his tall friend and said, "No thanks. I think I'm going to stay here for a while."

Big Mac shifted his eyes between the two as a sly smirk grew on his face. Taking the hint he nodded and made his way to the exit. Over his shoulder Mac said, "Have fun, but not too much, ya hear!?"

That left Spike blushing like mad at what his friend was implying while Vinyl just laughed at the drake's reaction. Though her laughter was cut short when Octavia sat down next to Vinyl on the opposite side of Spike. With a smirk she said, "It appears that you're having a good time."

"Hey Octavia, sorry for ditching you like that." The DJ apologize to her friend while she sheepishly rubbed the back of her head.

"It wasn't a problem. While you were having your little dance off, I was having a nice conversation with that stallion that just left," She said, getting Spike’s attention. Big Mac wasn't one for conversation with people he didn't know, especially mares. He would save that little bit of information for later. Octavia continued, "So are you going to introduce us?"

"Oh yeah, Spike, this is my roommate, and best friend Octavia. Octavia, this cutie is Spike, a newbie to the club scene, who I'm going to show the ropes to."

"It's nice to meeting you Octavia." Spike said as he gave the mare a quick handshake.

"The pleasure is all mine, it's not everyday I see somepony push Vinyl that far when it comes to dancing."

"I don't know about that, but it was fun." Spike replied


"Hey Spike, why don't you got up there and show us what you got?" Vinyl stated with a smile like he had no say in the matter. Not that Spike minded.

"Okay but only if you go first." Spike challenged with a smirk.

"You're on! You wanna join Tavia?" Vinyl questioned Octavia

"No thank you, I'm not much of a singer." Octavia politely refused.

"Suit yourself," And with that Vinyl made her way to the DJ's stand. After she picked her song she went to the microphone stand on the stage and started to sing.

(I don't own the music or videos. Since I don't know anything about dubstep I went with a band I was familiar with and thought was a good match.)

She sung strong from beginning to end, completely putting her all into her singing. While it wasn't her usual music she decided to try something new. Almost everyone was either bobbing their heads to the music or dancing. Octavia smiled at her friend having fun but her smile grew when she saw the look on Spike face. He just sat there in awe of the mare on stage as if he was in a trance. Soon, a bit too soon in Spike opinion, the song ended and Vinyl left the stage as applause and cheering rang throughout the club.

Vinyl took her seat between the dragon and mare. The look of the still awed drake brought a smile to her face as she said, "Your turn Dragon Boy."

That snapped the dragon out of his trance. He rubbed his neck in embarrassment as he replied, "Okay but I probably won't be as good as you."

As he made his way to the stage, Vinyl's eyes followed him. Her friend saw this and couldn't help but grin. Octavia asked her friend, "Like what you're seeing?"

"You can say that," The white DJ started. "Not only is he handsome but also he's a bit of a sweetheart. Plus he's pretty cute when he blushes." The two turned their attention to the drake in question when he started to sing.

(In my opinion this is the best version of this song.)

He started off soft at first but quickly gained confidence as the song went on. He was soon moving his body and banging his head while he sang his heart out. Everyone on the dance floor jumping up, and down while they sang along certain parts of the song. Vinyl soon found herself doing the same with the biggest smile on her face. Octavia just shook her head at her friend's actions, though she had a much smaller smile on her face. As the song ended the audience roared in applause as the drake went back to his seat.

"Dude that was awesome!" Vinyl praised him.

"If you say so, I'm just glad I didn't screw it up," Spike replied in modesty.

"Excuse me Spike, but are you seeing anypony at the moment?" Octavia asked out of the blue.

Spike was surprised by the question but he honestly answered, "No, not at the moment. Why?"

"Just curious." Octavia said calmly while she gave her DJ friend a look that practically said 'go for it.'

Spike looked at the clock on a wall and saw that it was past midnight. He got up as he said, "Well its getting late, I'm going to head home."

"Hey Spike," Vinyl said getting the drake's attention. "Do you have any plans tomorrow?"

"Not really," Spike replied with a raised eyebrow, wondering where this is going.

"You want to get some lunch with me tomorrow? Vinyl asked"

"Sure, got anyplace in mind?" Spike questioned

"How about Sugarcube Corner?" The DJ said as she decided the place they were going

"That's fine with me. It's been a while since I've eaten there. “Lets meet up there at say, one o' clock?"

"Sounds like a plan." Vinyl said with excitement

"Okay, I'll see you there." And with that Spike left the club as the Vinyl and Octavia stayed behind talked. Mostly about tomorrow and a certain dragon. Halfway through his trip home something dawned on Spike. Something he didn't think would happen tonight, if ever.

"Wait...," He quietly said to himself. "Did I just get asked out to a date by a hot mare?"

Author's Note:

This is something I had in storage for a long time and decided to get it out there. For this story I'm going to try to keep it completely third person POV as a way to test my writing abilities. Though I probably give myself another chapter or two before I start to write this story in my usual writing style out of habit.

I would like that thank TheFirebird and Ephixus for editing this so quickly.