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Princess Celestia tasks Twilight Sparkle with uncovering the secrets of the ancient Sennen Puzzle, the most difficult game of intellect in the world. Upon completing the puzzle, she is granted a new type of dark magic, and by using its power, unleashes a new form of justice to those who would dare hurt her friends.

(No knowledge of the other show is needed to enjoy this story)

Chapters (3)
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Finally, someone realizes yu gi oh wasn't originally about the cards! I personally think the cards made the series go downhill.

While I enjoy the card game, the title translates to "Game King", so it should have more than just cards. I can't believe how well you combined the kid friendly world of Equestria and the dark-ish elements of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, and still made it believable! I especially liked the bully's personality and his punishment. I can easily see this as being straight from the manga. You, my good author, deserve a round of applause!

An season zero. The main reason I watch YUGIOH.

3411969 reading this, my only concern is that Twilight might get out of control with such power. with this in mind I think of the quote

with great power, comes great responsibility

I forget who said it, I think It was confucius, but i can't be sure.

Hmmm... I guess you'll have to stay tuned. Who knows what could happen? :ajsmug:

3412206 well you're right, I'll just have to tag along for the long haul. Another fact about the Sennen Puzzle. In the world we now know, it is called the Millennium Puzzle, an ancient Pyramid puzzle said to contain great power, yet no one has ever solved it.:moustache:

3412088 It was Uncle Ben from Spider Man. I am legitimately surprised you didn't know that.:rainbowhuh:

3413225 well it's funny how things can slip my memory, but that was just for a movie, i was trying to figure out who actually was the first to say it in the history of the world unless uncle ben was the first to say it.:facehoof:

3413235 No, I'm pretty sure it was in the comics as well. I think.

This proves to be promising. I will admit, I prefer the second series anime (the one that had Duelist Kingdom, Virtual World, Battle City, etc.), but I do like Season Zero, and will be looking forward to the next chapter.

Dark yet quite a good use of the shadow games. i like what i see and i see quite allot.

"Even in the name of GOOD, EVIL is not far behind."

Hope ta read more soon.

Crossover between MLP and Yugioh Season 0, yet keeps to the MLP universe.

Colour me intrigued. I'll take a look soon.

Okay, I'm really loving this. There's enough similarities to Season 0 that I'm comfortable, but enough differences that one could honestly believe that you created the idea of the Sennen Items and all that on your own.*

*If that last part sounded dickish, I apologize. I'm many things, but a poet I ain't.

Don't worry, buddy, you didn't sound "dickish" :rainbowlaugh:
I'm glad to hear that you're loving it.

You know, I believe that the yami no games are something even Sombra would fear. It whiplashes on the cheaters evil and Sombra is of pure evil and twilight has a good heart.

Next Chapter release by April 1st. Sorry for my absence, but tune in for #3. (title may change)

Interestingly enough, there was a point during chapter 2 where I was going to insert that very same video when Twilight transformed. but yes, game jikan da.

So, Pinkamena is the equivalent to Florence- er, I mean, Yami Bakura. I wonder who Melvin- YAMI MARIK, I'm sorry, will be.

You really do need to update more frequently. Never have I been so absolutely enraptured by a story. It's like a riddle wrapped in a mystery and deep-fried in awesome sauce.

He's going to be THE CELTIC GUARDIAN, YUGI. OoOOoOoOOoooh.
But actually, considering that Marik wasn't in Zero and I don't like him...:applejackunsure:

4175172 WHAT?! How can you not like me?! I am Marik Ishtar! The sexiest of all villains!
No, YOU are just one of many alternates that keeps BARGING INTO MY HOUSE.
I fail to see your point here.

3412088 The saying pre-dates Amazing Fantasy. The phrase "with great power goes great responsibility" was spoken by J. Hector Fezandie in an 1894 graduation address at The Stevens Institute of Technology. The exact phrase was repeated during a speech by President Harry S. Truman in November 1950. A UK Member of Parliament implied in 1817 that a variant of it was already a cliché- "He should, however, beg leave to remind the conductors of the press of their duty to apply to themselves a maxim which they never neglected to urge on the consideration of government—" that the possession of great power necessarily implies great responsibility."" The editor was quoting William Lamb. It's also found in Luke 12:48: "from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked".

6316177 I thank you sincerely for helping to shed light on what I did not know.

Even more power that needs not to be mettled with.

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