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A remake of the original and highly controversial Conversion Bureau story by Blaze. Our main protagonists are two Newfoals named Ethan and Barry who have conflicted feelings about whether or not they regret turning into ponies. The Conversion Bureau itself is simply a cultural exchange. Celestia is not hell bent on conquering Earth. Our villains are the HLF and the PER. Humans make it clear that they are in charge, not the ponies.

Set in the Reconstructed Universe. TCB is an inherently ridiculous idea, so expect lots of comedy and lampshade hanging.

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To be frank I stopped reading Conversion Bureau universe stories because far too many focused on the ponies as villains and violent conflict between the species, the more cerebral aspects and day to day consequences of ponyfication seemed to be ignored. MLP is great at slice of life stories, yes adventure fics can be epic and even dark fics can be really good but CB stories seemed to focus more on oppression and hopelessness, sorry had enough of that in high school. I like this story but encourage you not to go too dark or forget how really interesting stories that don't follow the "protagonist vs antagonist" archetype.

5903748 Yeah I get where you're coming from. Don't worry this TCB story will have a much lighter tone compared to all the other stories. One thing I'm going for in this story is to give a sense of hope, that everything can still turn out for the best no matter how shitty the situation.

> overpopulation

I think you mean underpopulation... that's what happens when a population dies out from not having enough members. Unless you're implying that ponies did like on St. Matthew Island?

5913072 It's kind of a mix of both problems, actually. The ponies lost a lot of land when Equestria came to Earth, so they don't have as much space and access to resources. On the other hand, the apocalypse killed off several billion ponies, leaving only 100,000. They can't spread their numbers too thin. They have to find a balance if they are to survive.

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