• Published 15th Oct 2013
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Interrupted Cadance - HamGravy

One little foal needs help very badly. Cadance thinks she can save her; but as the foal recounts her experiences, the Princess finds herself tempted to enter a perverse world she never knew existed.

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A fantastic addition to the Tarnished series. Well Written and just like the first main story made my think there at the end. Keep up the great work! Only one flaw that i saw in there

Sweetie Belle had told her Silver had been here this morning. She would have seen the known. If she wanted it, she would have taken it.

I don't think Silver is supposed to be in the first sentence and known was supposed to be note there in the second sentence? or was it supposed to be a slightly different sentence? here have a few mustaches for the excellence. Are you still working on the side story/continuation for the Dream Family? :moustache::moustache::moustache:
Edit: oh oh oh first! wow i never get these XD :yay:



Also, I was expecting a 'sound' chapter title.

A really wonderful ending to this story, it really left me satisfied. I always enjoy your work, thanks for the wonderful tale!

Another great ending to another great story. The demolition of Carousel Boutique was definitely the high light of this chapter! I could hear the 1812 overture going in the head of most of the abused foals.

Great story, hoping to see more from the Tarnished Silver Universe.
Maybe a story where we see the final fate of Fond Wish, or a story about Sweetie Belle coming to terms with her own trauma.

Or simply a story where Baby DewDrop Dream becomes President of Equestria! :trollestia:

3523889 Maybe Hamgravy will change this chapter's title to, "The Sound of one hoof clapping".

To think that

Silver Spoon (your version from the entire Twisted series) and Princess Cadence.

(After the events of Chapter 28, but before the Finale)

Cadence, in an effort to help reform Silver's now broken view of love, tries to teach her the right way to love someone.

Sliver reverses the situation and comes to make Cadence love being submissive and a sex-loving maniac like Silver is.

Would turn into this great piece. Ham you've done it again! Great job with this, it turned out so much better than I could have even imagined.

Several months ago before I picked up Rarity's Garden, I'd have called you crazy if you told me that I'd eventually consider the idea of a Cadance becoming a swinger/cheater/whatchamacallit because her husband is asexual and Silver Spoon making plans to frequent a sex club when she's older to be a happy ending.

And by changing me that way, this is officially one of the best series of fiction I've ever read.

Throughout this entire series, It's astounded me how much I can relate to Silver Spoon. My relationships, and the things I've done. If only I could express it as eloquently as you do, HamGravy. Thanks for another fantastic read <3

Well that was a cute story.
Happy endings all round ;)

Thanks for this Ham ^^
Keep writing and keep us posted on what you're up to.
Oh yah and enjoy the new season!

Fantastic ending! Loved every word! :heart:

CLOP CLOP CLOP (the sound of two hooves clapping) BRAVO BRAVO! A very fitting end and very satisfying for all parties who share the spotlight.:pinkiehappy:

Silver and Cadence remind me so much of myself. Perhaps that is how I play Silver Spoon so well on tumbler and to my followers why she is so real and genuine.

if you never revisit the Tarnished Silver universe this is a perfect ending to lead into the final chapter of Silver Sky.

but I hope we will see more.:twilightsmile:

Well, that was about as good as things could end given the circumstances. Although I would have liked to have seen that conversation between Cadance and Shining, it was a satisfying ending nonetheless. Good stuff, man.:heart:

Wow... I have never seen asexuality done so artfully. Another triumph in my opinion, i love the healing.

But what of celestia?

Whew, that was a weird typo. :derpyderp1: I fixed it, thanks!

The Dream Family thing will happen someday. I just need to get in the right frame of mind for it.


Thanks again for the suggestion! Yeah, it's weird how I can take four sentences and somehow turn them into six chapters of pony. I guess that's a nice talent to have. Except for the part where I go, "this one will be really short!" and then when I'm done it's 55 pages long. :twilightsheepish:


It's astounded me how much I can relate to Silver Spoon. My relationships, and the things I've done. If only I could express it as eloquently as you do, HamGravy.

Thank you! :pinkiesmile: When I started this series I certainly didn't expect there to be so many people who could relate to Silver and the other characters. My readers are the most fascinating bunch. :twilightsmile:



:pinkiegasp: Serving! You're in public!

(the sound of two hooves clapping)

Oh, well that's okay, then. :raritywink:


Wow... I have never seen asexuality done so artfully.

Thank you for saying so! I spent a lot of time on Shining's sections because I wanted to be sure I could capture the experience of asexuality as accurately as I could. Since I am decidedly not asexual (though I have some friends who are) that was difficult for me to get just right. I'm still not sure if I pulled it off, but the response so far has been positive.

Holy crap, can you imagine me pitching this thing to a publisher? "I think you guys are really going to like my erotic story. One of the main characters is completely asexual! Wait, where are you going."

Another triumph in my opinion, i love the healing.

Yeah, healing has proven to be such a big factor in these stories. I guess it makes sense since the finale of the series was all about that, and this is basically an extension of that ending.

But what of celestia?

At this point, she's already in the state Twilight found her in at the end of A Silver Sky.


Although it would be nice to see what you could do with other themes...


As always, my heartfelt thanks to everyone who read and/or commented. You guys are what keep me coming back. See you in the inevitable author's notes, and in the next story, whenever that may be.

I would do another massive review for this as well but my entire feelings can be summed up in one simple word.


WHat you've accomplished here for me personally is something that you should be extremely proud of. You've created a AU which I am happy to say I want more from. I want to know all about everything within the world and the future of the characters.

I want this cadence line expanded and explored (maybe a clop fic of her adventures?)

And it's all done through perfect storytelling and flawless execution. Even with 6 chapters you've utterly drawn me in. Bravo!

all i have to say is: if Charger ever found out who he was dominating; the wife of his superior officer.... i'd love to see the look on his face. lol

*clap*....*clap*....*clap* Bravo sir I have read everything in this series so far and I have to say it...made a difference.:twilightsmile:

sooo uuh so what's this about?.....

And now I'm finally caught up with the series. Funny how the dynamic between Silver Spoon and Cadance played out by the end of this story. Still a therapist to patient relationship, but to some extent a two-pony support group. I actually wound up liking that... and yet given the context, as well as the age of one of them, it seems wrong. So very wrong. :twilightoops:

And it was nice to see Cadance and Shining Armor work things out by the end. Just a few more typos though:

This is is wife. The mare he's loved since high school. The mare he wants to spend his life with.

Second 'is' should be 'his'.

Silver then turned way from the guard, and began walking toward a nearby hill.

Should that be 'away'?

I am Cadance.

There's no typo or anything wrong with this sentence. But when I saw it in the closing scene, I didn't realize that there weren't quotation marks around it. Holy shit! Can you imagine?

Thanks for the always-helpful corrections! The typos are fixed now.

The way Cadance and Silver connected was pretty neat; I didn't plan it quite that way at the start, but they just kind of headed in that direction. The moral is that all the best friendships are founded on walking in on someone masturbating. :trollestia:

I didn't realize that there weren't quotation marks around it. Holy shit! Can you imagine?

:pinkiegasp: I hadn't realized the potential for that, but holy crap. Those little punctuation marks could have changed everything.

Please write more on this story! I wanna see the clopping going on with cadance and the three stallions

More chapters?????? :pinkiecrazy:

Funny thing is, I dislike Cadence way more in Changeling stories where she gives them love which is still cheating dangnabbit.
Still dislike her here of course, just not even close to the same amount.

All in all, decent enough story I guess.
Nothing can beat the five main stories though, I feel but will go on to the other sidestories and see what they are about.

Commence read.

Nicely done.

I like to see silver finally finding that she is not the only one with that kind of desires, finally a frind who she can talk with about what she can't talk with anybody else, I wonder if they will be friends after the therapy finish, and the end, both kind of recive therapy from each other.

I can't believe it took me this long to read this. Awesome work just like the rest of the series :heart:
I hope to some day see you starting something new

I'm glad there was something of a happy ending to this.

Cadence being into BDSM was the plot of a story I didn't know I needed to read. Let me tell you, full honesty, I SQUEALED at the last lines.

All of the offshoots of Tarnished Sliver are so good, and in a weird way sort of.. wholesome? Shining Armor comes out as ace and his wife goes to a BDSM club doesn't SOUND wholesome, but it totally is. I'm so happy for them! GOOD for them! And GOOD for Silver. Ack, You're so good at making me want to hug and be friends with these characters. I wish you'd write more about Cadence and her secret form now. :>

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